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War on Drugs - It's not working!

Please pass this along to promote Ron Paul's position on the War on Drugs.


Ron Paul, 2012!!!


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Check out the Intelligent WoD discussion from this DP link


Holding discussions like this in the public MSM is a step forward to acknowledging the problem.

Going to your boss and telling him you have a problem is one thing.
Going to your boss and telling him you have a solution to a problem is different.

Ron flat-out states the solution. It's up to us to get our local government to understand how effective Ron's solution is.

Our local government has spent tons of money and resources in/on this war on drugs. They will need/want examples of how to transfer those resources to other crime fighting adventures.

Relocating or Cutting-Off the government grant monies supplied to local governments for this war is a different story.

And also the private corporate prisons will also put up a fight to end this war, because it will cut deep into their profits.


Thank you for posting!


R.P. 2012!!!