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A divided Nation

How divided the Nation is you have 3 groups One that supports liberty and the Constitution , Then you have those that support forced compliance and War and the killing of a whole group of people.No matter if it cost our nation to do it. this group claims to be very religious . Another that supports a little war and lots of covert military action and forced compliance of the American people with a little constitution splashed here and there to make it look good at first glance in a more gentle way force (If your not doing anything you have nothing to be afraid of ) is the mottoes of this group which group will prevail ? that's the question

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I for one believe that the US cannot avoid a confrontation between the groups you speak of. This is why State's Rights was the most important aspect to the constitution. People could live differently and as they saw fit. California could be socialist to a degree and Texas could be libertarian. But we quickly learned in the Civil War, that there was no peaceful exit from the federal union if that union no longer abided by that founding principle. Now we are left to fight it out. It may come along political lines or may descend into a race war... but war is coming.

All I can say is

that since 2 of the 3 groups are violent and homicidal, the non-violent group had better be able to defend itself against the 2 violent groups extremely well.
Because if they can't, they're going to be dead.
Law of the jungle.

Reminds me of one of my two favorite USMC bumper stickers.

"No one wants to fight, but somebody better know how"