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Seattle Times: Former Obama Supporters Look to Ron Paul for Hope and Change in 2012

Talks about how disillusioned people became with Obama. Pretty good one.

That Paul narrowly lost in a state that went very blue for Barack Obama — the Democrat won 57% of the vote there — in the 2008 general election is no surprise for many of Paul’s supporters. Among Paul’s fans are “Blue Republicans,” voters who have traditionally been Democrats but find Paul appealing.

In Colorado earlier this week I spoke with Jerry Denney, vice chair of the Pueblo County Republicans. Denney told me about his experience with former Obama supporters at the Pueblo County fair, where the Republican booth drew a crowd.

“It was like a confessional,” he said. “So many people came over to talk about how they regretted voting for Obama, and they wanted to tell me their story.”


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They should question themselfs on who RP would pardon as compared to BO
They should really ponder this. Even more of their group would accept RP imo.


Do not worry - we have an organization here

in Seattle - working really hard to make sure that what happened here in 2008 doesn't happen again. You see the crowds that showed up in Vancouver, Seattle, Spokane - all the new supporters were educated. We have Robin Koerner right here downtown, speaking at meet-ups all over the place and we ARE organized this time.

Last time they pulled a bully process here - a hybrid of primary and caucus process - and this time the organization is even more prepared - VERY prepared. Does that mean Dr. Paul will win Washington? Not guaranteed that it will be reported this way being we have so many examples of election fraud to look to this cycle BUT every state caucus the establishment screws up just shows their bias. We will KNOW if it happens here so we keep pushing - it's ALL ABOUT THE DELEGATES!

TERRIBLE first paragraph.

The rest was pretty good.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Obama or McCain

I couldn't vote for either one, so I voted for Bob Barr. Had I paid more attention to Ron Paul's message back then, instead of Huckabee, I would've written RP in. Now of course it's a no brainer. Speaking of brain, my brain has more useful and valid information in it now.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

"We can't vote for people based on the color of their skin."

Here's a video that shows why Ron Paul should appeal to minorities:


Please pass it along if you agree with his position on the War on Drugs.


Ron Paul, 2012!!!



This really would be an awesome ad! It should be made viral in black communities

careful what you say

Black people belong to the same community as everyone else. Freedom and equality for everybody is kind of a key principle to Ron Paul. Try not to alienate folks like that.


Thank you for making that point. It's well taken and appreciated. I think my hope is to simply open the door for a group of people who, in the past, might have felt they were ignored by the republican party. I think that there are many minorities who still may not know much about about Ron Paul and that he embraces them BECAUSE he embraces ALL people who strive for freedom and equality -- as he says in the video.


Ron Paul, 2012!


The Author of All Truth Reside in the Hearts of Men and Women

Some day, the real worshipers will worship God, not on any mountain or church built by mens hand, but they will worship God 'IN SPIRIT' and 'IN TRUTH' ~ Christ Jesus

That is right...

That is right. And Dr. Paul does frequently try to turn the attention away from himself, drawing attention to the cause of liberty rather, because we ought not make an idol of any man. The ideas are what is in view, and the message is a good message, whereby men may worship God freely as they are so inclined of His Spirit, according as the same love peace, having been reconciled to God through the death of His Son, who by the shedding of His blood has made peace between God and His elect, which were beforetimes His enemies, but are now His adopted children, to the glory of God and the praise of the glory of His grace.

best sentence in the article:

“But Paul says the things that are in my heart,” Willoughby said.


The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

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You see...

...if this was real America...People could vote their real conscious. This is the kind of stuff Ron Paul is against. We should welcome open minded democrats as fellow Americans, and not something the state has told us is different about who votes what color the monkey's suit is going to be today? The country has fallen to the same old divide and concur methodology, instead of the Old Country Style we had as a growing strong united Nation. Neighbors and block parties. Remember?

We called them Regan Democrats. Same same, hope for someone different, and they actually got it, but it sorta went down hill after that. That bush guy ya know.

There is an absolute need for the corruption to be thrown out of the electoral process. No more hocus pocus caucus machine vote fraud...Period!

Fast forward to today, the last man in the running that can proverbially save the world if the people would renounce WAR as if it were the satan it is, continues to shine his light. Evil is murder for profit. Do YOU make money from people dying for the oil companies and military industrial war complex?

Who profits in war?

One walks the wall and silently wonders...will they ever get to the real side of what life is and who we are? Spiritual beings having a human experience?

Pray if you do. We are living in interesting times...


