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Ron Paul wins Washington County in Maine

EAST MACHIAS, Maine -- Ron Paul gained ground yet failed to overtake Mitt Romney in Saturday's Republican presidential caucus in eastern Maine, which was held a week after the state Republican Party declared Romney the winner of Maine's GOP caucuses.

Paul gained 83 votes on Romney as a standing-room crowd packed Washington Academy, where Republicans from more than two dozen towns gathered to cast their votes. Paul received 163 votes to Romney's 80. Rick Santorum got 57 votes and Newt Gingrich received four votes.


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With all votes from Washington and the others

counted today so far it looks like about 180 vote gain over Romney

I have heard they didn't show show some areas on the official spreadsheets where Paul won last week giving Paul a 0 when In reality he received 82 and Romney 50 so that's another 22 votes.

so a 202 gain still some 50 shy after they flipped around numbers.

I think there are some more out there yet, plus a 3 point gain from Feb 16th caucus that's not showing yet, so about 47 votes apart