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Now we're winning

Now we're winning.
I heard of Dr. Paul around 2005 while in the Army and have been following him every sense then so I was very pleased in 07 when I found out he was running for President and I voted for him in 08 to no avail. Disheartened with are political system. To see Dr. Paul get railroaded in 08 and to see it still happening now it would frustrate me to no end. To watch the news censure Dr. Paul not to even mention his name drove me crazy. But to watch the Main Caucus and how they “the GOP” obviously are playing dirty and cheating the votes and the more I watched the more disheartened I became. But that’s what they want for all the Ron Paul folks to lose faith and shrink away the thing I realized and Dr. Paul already knew is that we did win in Main, We not only won we WON BIG TIME.
In the beginning the GOP tried to hide the facts of the vote and call it for Mitt saying he won. Well a funny thing happened this year that didn’t happen in 2007 the Great Citizens of Maine stood up and said NO NOT ON MY WATCH we will be watching you this year and count all the votes and the GOP will not steal them from us again.
This fact has warmed my heart to no end so I would like to say thanks the Citizens of Maine for restoring my faith in We The People, and now We The People along with some help from Dr. Paul are going to kick the GOP’s @$$ we have already cost a couple of people there jobs and were just getting started. We will watch and count all the votes; we will call and complain, we will see you in jail for theft for we are also the jury. We will come together and elect who we want for president not who you want.
Thanks again Maine.
-----Ron Paul for President. ---

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