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Ron Paul is trending #3 on Yahoo!

Ron Paul is trending 3rd on http://www.yahoo.com!!! That is probably because of all the huge rallies, and great interview this morning, so everyone needs to see who he is:)
Right now the search word "Ron Paul is hot". Not sure if tweets are factored in, I would assume yes...!!!

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Bugs in the machine's picture

Not seeing it

I checked earlier and again just now. I'm just not seeing it. Here's why I see:


01 Van Halen
02 Bo Derek
03 Bobbi Kristina
04 Chelsea Handler
05 iPhone
06 Vitali Klitschko
07 Khloe & Lamar
08 Bankruptcy
09 Will Ferrell
10 Gas prices.

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.

He's now trending at #2 !!!

I just checked. And, of course, did a "search" myself to add to the numbers. :)

Just saw Santorum's twitter

Just saw Santorum's twitter tweets beat Ron's by about 40,000..:(
and Obama's beat Santorum by about 40,000 :( :(

I'm a disgruntled clicker

What does "trending 3 on yahoo" mean?

I see that, it looks interesting so I click... then see one sentence which duplicates the subject line and no link to anything that tells me what this means, nor have you described it.

Sorry had to down-vote based on that. Just wanted to be up front about why I down-voted so that you can use that information to get more up-votes in the future.

Now I'm forced to go do some searching to figure out what "trending on yahoo" means (most people won't do that they will just down-vote and not comment).

chill out bro

why downvote someone because of your own ignorance?

ron paul 2012

sorry, on yahoo.com in top

sorry, on yahoo.com in top right it keeps track of what news is hot now. Right now the search word Ron Paul is hot. Not sure if tweets are factored in, I would assume yes...

thank you

Thank you for explaining it to this "disgruntled clicker"... I assumed it meant ranking 3 currently in the search engine.

I'll vote you up now to offset the downvote you got :)


He gets an up-vote even when this explanation will get lost in the COMMENT section? Maybe you should assign a greater value to your vote!

Please update the post for those who don't make the correct assumption or simply don't know.

yes, really

I will consider downvotes for those things which I consider truly ugly, not for a post which gave me news I was glad to hear---news like this post provides are why I use this site.

I don't prowl around looking for reasons to downvote those who are attempting to provide me with that news.

Since I was reasonably that the post meant what it indeed means, I simply expressed myself in a way which would merit a response and low and behold, within minutes the poster provided me with verification that what I thought it meant indeed is correct.

I like the post as is and I'm sure everyone sees it that way.

You said that correctly. Ron

You said that correctly. Ron Paul is ranking 3rd in yahoo search engine.

You are CURED!

Look! Capitalization, excellent grammar and it's a complete sentence. BRAVO! Now you look MUCH smarter (as I had already presumed since you're voting for Ron Paul).

I believe my job is done here :)



DailyPaul has a way of making each of us happy!

That isn't the post I edited?

That isn't the post I edited? I will learn proper internet etiquette thanks for being a stickler:)

Lots of people saw him on CNN today

and want to learn more.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

agree, a little air time and

agree, a little air time and a Santorum slam!!!

agree, I little air time and

agree, I little air time and a Santorum slam!!!

Grammar, typo and capitolization police

Pull over please... and click the "edit" there and make yourself look more intelligent. Don't just think "they will know what I mean" and leave it. That's lazy and it just looks bad when folks want to see if any intellectuals are supporting the good Dr.

I know you will probably dislike me for replying but I don't care. It's smarter people that are going to save this country and secure my kid's futures.

If you are a little offended it will stick better in your mind and be available for recall the next time you just blather in an incoherent statement and then wonder if you should fix it or not. MAYBE you might eventually appreciate that I stuck my neck out to point this out.

OR - perhaps you're a troll trying to make us look bad?

Capitolization: The act of establishing state capitols?

Maybe you meant capitalization.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Ah crap...

You got me!

I know that looked weird to me too but spell-check didn't highlight it. Knew I'd get some word surgeons critiquing my critique.

Can't edit it though now. We're stuck with it but for the record I stand corrected. This up-vote on your comment is from me. (Yuk yuk yuk to the commenter below as well.)

it's always afoot

Capitolization again is being plotted, in Puerto Rico and Guam---don't fall for that statehood crap.

Correction: The act of

Correction: The act of establishing state capitols using a "shift" key.

I thought editing was

I thought editing was discouraged because of a self bump, whatever that means? I tryed to delete 1 of the posts and it just said edit. Sorry I am not that internet saavy. I am only online for the revolution. No I am not a troll, not the first time I heard that though. I assume troll is a fake Ron Paul supporter.

there's no problem with editing

I don't think edit of the original post provides any "bump".

It's easy, you'll see the edit tab if you are logged in.

If there was any problem with editing what I write they'd have booted me out of here long, long ago.

Don't forget to update the post.

You can click "edit" at the top of the main body of the post in order to do so.

Yes a "troll" is a fake supporter and also a subversive. Happy to have you here and glad you did not get too offended.

I know I admittedly lack "tact" but the fact is sugar-coating really fails in it's ability to communicate a clear message.

Most people can't handle constructive criticism. You've demonstrated the ability to not only handle it but intelligently put it to use instead of allowing a knee-jerk emotion get the best of you.

The majority of Americans are just big babies who will say "you made me feel like" such and such. This is why they can be duped by politicians that talk about all these great things they will do but never talk about how they will do them.

Must be Ron Paul slams

Must be Ron Paul slams Santorum article...