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An Email I wrote to State of the Union

I have copied an email I wrote today to Candy Crowley and State of the Union at Stateoftheunion@cnn.com

I wrote this email in response to the interview today and my feelings in apathy for the continued negligence on the part of the media to properly portray Ron Paul and the Liberty Movement.


State of the Union,

I watched your interview with Ron Paul this morning and I thought it lacked energy, enthusiasm, and hope. These are the traits that accompany Dr. Paul and the liberty movement. You have not yet seemed to pick up on it?

You seemed to focus on pointing out what could be portrayed as a negative. However, there are a lot of positive pieces of momentum you could have referenced, such as this Iowa poll: http://www.desmoinesregister.com/article/20120219/NEWS09/302...

In this Poll, Paul easily trumps Obama, and the other three GOP candidates.

In addition, I think you should ask some very relevant questions about the deficit and the overall plan to make the country once again solvent. Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich all talk about lowering income taxes, which will decrease federal revenues substantially. However, these candidates do not offer any real cuts, which will result in even larger annual deficits, up to $2 trillion annually. This very fact invalidates their campaign promises and legitimacy as candidates.

At least Obama is honest in the fact that under his spending plans, he needs significant extra revenue through increased taxes on the wealthy. The GOP candidates want to unleash the same spending habits, with no revenue increases, which makes them twice as negligent.

Lastly, I think we can both recognize that Ron Paul does not receive anywhere near the same coverage as the other GOP candidates. The reason why Dr. Paul has had an uphill battle winning these state votes is because many people rely on mainstream media to frame their opinions. If the media will not cover Ron Paul, often belligerently leaving him out of the news altogether, the masses of people are left uninformed. It is the well informed, passionate, and self learned individuals that cling to Ron Paul's message. It is this same group of people that has led to an overwhelming success rate in delegate selection at the county levels in favor of Ron Paul.

It is a tribute to Ron Paul's powerful message of liberty and great common sense that has him standing before audiences well into the thousands at his rallies. The message of liberty is in fact gaining steam and I urge you to cover the one true valid path back to greatness in this country.

Thank you,

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But you are forgetting one thing

Remember the Ron Paul Media "Kill Order" Obama sent out? It was on DP a few weeks back. Google it. It's all over the place. The only way they will change is if their ratings change with more Ron Paul reporting. Rachel Maddow is struggling for viewers and is starting to mention Ron Paul more and is seeing an increase in her viewers.

WAHOR! Nice letter! :)

WAHOR! Nice letter! :)