This is pretty funny..I did

This is pretty funny..I did submit this article, but sure not like this. Um..I guess, thanks for whoever totally changed it, as it is getting read more now, but it was very weird to see it as the only thing left in my OP that I wrote is the link and my name..oh wait..the name came up automatically..LOL

I believed the hype

and voted for Obama. The moment I woke up was when I was calling the White House comment line to express my dismay for Obama's decision to approve of GMO's. It all snowballed from there & that's when I found Ron Paul (on my own, doing my own research) and the rest is history...Went to county assembly yesterday & now I'll move forward to the state & district assemblies.

Brigetfey, I am

a huge opponent of GMO's. I am 100% against GMO's in EVERY way. Not only is it unhealthy for all who directly or indirectly eat it, but it's a slap in the face to God. It's very insulting and offending in my religious beliefs/opinion. I believe genetic impurity/contamination due to the nephilim(completely different topic - so look it up) is the reason for the flood. God had to save the true blood line. Anyway this is one thing I've noticed with us Ron Paul supporters, we have so many of the same values and passions. So happy to be part of open like minded smart people.

I was a former Obama Supporter

I admit, I voted for Obama, and about 6 months after he took office, I regretted it. Today I regret it with ALL my heart. I was so mad at the policies of Bush, then Obama came along and said everything that I agreed with. I wanted change. I am 30 years old today, so I was 26 back then. I didnt start actually caring about the state of our country until somewhere in Bush's first term. His 2nd term I did NOT want him to win. Then I voted for Obama because I seriously disliked Bush as well as the entire republican party(I still dont but I do 100% support Ron Paul). I mainly disliked republicans as a whole because so many Christian Republicans were still defending Bush saying "oh well yeah he may have made 1 or 2 mistakes..." I didnt buy that then and I still dont buy that today. His mistakes were far too great to brush them away like that. Many were not mistakes in my honest opinion. Anyway back to my point... I voted all democrat. It wasnt but maybe a half of year into Obama's term that I finally realized how dupped I was into believing either party. I began looking at voting record(like my mom had suggested) and finally began listening to Ron Paul. I realized that I shared the same emotions/complaints/views that nearly 99% of all Ron Paul supporters I talked with also had. I began to become awakened back in 2007/2008, maybe a little earlier, but the way it progressed was rapid and by 2010 I felt I made a breakthrough that has forever changed my life. And today I can without a doubt tell you that Ron Paul is NOT your typical politician. I believe his true calling was for him to be in politics so he could thoroughly bring about the needed change for this country. I pray to God that he is our next president, but even if thts not the case he has made great strides in expediting liberty back to America. He has helped to open the eyes of so many people. I think he is our modern day founding father. God bless Ron paul. I wish we could get a burst of the establishment drones to just snap out of it.

Bush was without question the

Bush was without question the WORST president America ever had. The man is basically a mass murder, he should fry for the devastation he's brought to America and the rest of the world. I find it supremely ironic that "Christian" conservative could support a man like that or the party he represented with a straight face. The GOP is completely morally bankrupt. I voted for Obama, but seriously I would have voted for a duck if he wasn't Bush or the party he represented. Ron Paul is our only hope, but if he does not win the nomination there's no way in hell I'll vote for a GOP candidate...

I wonder how many Obama supporters

percentage-wise are going to vote for Ron Paul. I would think quite few. That is because I believe Obama tought us types of anti-republicans a lesson, and that is both parties are the SAME. Now for the old establishment GOP, I dont think many of those will turn to Ron Paul, I think we may have a trickle beause there is a movement and awakening, but I believe at least 50% of Obama followers like us who just were fed up with the GOP and wanted anyone else in now realize how bad Obama even is, and he is a democrat. Man, I loved what Obama said and voted all democrat. I seriously thought maybe democrats were good. Boy was I wrong. I think at least 30%-50% of people easy who voted for Obama will vote for another candidate this year, and I think at least 20 to 30% will vote for Ron Paul. And I say that because out of all the former Obama supporters I have talked to, most of them are smart enough to realize both parties are evil. And most of these people when they actually hear what Ron Paul has to say realize he is not just talk. Thanks to the last 12 years of Bush and Obama, for people paying attention its pretty easy to figure out who the establishment/evil person is vs. who Ron Paul is and what he's about.

Apparently its true, things must have to get worse than they are now before it awakens a majority of the remaining sheeple. I just hope we hit this critical mass before November.

Everything I've seen points

Everything I've seen points to a mass defection of Democrates and Independants from Obama to Ron Paul if he wins. I'm pretty certain Obama will win if Mittens, Frothy or Grinch is the nominee. The GOP is signing its own death warrant at the moment...

Since the GOP neocon

Since the GOP neocon establishment are former democrats (warmongering, socialist/communist, big-spending democrats, emphasis on the warmongering), I strongly suspect they'd rather lose the general election than have Paul as the nominee.

