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The Capitalist Solution to Saving the Rainforest: Create Worthwhile Sustainable Health Products


"We save the Rainforest by building a means of interacting with it that takes control away from those that exploit it. By getting the land into the hands of natives with long traditions of using the Rainforest for its herbal and nutritional/medicinal value, and expanding that use, we passively stop logging and deforestation for cattle production. As well, we give the region an export that can empower them to raise their standard of living. As well, we bring healthy products to the people of the world, connecting them to the Rainforest, reminding them that it is our air and water, and our vitality. We must build a relationship with the Rainforest that reminds us how dear it is to us. That is how we save the Rainforest."

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Unlikely "capitalism" will save rainforest...

The majority of the rainforest is being cut down to grow soy, an annual crop, not to raise cattle. Any economic system baesd on annual agriculture can only exploit more resources.

we passively stop logging and deforestation for cattle production.

I wonder what kind of

I wonder what kind of subsidies are given to soy producers...

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It already exists

There's already a sustainable health product from the rainforest, beside the herbs... it is called oxygen. Unfortunately, turning it into a capitalist product is not feasible. There are also intangible and spiritually uplifting benefits to biodiversity, the aesthetics of natural beauty, retreats of solitude from urban civilization, and so forth. The market mechanism cannot uphold every good thing, and to think so is a religious faith, not an empirical fact.

Love it!

But still, the herbs can be turned into a product that'll benefit the entire planet's health.

I want to head down there, care to help?


Jack Wagner

Dont worry theres always a

Dont worry theres always a govmnt department in the way... Get away from big agra run right into big pharma... Still its an excellent step toward perserving the environment.

That's why I share Libertarian, or at least Green Party, with...

...people into Health Freedom, and herbalism.

Jack Wagner

On David Icke Forum:


Not the bad place for outreach...

Jack Wagner