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New Info on the Texas primary mess

I have no idea how the delegate thing is going to work. It's a big ball of confusion right now and is probably designed to be that way.


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Texas Lone ★ Update on SREC and Precinct Conventions

The SREC Meeting is at 12:00 (noon) on February 29th at the Texas Republican Party Headquarters in Austin Texas.

This meeting is open to the public. At least one member of the SREC is going to push for precinct conventions prior to the SD convention.

Actual location can be found at the link below. Please attend if you can. I will be there.

I will likely be in a suit (yuck). Email me if you desire to introduce yourself.


I just sent

an email to a member of the SREC. We have talked twice in the past 2 weeks, so I suspect he will want to inform me what is going on.

Keep us informed

I don't know how many Texans are on this site. I know of 3 plus me and you in the Austin area. Can anyone go to that SREC meeting?

I sent a request to be a

I sent a request to be a chairman in Pct 3 (Collin County, Frisco Tx) There was an opening to volunteer. I'm new to this, and would appreciate any info or advice.

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Little Elm, Tx

What a bunch of C p!

Typical Texas good ol boy shenanigans.

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No worries

we have 2 RP'ers on the SREC. We will find out what is going on.

Do we

Have a thread for this? I feel like we should maybe look into this.

Where is the SREC meeting at?

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