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Suspicious Attacks on the Super Brochure: Agents Provocateur?

Feb. 19, 2012: 2:00 p.m, by K. Khaleel, Exclusive to the Daily Paul

On the Daily Paul and also RonPaulForums there has been a relentless attack on a grass roots project for the Ron Paul presidential campaign called the super brochure. Posters have claimed that the brochure is ineffective and even dangerous. These posters say virtually nothing good about it and are always in the attack mode. The mailings, they attest, are a waste of money and precious resources.

They even claim that the Ron Paul campaign itself is against these brochures. Accusations have been spread widely, without substantiation. When the posters are countered, they offer no evidence for their claims. There is also a trend within these posts which is highly disturbing. While the brochure is condemned, simultaneously, SuperPacs and, particularly, RevPac are either commended or treated neutrally. Something is amiss? Is it a plot?

The brochures are highly professional. They are colorful, artfully done, and the content compelling. Leaving nothing to chance they answer so many questions. In fact, reading them creates a sense of motivation and desire, a real enthusiasm to support Dr. Paul. Within the super brochure are answers to the global crisis we are in. They have summarized in a thorough form virtually all of Dr. Paul’s positions. Thus, many Ron Paul supporters find them essential and freely give them out, without a second thought.

Supporters then noticed a battery of attacks regarding them on the Daily Paul. The velocity of those attacks increased dramatically after a recent pledge drive. People actually signed up that day just to attack the thread.

read more: http://healthfreedom2012.com/HFblog/2012/02/19/suspicious-at...

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I had several surreal incidents with the SB in SC

so I'm maybe not the best witness but both my town's precincts took 2nd for Dr. Paul (I hand addressed my precinct and the other half of town was sent in by SB). A local car dealer even taped a super brochure I had hand addressed to him to his front glass door for the whole world to see. Quite an endorsement for a lil town. :)

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If it weren't effective...

They wouldn't be attacking it. TROLLS!

My friends put our phone number on about 6000 of them and walked them around. We read it. It is good. Accurate, and hard hitting. Best political brochure I've ever seen.

Screw the trolls. Their motto is "confusion to the enemy". Don't let them slow you down! Keep going.


Trying to force everybody to do the same thing the same way which is their way… Who do they remind you of?

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
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I will say THIS again

South Carolina was the most extensively mailed state yet. The vote count that is "official" is over 3x greater than 2008.

Now, take into account the placement of an algorithmic forumula to cull 5% of the votes over to Romney, posted here by a South Carolina investigator: let's just say that Paul got 17%, very reasonable--that raises the success rate to 500%.

Come on, "agents:" argue this.

Prediction: the Super Brochure will elicit hundreds of thousands of new voters
Prediction: the antagonists will be proven as not only fools but enemy agents.

Sorry, logic fail again. We

Sorry, logic fail again.

We got 3x the vote in NH as well without the SB. In fact, we did incredibly in NH where a higher percentage of the total population voted for Paul than any other state by far.

In Maine, we got like 33% without the SB. In fact, NH and Maine were probably our best states. In Minnesota, we outperformed polls by a wide margin. Again, no SB.

In Nevada, we got creamed. In SC we got creamed. In Iowa, we were leading in the polls, and underperformed. All had super brochures.

I love the part where you arbitrarily add 5% to Pauls votes in SC, but not his votes in 2008 SC or his votes in 2012 in MN or NH. That's pretty convenient.

But of course I'd say that. After all, I'm an 'agent'. So go ahead, give this dude more money! The only people who would question his money making scheme are 'agents'. I'm sure this will be proven at any moment.

Seriously people, give to the campaign or a reputable PAC. And use phone from home.

Failed logic...

Phone from home has serious flaws - not the best script and people being harassed with repeated calls.

Revpac has reputable and true libertarians on its staff, so you would be saying that is what kills an organization's reputation.

FL was the lowest with 7% - endorse liberty spent millions in that state. I don't think there were too many brochures there.

Iowa and NH includes votes from independents, whereas the other states in which got 'creamed' only allows republican voters. Also, hundreds of thousands were spent on positive ads, like the 30 second one on cutting agencies. Then, that good ad stopped running. The anti-Santorum ads in SC did not help, and likely will not help in MI if what occurred in SC is replayed.

Linking results to only SB is not intelligent. It doesn't necessarily mean you are an 'agent', but means you may be influenced by them that you allowed to form opinions for you.


Wow, telling us how to spend our money again

This does deserve an answer. Of what "reputable" PAC do you speak? You don't want anyone to "spend" on the brochure but you suggest a PAC? Which one?

By the way mailings were done in Maine.

"Go ahead, give this dude more money." And what "dude" are you talking about? Answer the question.

Part of the problem, part of the sollution?