Some would even suggest the whole lineup of MSM candidates for the Republican party were pre-selected to ensure an Obama win. I mean, they are all so disgustingly terrible, my dog could run and beat them if there was no election fraud. You'd think the Republican establishment would run somebody with a chance.

Particularly after Romney lost three in a row to Frothy, and the seeming inevitability of a brokered convention (any brokered convention nominee would be seen, especially on the MSM, as weak), the idea that "the whole thing is staged to re-elect Obama" thesis has lately gained some serious credibility.

In recent history the major

In recent history the major conflicts have been started under the Republican banner and I suspect the vast majority of the murder has been conducted under them as well. But just to be fair, here is a recent list...

Democrats John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson sent troops to Vietnam, and Republican Richard Nixon kept them there.
Republican Gerald Ford sent troops to Angola.
Democrat Jimmy Carter sent troops to Iran (on a small mission that failed).
Republican Ronald Reagan sent troops to Grenada and Nicaragua.
Republican George Bush Sr. sent troops to Iraq and Panama.
Democrat Bill Clinton sent troops to Haiti, Somalia, and the former Yugoslavia.
Republican George Bush Jr. sent troops to Iraq and Afghanistan.

I'm sick and tired of these megalomaniacs... Personally I can't stand the established GOP because in addition to murdering all these people, they talk about how they are the party of god, morality.

I find it supremely ironic

I find it supremely ironic that Jimmy Carter, considered by the religious right to be one of the worst presidents in history actually had the least amount of blood on his hands. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU AMERICA?

we need them now

what we need is for them to register Republican now and vote in these primaries so that he does get nominated

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I don't know

They may come and support us to get Ron Paul nominated and then switch back right away to Obama thinking it'll be a piece of cake beating Ron. It would be awesome to see them switch to us permanently. We need all hands on deck to unseat Obama!

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!


If they switch back they are, of course, idiots, but I'm fine with getting Dr. Paul the nomination. I would really love to see Obama on stage one on one with Dr. Paul. Paul: "Say, brother from another planet, howzabout all them changes you promised? And how about that SDAA thingie you signed?" Obama: "uhhhh....ummm..." Paul: "Say, dickweed, what about all them wars you promised to end and instead are starting a bunch more?" Obama: "ummmm....uhhhh...."


If any Ron Paul supporter switches back to establishment, then they were never really a true RP supporter to begin with. I am sure of that. This is backed up in our statistics. Why does the support of all the other candidate supporters kep moving UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN constantly so significantly? Its because the sheeple cant decisively say who they support. Its whatever they hear in the media that is the deciding factor. They jumping ship because they can never tell you WHY they support their candidate of the week. Real candidates who have morals and sound principles make it clear what they do and dont support. These people are of truth and stand for whats right, and thats ATTRACTIVE to people. People value this. The problem is the MSM has done such a great job with all their propoganda and spin tactics that many people cant ever see who Ron Paul really is and what he's really about. So thats our job. Eventually we will his critical mass and when we do, then its our turn to sit down and mock and laugh. The MSM know exactly what they are doing and it's evil.

As Far As I'm Concerned They Can Do What They Want As Long

as they vote for Ron Paul in the GOP primary as registered republicans. If they switch back, why should we care. Both the Donkeys and The Elephants are two horns on the same goat.

"There's not a dimes difference between the two parties" ~ Former Alabama Gov. George Wallace



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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Very good

Good interview, thanks for sharing.
Always be kind to poor Obama voters, they are SO SO SO sorry!
But McCain wasn't exactly a choice!

Can't blame anyone

McCain was as far out of a choice as you can get! I mean we're talking about one of the founding members of the neocon takeover of the GOP.. his name was even on the PNAC manifesto itself! His level of corruption was evident as far back as the Keating 5 scandal, he is one of the leaders of the neocon hegemony. They don't get much worse than him.

I thought at least maybe I'd be voting for the lesser of two evils and hope the neocon type things Obama let slip out of his mouth were just pandering to the establishment and he might actually be a good guy wearing wolfs clothing to get inside.. Instead it was the opposite.

It's getting more and more obvious how corrupt this man is, as much so as Bush, Clinton, and Bush Sr., and that he is instead a very good actor continually pulling the wool over the sheep's eyes as they are running towards a cliff.

DHS, Patriot Act, Acta, Sopa, NDAA.. Whats next? Martial law? Massive false flag attack? I fear not only for this country if Ron Paul does not get elected, but with another war in the middle east looming, for the world as well.

Even if RP does get into office i fear it will already be too late, as corruption is deeper than most people realize. We who care enough and are smart enough to be here are the future. I believe that the system is beyond reform. There are no more saviors in the form of politicians.

But until i find a more productive way to help this country I'll be putting my support behind Ron Paul, and convincing every body I know who fell for the Obama trap to wake up and do the same.