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Easy Button ... for Ron Paul info or to link to any desired site

I created two images with the idea that the red button in each image (gif?) would link to one of the following options:

1. Google search results for "ron paul", preferably oriented toward particular google results to introduce someone to the candidate

2. specific sites, e.g ronpaulflix.com, ronpaul2012.com or a particular youtube video

3. an easy-to-edit link so anyone could share or post the image after editing the link with his or her own preference

My idea is beyond my abilities. Any assistance, comments or suggested software accomplishing the goal is appreciated.

"Easy Button"


"Google Results"


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Fixed ... images now viewable on imageshack

I apologize for the error. I thought I put them in a pubic directory.

I believe image mapping would be correct. The button, when clicked on, would take the user to a link chosen by anyone who wants to share or post the image.

The "google" button would be edited to contain a link to any desired google search.

Herre's the html for the first image


EDIT: well it appears DP will not allow me insert code. This is usually a security measure though code tags are employed on some forums for this measure. They do not have them unfortunately. I will upload it somewhere. give me a minute.

I'm not sure you're aware of how this works, but people need to put that code on their webpage for it to work, you can't embed html in an image, rather the image is embedded in html.

If you take that code, open the application called 'notepad' in your computer and past the code in, then save it a file called 'pressthebutton.html' (the .html is the important part) and then open that file in your internet browser by going into the file menu and choosing 'open file', then you will see that it works.

Here is the download

Just save that file to your desktop or where-ever and then open it in a browser to see that it works, then open it in notepad to see the code:

People need to put that code on their website for it to work.

Thank you Shawker ...

With your assistance, I was able to create an html page with the red button linking to "Ron Paul: The Movie" on documentarywire.com. I also used your file to link to Google results.

The image with the "If you've only heard of him" text was created with the idea that the user would be taken to a specific site. The image with "Google" could be linked to google results, but it can also work as a print ad.

Now ... what to do with these? I don't have a website for posting these as pages. I realize now that I can't create an image with a hyperlink that can be emailed to others.

Does it make sense to create a step-by-step post for this forum so a person could used these images as templates, edit the code for their desired redirect and post?

Again, thank you for helping me.

What you can do is:

Get A dropbox account:

Once you have dropbox installed, go into your dropbox folder on your pc. Find the folder inside that one called public.

Place the html file inside that public folder.

Right click the file and press >dropbox>copy public link

You now have a link to the image with a working image map.

I did it with my dropbox:

Here is a link to show you:

Make your own dropbox account though because I will be deleting that file soon.

People can then embed your image using the iframe tag in html.

You can also buy a domain and have it forward to that image which is really just a simple webpage.

You Shrawk !!

I've now changed the title to the original post.

I'll check out dropbox. Thanks.

one caveat is

dropbox wasn't really designed for loads of random hits. If you get too many in a short period, it could go down. It's more for syncing and sharing files with friends/work mates.

I can't think of another service that would do it though. I know there are some free website services. If I find one that fits the bill, I'll let you know. Have a search yourself too.

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it did too!

I saw it! A mod probably edited all the <'s to &lt; in order for it to pass.

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One remark

w3schools is a good source. Please don't follow the example presented by the first source (echoecho.com), as its style is really bad (no quotes around attribute values, silly capitalisation and missing closing tags).

w3schools are good

but I often find they're not detailed enough. They give the barest of information. For example, they do not explain what the co-ordinates plot. They just give an example:

The first site links to an imagemap creator which is the third link and it explains it a bit more.