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Drudge Report

Does anyone know what is going on with the Drudge Report lately? No more online voting? CNN interview this morning listed four or five lines below Santorum news and picture which has ran since yesterday. It appears as Dr. Paul surges, Drudge just becomes another MSM or has he always been MSM?

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Drudgereport is now become BS


I agree

I have noticed it over the past few weeks. Drudge had been pretty fair to Dr Paul even when the MSM was in blackout mode. Now, all of a sudden, we would be lucky to see two headlines about Dr Paul during an entire week. The other three guys that are running (forgot their names :-) have headlines on Drudge daily. It makes it look like there are only three candidates running.

I just saw

About a minute n half clip of Dr Paul speaking from yesterday or day before on CNN 02/19/1330 CNN. So I think the black out is not on as much and they had to really think about it..

He must have read

the media kill order for Ron Paul.