I believe that part of the problem might be that these were registered Republican and/or Independents address' back in 2008 & 2010. In some states that have really seen the housing crisis hit hard, are these people still there?
As someone who did give, and saw states get "Blanketed", like Iowa with over 440,000 to both republicans & independents, to see only 26,000 votes for Ron Paul was disappointing to say the least. Same thing with South Carolina, where over 250,000 were sent out, Ron Paul didn't campaign there, and he took a very distant 4th. Nevada was around 60% completed with around 200,000 brochures that went out, to only get around 6,000 caucus votes, and take 3rd?
So really... I would now question how well it's working too.
However, when I saw a poll that showed Ron Paul, NOT any other GOP candidate would be around 49% to 42% against Obama today in Iowa, who knows?
But, I've got a different strategy now. I received a case recently, and if I mail them, I want them to go to address' where people DEFINITELY will at least receive them.
A lot has changed since the housing crisis, so would it almost be worth getting a case, and mailing them to business', or handing them out personally, rather than spending money sending them to a vacant address? I think that is the new strategy for me anyway.
One step. Sending about 10 to the county commissioners in each county of my state, with a letter asking them to consider reading it, and if they like it, pass it on to friends, and purchase more from the website.
I think the Super Brochures are a great idea. I really think if we want to see more elderly start to get on board, this may be one of the only effective tools, so hand them out to them. Drop some off at a retirement home for their coffee table reading material. Drop a few off at restaraunts, and mention to the managers that Ron Paul is the only one who has mentioned not wanting to tax tips. BE CREATIVE. There is still time. Remember too, blank Super Brochures means that the person you hand it out to can always mail it to someone they want to.

Stop Ron Paul 2012 on facebook

was talking about doing this.

They also come in here and act all high and mighty preaching pacifism as non-agressionism and then telling us how we should act and speak ect. Honestly they've been posting a lot of stuff up here recently most of which is not well received. For instance the post the other day about anger over the word "Frothy" being so called disgusting was written by Jere Brower (use of "my woman and child" was a give away).

Personally I think it would be prudent to destroy their lines of communication so that they can't pull this crap. That being said this could literally just be Jere doing all the posting on multiple accounts. He literally posts to Facebook all day every day. It's not unthinkable that he posts to DP and other RP boards most of the day too.


People say they hurt and help about equally so they dont make any difference, the brochures our great for people who already like Ron Paul, but for neocons I don't think it helps much unless you go door to door with them and explain, keep in mind the campaign needs the money more than ever with super Tuesday coming up. And our number one priority should be donating to the campaign.

Tell these people that we

Tell these people that we will back what we want, when we want and with however much $ we want cause it's a free country...! Or did they forget that point...!? Tell them to suck on it and because of what they are saying, that you are going to go and donate more $ to the SB in their name...!

They will shut-up soon enough if everyone took this route...! :-)


"They" are the RP2012 campaign.


So the RP campaign has an exclusive communications channel with you and/or RP forums and not one with the DP... so the campaign is using that exclusive communications channel with RP forums and/or yourself to pass a message along to the DP with specific instruction pertaining to the super brochures.... to "burn them."

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix

I guess, but it's not exclusive

Well I wouldn't call personal friendships "exclusive communications channel" but yeah, kinda. Two caucus state campaign directors I've spoken to directly have come out adamantly against the un targeted canvassing of Republicans with SB's. Anyone who is directly involved with the campaigns efforts and asks anyone from the campaign's staff will get the same answer. I'm not special I'm just involved and talking to the right people.

Back at it again, aren't Mr. Campaign expert and troll

Why don't you get with the program and do something productive, like shut up.

You're hilarious...

When is the last time you called someone in your precinct?
When is the last time you helped staff or organize a rally in your state?
When is the last time you attended a GOP meeting?
When is the last time you lifted a finger to help RP?
When is the last time you canvassed?
When is the last time you contacted the campaign to see how you can help?
When is the last time you donated?

Im willing to bet most of these answers are never.
Who's the agent now?

p.s. Typing doesn't count.


These SBs must be kickin some serious butt.. :)

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix

The official campaign is the source of the negativity.

Right or Wrong, it is not trolls who are after the super brochure when the words from the official campaign have been as I understand it.. "burn them".

Personally I like the brochures but I think there is an honest disagreement concerning their effectiveness; particularly with certain NeoCon audiences where the focus is to sell Ron Paul on one or two main issues.

In this case the SB is too broad but it is still a great and wonderful effort to be honest with the electorate. Sometimes that honesty gets in the way of campaigning though when you are trying to sell and get a vote on one issue.


When in doubt, go to the source.

I will be calling the campaign tomorrow to see if I can get their official position on the Super Brochures. I agree with much of what you said here.

