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Ron’s Topic of War on Drugs discussed Intelligently on MSM!

Moxnews, UP w/ Chris Hayes, msnbc

Finally, the MSM is allowing one of Ron’s Top Subjects to be publicly discussed. One of the most intelligent conversations I’ve witnessed discussing the War on Drugs. The effect of the drugs, prisons, drugs in the prisons, perceptions of users, alcohol, and much more. (video 15:15)

Side Note:
While watching this show, the discussion of Prohibiting Pleasure knocked me into answering one of the questions I have had about Santorum.

Ya, I know, but with the few facts I’ve learned about him as a candidate, I kept asking myself, “Why does Santorum, and so many citizens of the United States, think how he does?”
Come on, it’s like some kind of phobia.
The man wants to inhibit Pleasure.

Of course I Wikied “Pleasure”.
Pleasure describes the broad class of mental states that humans and other animals experience as positive, enjoyable, or worth seeking.

It includes more specific mental states such as happiness, entertainment, enjoyment, ecstasy, and euphoria.

In psychology, the pleasure principle describes pleasure as a positive feedback mechanism, motivating the organism to recreate in the future the situation which it has just found pleasurable.

According to this theory, organisms are similarly motivated to avoid situations that have caused pain in the past.

As for Romney, I figure he knows what Pleasure is. But he’s torn between the same phobia. Which seems to create a conflict inside him, “To Be or Not To Be.”

I’m gonna have to check out more vids on this UP program and find out a little more about this guy Chris Hayes. If he’s writing this material and getting it Ok’d by management to air public. I’m curious to know what other subjects he’s had intelligent frank discussions about, or not.

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I saw this show on MSNBC and was shocked by the quality

of honest discussion. Even though I didn't hear Ron Pauls name mentioned I know in my heart that he inspired the conversation. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Go Ron Go!

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.


should change the title of this vid, or someone should mirror it with a better title.... anyhow

This was great! I was also surprised when they talked about the prohibition on 'Pleasure,' and tossed in Santorum's name. It was great to hear someone else talk about the racist nature of the war on drugs, and acknowledge the problem with prescription drugs.

It irked me when nerdy hostboy said 'this isn't being talked about in the campaign.' Uh, yes it is - Ron Paul!

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

I might be misunderstanding the meaning of your sentence

but, no candidate's name was used throughout the discussion. The term "They" is referred to, but not attached specific.