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Air Force Capt. speaks out against War on Terror to promote Ron Paul


I am an active duty Captain in the USAF, currently deployed in the Arabian Gulf. I wish I could have shown my face in this video but UCMJ is clear; active duty service members can not make political statements or preferences in uniform.

My mask is not a symbol for the anonymous movement, but only reflects my desire to keep my anonimity. My statements do not represent military opinion as a whole, but are my personal opinion. I am very glad that more citizens, especially the Ron Paul supporters, are waking up to the fact that our monetary policy is a bigger threat to our National Security and Defense then terrorism.

LtCol Daniel Davis, a highly credible source of boots on the ground reports in Afghanistan, has avidly come out against the "rosy progress" generals paint of Afghanistan; and has reported the truth of the “absence of success on virtually every level.” from his report in the armed forces journal. Even the Chairmen of the Joint Chief of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen has come out saying that our National Debt is the greatest threat to US National Security.

My video explains why I think terrorism, although a great concern for the US, is an unconstitutional war that is bankrupting our nation to the point of no return. If this is not understood and corrected by a fundamental change in the psychology of Americans, then we will only continue down a road to the fall of the US economy.

Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom are all interconnected and dependent upon each other and this war will only continue to rob Americans of all three if it is continued. Please spread the message of the troops, especially to those who think supporting the troops means voting for someone who will keep on deploying us so that we can waste taxpayer money building a nation up that will only resent us in the future instead of spending that money improving our own lives here at home.

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Brave post...thank you.

Question: "...terrorism, although a great concern for the US..."

Please help me understand this statement - why, since our Southern Border is wide open, have we not had any incidents inside the US?

I know "fear" is a powerful motivator and used often to cause people to give up their liberties - and we are constantly being told something imminent is going to happen.

Yet illegal immigration is rampant - at least that's what the numbers show. Should not our soldiers be over here?

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Terrorism is a great concern

Because we have already invaded and occupied multiple countries and killed hundreds of thousands of people.

However, because we are occupying countries overseas, we are a much easier target there than at home. Those that wish to attack us and retaliate do not have to travel far, they just step out their front door.

But the only chance we have is to come home and begin defending our country, rather than continuing to spread our military thinner and thinner across the globe while inciting more and more enemies.


i wish every American would watch this video, the msm has a lot of Americans brainwashed and you would do a good job helping Paul educate them, very well spoken and informative thank you for making this.

This is powerful and

This is powerful and persuasive. I hope it goes viral.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

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Thank you for your courage and commitment.

You have wonderful communication skills and have educated yourself in economics and Liberty.

The Mask

I see that mask all over the place - was it originally supposed to signify some character, or did somebody just make it up and it caught on?

Freedom is my Worship Word!


I did not use the mask as a statement or symbol of any kind but rather only because it has become well known as a mask of being anonymous.

It came from the 1600's to resemble a man named Guy Fawke, who was a participant in the failed gun powder plot of 1605 to assassinate King James I of England as a Catholic protest to his Protestant rule. The mask became famous as the symbol of much strife between the Catholics and Protestants during those times. What it symbolizes to Americans now is completely different.

Pop culture from the movie 'V for Vendetta' converted the meaning of the mask to be more a protest against authoritarian rule. Now the mask has become the face of the Anonymous movement, which seems to correlate to a organized online hacker group that remains anonymous. I am not affiliated with this movement in anyway as they have taken more of a active anti-government stance by actually setting up hacker type groups against some well known government sites. I have trouble identifying what their main goal is as I have trouble understanding the main goal of the occupy movement. All I wanted was to spread my message without being censored by military public affairs, and without putting my career in danger. If I get caught, so be it, but I still think spreading the truth is more important then my career.

Honestly I regret using the highly identifiable "Anonymous" mask because people tend to think I represent something I don't. Instead of listening to what I'm actually saying, they just focus on the damn mask and what they think it symbolizes. I wish I would have just used a different mask or just wrapped my face with a scarf instead, which I will next time.

Capt. USAF

George Washington Mask

The anonymous mask was a wise choice. Your videos will likely receive many more viewers than otherwise simply because you are wearing such a popular and modern iconic mask. The mask combined with your uniform results in an irresistible thumbnail.

And you're right anyway, the meaning of this mask is attached to the movie V for Vendetta much more than any historical links the film may have. The mask symbolizes resistance to tyranny.

Update: With further thought, I do not recommend using a scarf or cloth to cover your face because this is too closely connected with America's stereotypical image of terrorists, protesters, and anarchists. I think probably the best mask you could wear would be one of the founding fathers, like George Washington. Is someone going to complain about a George Washington mask? I think not. It would accomplish both better appealing to the masses, and connecting with the message of our founders and Constitution.

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Originally it is from the movie V for Vendetta


Captain Anonymous...

I noticed the hand-written name tag... cool.

However, after having spent 6 years in the USAF ('75-'81) I can say that unless military dress has changed, the name tag goes on the right-hand side.

After all these years, I'm still in the habit of putting name tags for professional events on my RIGHT-HAND side.

Dunno. Maybe no biggie, I mean, the mask and all!


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)

That is correct for my ABUs

On flight suits the name goes on the left side, also the american flag or wing patch can go on the left shoulder, the majcom goes on the right chest and squadron patch on the right side. I sanitized my uniform for comsec reasons. My you tube channel has another video of me wearing my ABUs since most people aren't as familiar with flight suit regulations.

Capt. USAF

Hope you've kept a clean

Hope you've kept a clean trail digitally.

Even if you were caught and reprimanded, I don't think I could consider it anything but patriotic.

Hope you keep it up.

Very nice


You're good at explaining complex issues succinctly

In your writing above, you mean UCMJ. That's a strange typo for a Captain, particularly because it's capitalized.

Anyway, I hope to see more videos from you. But, I recommend you use a backdrop in your videos, something like a common flag, or a plain wall, and remove your watch, ring, pens, and any other personally identifiable objects. Maybe you have no fear, but it wouldn't be hard for the enemy to figure out exactly who you are, given your rank, status, living quarters and surroundings.

There's some completely brainwashed people working against us, and freedom. And some of them are your commanding officers.

Thanks for the catch. It was

Thanks for the catch. It was an honest mistake, but I am human and being a Captain doesn't make me any less likely to make grammatical mistakes. I have more videos on you tube posted that I made. I appreciate the anonymity ideas, but if the USAF actually managed to ID me I doubt they would actually try to kick me out for this as social media is kind of a gray area in our regs. If they do, so be it. I would have no regrets for choosing to bear true faith to the constitution like I swore I would.

Capt. USAF


I am concerned because the government has a clear pattern of persecuting our military members for speaking out against government corruption and tyranny. One of the more well known persecutions is Charles Dyer, AKA July4Patriot, the government has destroyed him, and not just militarily:


v for vendetta fan here

the video is excellent.





This video

This video is a must watch/must spread. Great work.