πολλα γαρ πταιομεν απαντες ει τις εν λογω ου πταιει ουτος τελειος ανηρ δυνατος χαλιναγωγησαι και ολον το σωμα

A Ron Paul campaign volunteer called me over the weekend...

to poll me. I asked him if I could get some of the Super Brochures from the campaign to pass out to all the delegates and alternates in my county before our convention. He told me he would have to call me back, and he did the next morning. He said that the Super Brochure project is part of a pac that is unaffiliated with the Ron Paul Campaign. By law Ron's campaign can't be involved with this project.

So I ordered 900 Super Brochures myself to pass out and try to get into the hands of delegates before our convention. It's never too late to make converts.

Minnesota Mary

I think the brochure is FANTASTIC!

SO~~~let's have the superbrochure on the FACEpage of DP for the next big brochure fundraiser, Michael!

Neither the time or place.

Great, continue to fund this project if you like it or not. Looks like it is doing well. In either case, stay in your lane.

Have a little rationality in your assessment though.
If the campaign thought these things were as great as everyone says, don't you think they would create something similar?

In all honesty, I've promoted and donated to this project. I have also volunteered for the campaign. I see arguments from both sides.

Sorry there is no conspiracy. People didn't like the blimp either, thought it was a waste of money. Are those people "provocateurs"? I guess everyone who criticizes the campaign is an "agent" as well. Give me a break. Do what you want to do to spread the message but don't expect everyone to like what you are doing.

Maybe people need to listen to criticism sometimes, even in the revolution. How else do we learn from our mistakes?

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I prefer snapping into a

I prefer snapping into a "Slim Jim".

why can't

they just ban those people?


Your comment..

Ban someone for not agreeing with you on if something is effective or not? Sounds like you must be a romney supporter.

Super Brochure work, while it may be ads that do not.

Those claim that brochures don't work bec Iowa and NV, etc...were lost and the brochures were spread and yet, losses still occurred.

Well, several tens of millions of dollars were used in ads, and Paul still lost those states. I doubt superbrochure can overtake tens of millions of dollars in campaign. However, the superbrochure can still be powerful - and that is why intelligent libertarians over at RevPac created it - those who are well known in the libertarian community thru their professional work and have been true friends of Paul for years.


I think the super brochures

I think the super brochures are brilliant....literally!

Haven't used the Super Brochures for canvassing door-to-door

I've been going door-to-door asking what issue is most important (from a list of issues) to the voter and then I give them the corresponding slim jim. I'm using the Official Campaign's slim jims. They have targeted ones for each audience.

Though the info on each slim jim is limited, I think it gives the relevant info to the voter. People gave me some superbrochures. It's a complete comprehensive encyclopedia! It's gives you ALL the info. I think that's great. But there are unintended consequences when you hand out too much info to sheeple. REMEBER, we're dealing w/ Sheeple and not well-informed Ron Paulers.

SuperBrochures are best given out to a die-hard Ron Paul supporter. But then what's the point!

I will say it again

I keep reading posts on here about conspiracies to crush the SB. Let me say again!

I have personally spoken to two State exec directors from the RP campaign THIS MONTH who have each expressed concerns. I won't get into the financial side or motives. Simply addressing the nature of un-targeted materials and the fact that this SB doesn't jive with the campaign's VERY well planned strategy.

I have linked to a pertinent article of my own further down the page.

This is not a conspiracy to discount the SB, in fact my conversations have led to recommendations to help SB sell more brochures and integrate fully into the campaign strategy.

I thought RP supporters were supposed to be the objective ones? Read through the more rational posts on the subject and feel free to ask questions of the actual campaign in your state for info. If you can't find contact info I will send it to you.

JC 4 year RP activist, county coordinator, former state delegate - Certified NOT agent provocateur.

Edit for spelling

The Super Brochure is Bringing in Voters

What are you talking about? How many voters can you prove you have brought in with direct face-to-face or mail activity in the last 30 days?

Give us names. Give us proof. Boston Globe, NYT, MSNBC, all heaping huge praise on this piece of literature. You can't buy that kind of publicity. You're telling me that the campaign doesn't like RP's platform put together on a piece of paper? I don't beleive a word you say.

No other campaign has gotten that kind of press; slim jims: I'm not giving those out. They are nothing compared to the SB. Not even close. Want the truth: I'm embarrassed to give out slim jims.

There is so much dissention. We're maxed out. This our only tool. Why would anyone criticize it? Unbelievable.

If you are unaware of its effectiveness, take the time to listen to those calls on my Vote UP! post. Otherwise, get out of the way. By leverage the campaign as the authority, you're damaging the grass roots effort. It's our right to use it, constitutionally. Stand out of the way.

How do you benefit by dissing the brochure, anyway? Get that campaign cloak off, and let us do what we're going to do.