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Will the attack on Iran, as Iraq and Libya occur on the Purim Festival, March 7-8?

For, those who don't know, this Purim Festival is not in the Old Testement, but comes from Kabbalah occult, diriving from the controversial Book of Esther. On Purim, observing Jews make potato cakes to eat, made to resemble 'the hands' of the Persian visier to the king, Haman. When I was a Zionist Christian, I recall the evangelical ministry praising the Book of Esther, and TBN even had a movie about this book. This is Zionst blashemy to deceive the Christian masses into warmongering by focus on this Book, which contains no reference to God.
The 'Highway of Death', killing of 150,000 fleeing Iraqi soldiers in Desert Storm, just hours before GHWBush declared a ceasfire, occured on Purim. (The dates change as it's occultic observance of moon changes.) The GWBush Irag war began on the Purim festival. And, the Libya invasion also occured on Purim.
Ever, notice Judaism's (unbiblical) holidays always deal with death and/or wars? Here, is an article by Zen Gardner giving detail and links about this occultic day of Purim. http://www.zengardner.com/alternative-knowledge/purim-why-wa...