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►A Pitcher of Warm Spit...

John Nance Garner said the Vice Presidency
isn't worth a pitcher of warm spit.
He also called it a spare tire
on the automobile of Government.
He was FDR's first running mate.

John Adams called it the most insignificant office
man had ever invented.

What does a Vice President do?
If we cut to the chase...
He sits around waiting for the President to die.

but in the short term..
what's he THERE for?

He's there to be a candidate.
That's the bottom line.

His 'design life' lasts from
when he's tapped in the summer
until election day.
He's 'useful' for four or five months tops.

Everybody's bored to death with the Presidential nominees
by midsummer,
the 'VP picks' put a jolt into the campaigns.
Suddenly, we've all got something to talk about.
Somebody else to analyze.
How well they balance the tickets.

and THAT'S their function... balance and contrast.
Whatever the presidential nominee isn't,
the VP nominee is, and vice-versa.
Young,Old; racy,dull; northern,southern; dumb,smart; hard,soft; rich,poor.

Then his duties start.
He's got to have campaigning skills,
because he's there to be an attack dog.
He's got to be able to say the 'stuff'
the Presidential Candidate isn't allowed to say himself.
If the Campaign scripts an attack,
it's the VP candidate that gets to deliver it,
while the Presidential candidate stands back looking all statesmanlike.
Then the election happens,
the President assumes the White House
and the VP gets put away in the closet.
His 'usefulness' is over
the first Tuesday in November.

I'm just sayin...
RP can 'delegate' whatever he WANTS to his VP once in office,
but THAT
doesn't change the time tested ROLE of his VP nominee.

The JOB might be a pitcher of warm spit...
but the FUNCTION is the CANDIDACY.


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