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Time to make a BIG noise about OPEN process in primaries and caucuses

Everywhere a primary or caucus is approaching there should be a tumult from activists about keeping the electoral process open to the public, with no counting in secret, secure chain of custody for ballots, etc. In caucus states, each caucus should be encouraged to make public their vote counts as they send them to their state GOP HQ. In primary states, volunteers should set up tables outside large precincts in high-population areas, offering voters a chance to record their votes publicly.

RP supporters are famous for putting up hundreds of signs overnight. This time, instead of RP signs (or in addition to them), imagine some like this:

Iowa, Nevada
South Carolina, Maine

Don't let the "vote repairers" steal victory from Ron Paul!

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How about something more positive...

like: I support a fair vote process.Positive messages attract more support.