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"In An Ideal World, Ron Paul Would Win"

Once again Business Insider delivers a fair and accurate article about our next President of the United States, Dr. Ron Paul!




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Great Article...

...however, his main point is "In an Ideal World."

The reality is that the media and GOP are using those tactics to keep us from winning. The reason why they are doing it, is because we are winning. Their tactics however, are reality, so we must overcome them in order to win.

Getting great articles like this is how we overcome. We need to get Ron Paul's message out to people and go around the MSM. We are doing that, we just need to keep doing it and refine how we do it.

We need to up our game as we move forward. Find out what people want to know, what their concerns are, and share that information with them with as little bias as possible.

We need to get out and talk to people face-to-face. Standing on a street corner is tough, most people aren't very nice, but the 2 or 3 people who light up and say something like, "I love Ron Paul." Make your day. Especially when you help them get registered to vote so they can actually vote for Ron Paul (most people like him but still don't know when their primary is or if they need to be registered).

Going door-to-door is actually easier than street corner, just takes more time. You get longer conversations though, which can both be good and bad (if it is a non-productive conversation).

Tabling is good too.

The best thing though, is to find friends and family that are open to talk and go talk to them. Sitting in someone's home and talking about the issues is the BEST thing you can do, it however, is the hardest place to get to.

Internet can be okay, but it can quickly turn bad. Same with phone calls.

Face-to-Face! Just like the band that endorsed Ron Paul:


Jack Wagner