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"Greece is being destroyed by 'respectable' fanatics"

Excellent article on Greece from the Guardian in the UK...


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It's not rubbish

It hits the nail on the head, exactly and repeatedly.

"Raised in a Eurosceptic country, we do not understand how an absolute commitment to the European project was a mark of respectability on the continent. Like going to church and saying your prayers for previous generations, a public demonstration of commitment to the EU ensured that the world saw you as a worthy citizen. If you wanted to advance in Europe's governing parties, judiciaries, bureaucracies and culture industries, you had to subscribe to the belief that ever-greater union was self-evidently worthwhile."

This is how it was, and in many places, still is. Calling it a 'facist dictatorship' is wildly inaccurate and doesn't really help in changing that. The people in charge ARE moderates. The real question is how did that create a system that behaves like a facist dictatorship?

While much of this is rubbish...

The fascist dictatorship that is the European Union is very real and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and our globalists are pulling into the very same morass. This movement is literally the only peaceful means of preventing total world calamity.



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