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Ron Paul on CNN with Candy Crowley 02/18/2012

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Well, She Comes Off As Ignorant

She comes off as ignorant, but maybe that means when he answers the questions, he'll win over people like her who listen better.

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video content

anyone know how to get a preview picture to accompany a video link from youtube - I see others with it all the time

new to this here - not sure how to do it


I Think the Mods Do It

I think we have cruising mods who look for these and plop them in. If they don't, it might be because it was posted already.

When I saw this, my first response was to do a search and see if it had already been posted since it was from yesterday. It's hard to be the first one to post something like this. (I did not see it come up on a search.)

Generally, if it's already posted, simply comment to bring it back up.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

thanx IMissLiberty

I appreciate the comment back. Yes I was suprised also this interview wasn't already posted because it was a day late. Between DP and RonPaulFlix - usually all national interviews like this are up within hours of the actual interview. But alas it was not - so I wanted to post it. But I think it would just get more views if I could get the video image of the youtube video to show up along with the link.....lol

anyway - so I guess its done automatically if its the first one up ??

Thanks again