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Latest Iowa Poll: Ron Paul up *Seven Points* over Obama!

ahead of Romney/Santorum/Grinch in the latest Des Moines Register statewide poll:



There's some electability for the MSM to smoke...

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and a


because this is positive and significant news (great for dealing
with electability issues when talking with folks about Dr. P)

the sort of thing we need to run past the MSM news blockade!

Here is the orignial posting and comments

For continuity's sake.
Rp also beats obama in ohio fox news poll 42 to 41, but so does mitt and rick...
The real story from these polls is that Newt is an absolute Loser against Obama


Jack Hunter just wrote a great article on this subject here:

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Here is the orignial posting and comments

For continuity's sake.
Rp also beats obama in ohio fox news poll 42 to 41, but so does mitt and rick...
The real story from these polls is that Newt is an absolute loser against Obama

Not important

This isn't a very important poll, I don't even know why they are doing it. What IS important would be the candidates V. Obama in Florida, Ohio, PA, MI, CO and NH...Swing States.

Don't get me wrong, its okay for us to be excited by this, but the above polls would determine who can beat Obama.

Further, I have no idea why the MSM is still doing National Polls to illustrate "Strength against Obama"

Um, this is actually very important

First, it's a poll of IOWA, a swing state Obama won easily in 2008 that until now had been leaning his way.

Second, the Des Moines Register Iowa poll is the most respected poll in the state so this will not be dismissed as an outlier.

Third, it's the first poll to my knowledge to show Ron doing better than ALL other Republicans against Obama.

Fourth, Ron's strength may be due to the strong Iowa campaign he ran and the strong on-the-ground organization. It shows that an active campaign can make him competitive or ahead in other swing states.

Hot Air forced to write about Ron Paul.


HaHA, they have the poll results from Iowa and they can't stand it.

Undecideds break against Obama - Paul really leads by ~12

Rasmussen and PPP have noted that the undecideds in these head-to-head polls give Obama abysmal ratings, so when forced to decide they will break 3-1 or 4-1 for the challenger.

By the way, this pollster, DMR/Selzer, is the most respected outfit in Iowa. They nailed Ron's share of the caucus vote.

If the State polls

are any indication of how accurate their polls are, I would say he beats Obama by 14 points.

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Okay, where are Moe, Larry and Curly at in that poll? :)

Are they now going to start leaving them out so their crappy numbers don't show up next to his better numbers? :)


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Romney up 2, Santorum up 4, Gingrich down 14

Ron is the strongest.

Can you feel....

the electability people?!


news! Shared on Twitter...

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Spread the news; freedom is popular!


fevah...in the morning, fevah all through the night


So it should provide a cheerful note for the GOP hopefuls to learn that three of the remaining four top tier contenders lead the President in head to head match-ups in the latest polling there. But who does the best?

...apparently Iowa has caught the fevah, and the only cure is...Ron Paul.


We have got to spread this FACT!

We need to spread this to all sources possible, Tea Party sites, MSM, Drudge, Newspapers, ect. It's time to step up our game, now! If we get any to bite, its better than none at all. Let's take action, and prove to the Zionist controlled warmongering hacks, Ron Paul is the ONE TO DEFEAT OBAMA!!!!!!!

Ron Paul's glass ceiling is

Ron Paul's glass ceiling is now 49% .....

Forty Nine percent!!!! And growing...

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

"The candidate who does best

"The candidate who does best against Obama in Iowa is Ron Paul, a Republican with crossover appeal with non-Republicans."

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

When I talk to someone who won't vote for O. again

about Ron Paul and they say "but he's a republican" I say; Ron Paul is the opposite of what the establishment GOP is trying to push. He has ran as an independent in the past. He is Libertarian (sorry Libertarian sounds too much like liberalism and kept me from looking) but says he's probably more Constitutional. Several I have checked back on have changed to Ron Paul.
Ron Paul got me to take a closer look at Libertarian.
Thanks Ron Paul!

I wonder if Ron could win CA?

I wonder if Ron could win CA?

If Ron got the nomination...

he would win every state except New York, New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Delaware. And maybe Maryland, Vermont and Illinois.

Tough, but

hopefully doable.

Winning Washington and Oregon would help a *lot* toward winning Cali...

Go Left Coast!

In Eugene

I'm in Eugene, there are a lot of Ron Paul supporters here, and I've converted dozens myself -- I'd like the entire population, 100% behind Ron Paul, just got to get those die-hard democrat/liberals to think things through. Only a couple have resisted my persuasions with their belief that any Republican will screw up the economy and take their freedoms from them... they will change their mind when they actually are willing to be open minded and look into the facts.
Portland seems like a great town for Ron Paul as well, there's only a couple other cities to worry about here in our state, Salem (not so sure about them...) and Bend (way out away from the rest of us).
But the Paul support is alive and well here in Oregon from what I see and I'm doing my share of the job handing out information :^]

Good Job Oregon

I'm an exiled Oregonian (vote in Deschutes County) so it's good to hear
efforts are underway and all that - hope I have a chance to get back there
and do some volunteering before the election.
Must say that I really dislike that vote by mail system, though (in Oregon
there is no longer any physical go-to-your local-polling station voting -
everything is by mail). I can't see how you can't even really do exit polling -
has to make you wonder about the integrity of the system.

All my family are in California

and they were all about Obama last time...this time not so much. There's a big ground swell for Ron Paul building up amongst their friends and co-workers -and talk of hopping the party fence just to vote Ron Paul. I'm encouraged at the prospects. (Im in Washington state btw and if I didnt know better Id say RP has this one in the bag)