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Wrote a song for the Doc...

Hey guys,
I'd like to share with you all a song directly inspired by Ron Paul and his role on my altered worldview ever since I was introduced to his ideas. If anyone is inspired to make a video of it, feel free to. (Just let us know about it!) I hope it helps communicate the inspiration I think we all feel from the Doc. A bit cryptic in regards to the lyrics. Check it out, feedback welcomed. Rock on revolution! (Genre: Hosh-Posh Rock) http://snd.sc/wfwXyO


Feels like a roller coaster
Too hot to get much closer
You take a bite and you realize
It's all been a lie

Then you kind of feel violated
But it's you that validated
Too much too far too fast
It's all in the past now

I don't regret the hard learned lesson
It's hard it seems to find some reason
There are sometimes it's the assistant
Trust me I once knew a magician

It all seemed to turn around
About the time I came to town
I thought I could of done a damn good job
Forgive don't forget

The day will come when you'll wake up
I know right now you don't give a f*ck
But I bet one drunken night
You'll say I was right


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your voice and really like the arrangement. Thanks for sharing.


...for the kind words. I'm actually primarily a drummer, have always been self-conscious about my vocals. Thanks for the ego boost. :)

Strong voice..

but having trouble hearing the lyrics.Vocal needs to come out front more,try to get some of the distortion reduced on the guitar,so there's more clarity in the vocal.I'm an audio engineer,and also musician:vocals and guitar.Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the advice!

I did it at home on an ancient protools rig.

I have more than...

... one song about the Doc, fyi. Enjoy!