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[heavily doctored video] From His Own Lips : "Barack Obama (AKA) Barry Soetoro Is Not A Natural Born Citizen"

From His Own Lips : "Barack Obama (AKA) Barry Soetoro Is Not A Natural Born Citizen" (video)


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I don't care if he his a natural citizen or not. Either way, he stinks.

He is not a natural born

He is not a natural born citizen. Both parents must be citizens of the US, and he must have been born on US soil or territories, unless his parents were in the service of the US at the time of birth.
His father was a Kenyan British subject.
He was adopted by an Indonesian, and given that citizenship.
He has been known to have as many as 29 social security numbers, none of them his.
Evidence is that his mother delivered in Kenyan, as was witnessed by his grandmother in Kenya who spoke openly about it.
Obama, himself, claims to be a Kenyan.
When he ran for the senate, he admitted it, and it was publicized that he was the man running for the senate from Kenya.
He admitted he was not eligible to be president because he was not a natural born citizen.
The bc is a known composite and forgery.
A bc from Kenya did surface.
Obama is not eligible to be President, and may not even be a citizen. He could be an illegal, as there is no evidence that he ever applied for citizenship. Part of his college was paid for on a foreign student loan, and the rest paid for by the Saud's.
Nothing about what he has done since being President resembles what a rooted, natural born citizen would do as President. His policies and actions have been a detriment, and look like what an infitrator would do to damage this country.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

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This is bogus

And not only that, but over a year or two old. I've seen the source video that debunked this video, and it's flat out false. The give away is when it cuts to distant shots on certain key words so you can't see his mouth.

I'm not dismissing any claims that there are questions regarding the legitimacy of his birth certificate or citizenship status, but this video is simply false propaganda and RP supporters should not fall for it.

Found some video showing his actual statement during that segment from which this was derived:


Down vote from me!

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.

Sheriff Joe sets D-Day on Obama's eligibility

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told WND today his office has scheduled a news conference in Phoenix for March 1 to release findings of the Cold Case Posse that has been investigating Barack Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility to be president.


This video is obviously BS...

...why make stuff up when there are plenty of good reasons to dislike Obama's policies:

-He doesn't think Americans have the right to privacy (PATRIOT ACT)
-He doesn't think Americans have a right to trial (NDAA)
-He thinks Americans can be imprisoned indefinitely without charges (NDAA)
-He is in cahoots with the banksters, and crony corporatists, and loves to give them you hard earned money (Stimulus Package)(FED policy)


It's a fake


Very bad audio.....

Bummer, I was excited for a moment.

His birthplace doesn't matter

He's technically Indonesian. Read his book. I really don't see how any of this matters anymore.

It does matter should a person adhere to the Constitution of

the United States. Have you looked at the Constitution and do you understand what is meant by Natural Born Citizen?

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We've already been down this road my friend

It's true, Obama's neither a citizen or natural born. Americans love being deceived and politicians despise the Constitution. Even the formal course of dealing with something like handling the truth of Obama's status would be mediocre at best and not result in one bit of change of the whole system.
If Obama was impeached like Clinton, nothing would happen. If he was forced to leave office, we'd have President Biden; and what difference to Constitution-trampling political culture do you think that appointment would make?
During the last campaign I had this info on a bumper sticker because it SHOULD matter a great deal, but guess what, until people actually start giving a rat's posterior about their country and their lives, it doesn't matter one bit. Something so flagrant doesn't happen in a place where people think and care.
BTW--this issue would have grown legs and actually been something if it wasn't for the dentist lawyer muppet Orly Taitz

seems edited

I think it's a digital creation

Mitt Romney's Dad.....

Was born in Mexico.

Barack Obama : Hope & Change for America

More like Grope and Chains for America...Ha!

The theory that a person who

The theory that a person who has one non-citizen parent is not a natural born citizen is contradicted by the Chester Arthur precedent and the U.S. Supreme Court in Kim Wong Ark. I implore the birthers to join the Santorum campaign. Their arguments, as are those of the truthers, are only a dead-weight to the Paul campaign.

Chester Arthur was found out

Chester Arthur was found out by Leo Donofrio, one of many lawyers whos Obama eligibility case was denied because of standing.
Ark defines NOT that he is a natural born citizen. Just that he's a citizen. Nice try anyway ;-)

And You might leave it to us whos campaign we join, thanks.

Not that urban legend again!

Not that urban legend again! Donofrio didn't "find out" anything. The fact that Arthur's father was born in Ireland was widely reported including in the New York Times in 1880! Despite that, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY ever bothered to raise the issue of his father's citizenship at the time of Chester's birth. Why? Because NOBODY cared. The main charge against Arthur was the charge (disproven) that he had been born in Canada. NOBODY raised the issue of his father's British citizenship and Arthur didn't hide that fact because nobody cared to even ask him.

Many birthers seem to assume that Americans in 1880 were clueless idiots who didn't care about defending the Constitution compared to those in 2012. If anything, the opposite is true.

9 weeks ago You joined the

9 weeks ago You joined the DP.

You are pretty fast spreading Your disinfo on any thread that deals with Obama's eligibility. How comes?

In other words, you have NO

In other words, you have NO fact-based response to my latest post.

Your little disinfo pieces

Your little disinfo pieces are not exactly fact based, LOL!

And I have stopped long time ago to engage in exchanges with Obot-trolls regarding the Obama birth fairy tale.
Waste of time.

Obat troll? Hey, Newbie I

Obat troll? Hey, Newbie I was gathering petitions for RP's bill to abolish the Selective Service back in 1980 and campaigned for him in 1988. As to your claim that you don't engage in exchanges, I was responding to a post you made in reply to me!!!!! Talk about gall.

Define THEORY please...


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So, Jerome Corsi is wrong?

I really don't think so.

Where's the Birth Certificate?-Jerome Corsi