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Free Super Brochures & Bumpers for Canvasing, Get them While Supplies Last!

30 more cases of SB are now available plus a good amount of google ron paul and other bumpers. Can include some buttons.

Let me know your needs:

Send address to: drkresearch@hotmail.com

Talking to people, asking "Do you know about Ron Paul," adding some conversation points, and doing so in LARGE numbers = victory!!

Note: I tell people, "You know, he is the only politician running who isn't an EX--ex-Senator Santorum, ex-Governor Romney, ex-Speaker Gingrich." He knows his way around Washington, D. C., and that's what we need."

You're all so brave. Keep up the brilliant work.

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I need about 75

Just sent you a e-mail, thanks

Ineed some for NC

how much do they cost ?