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Vote Up!: Super-Proof that the Super Brochure Brings in Voters

Listen to these messages about the Super Brochure. It's motivating. It will inspire you to donate, like it did me.

In direct mail any response means something. The response percentages are often low. That's why the attacks on the super brochure are inane. By direct marketing standards the response is superb. In fact, it is a direct marketer's dream come true. The man who designed it spent 6 months working on the copy: very impressive.

This attack is extremely destructive. It is like attacking Dr. Paul himself, because the brochure is everything he stands for. Look at what it says on the front cover: "Please research this material, so you can make a wise voting decision. The future of this nation is in our hands. This urgent message is brought to you by hard-working, concerned Americans."

Now, that is a powerful message. The brochure is urging Americans to make an educated decision and even guides them how to do it. No wonder it is waking people up. And no wonder it is being relentlessly attacked.

The brochure gives links to every topic, so the reader can gain further understanding. The YouTube links are there, even for AARP and Veterans for Ron Paul plus much more. There's Ron Paul in 15 Minutes, Amazingly Accurate Ron Paul, Ron Paul: a New Hope, the Only One We Can Trust as well as his stellar speech on the Fed. It's packed with details, and that is ideal in a direct mail piece.

The brochure is exceptional in quality and content. Its effect on people is astounding. It's a super-tool to bring in new voters. Anyone who attacks it is an enormous detriment. Again, if you attack it, you are attacking Ron Paul.

They accept it almost like a gift. They love it.

It's a beautiful art piece as well. That's why it attracts so much attention.

It inspires people to do much more than vote: to register, to tell others, to get involved locally in meet-up groups, and to bring in other voters, even how to call for daily updates. Listen to the inspiration it creates is clearly evident upon listening to the calls.

Frustrated Americans haven't known what to do. The super brochure is the answer. We need hope. We need to believe. This super brochure helps to create that and brings them out to vote.

Did anyone see how long most of the attackers have been on this site: several, like scheme, HiUtah, and bayonesell, started precisely after the latest super brochure drive on Feb. 19. They are trying to divert from the wonderous nature of that drive--that a kind woman, small business owner, dontated 15K to the cause of freedom,peace, and liberty.

The people who are attacking it are the source of danger, not the brochure. Read these transcriptions of real, direct mail responses and be inspired about the power of this spectacular marketing piece. It will make the difference for the win.

During this drive for 22.5 cents (have price) anyone can get Dr. Paul into a home. For one dollar you can get him into four homes. In bulk they're only seven cents each. For a dollar you can reach 14 voters. It's a great way to maximize your resources. It's a super-tool, and it only creates good.

Here are the messages. Be inspired:

I’m in South Carolina—do you have to be a registered Republican 29-days in advance to vote in the primary?

If you could call, if I’m not here, just leave it no voice mail. I’m planning on supporting Ron in this next election: thanks.

Yeah, I got Ron Paul’s brochure in the mail today. And it’s great, really great. I’m gonna vote for Ron Paul. I wasn’t sure, but I’m gonna vote for him, now.

…like to get bulk and distribute these pamphlets I got in the mail. I’ll take them all and put them in the mail boxes and give them out to people. I really want him to get him in there and fight—and don’t stop, because once they find out we got a good Christian (an) ex-military man in there all these veterans are going to realize…that if they just start harping about how good he is.

Keep this brochure, and don’t stop. And bumper stickers. (Put) them where you can see them. That’s why we got to do. I’m in here to help you. So, whatever I can do, give me a call.

I saw an advertisement or brochure from you about Ron Paul and saw this number, where we can contact you to get more brochures to pass out. And we (are) very interested, and we are so glad we received something about him, because we believe that he’s the one we’re gonna vote for. We’re still undecided—we’re leaning towards him…Please give me a call.

Click and listen for big proof:









Note: for those who need SB in bulk email me; I'll help: drkresearch@hotmail.com

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It brings in voters

Some people are just more in-tune with certain types of media.

what's to not like about them??

i'm not convinced that those very expensive TV ads work very well either, but you got to keep trying everything that has any chance of working.


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For the SuperBrochure (which I like and support 100%)

rEVOLutionary Advertising Corps
It's Better Than Sitting On Your Rump Doing Nothing™

SB's work for the Dr.

He is the only candidate who could have something like it work in his favor. Any other candidate would be destroyed by his history and record on display as Paul's is in the SB's.

Think about this: If we made SB's for another candidate and were 100% honest and factual, they would lose the vote of every single person who studied it. Not Dr. Paul. His actual record is what sets him apart. He would never lose the vote of someone because of the SB's. The others would lose every single voter who read theirs, since the SB with facts and truth would be opposite of the poser they morph into in every debate and every media appearance.

No wonder no other campaign has a grass roots SB program. They don't want to push people to Dr. Paul.

Plus, the brochure would be empty

Because there would be nothing to say, unless you lied about it. Good, rational post: nice.

Still are people trying to tell us how to spend out money. Hey, how many times: many of us are maxed out. Can't contribute to the campaign. Back-off. Waste your time elsewhere.

Campaign needs money right now.

and they have flyers for sale too.

Why they attack the SB

In short: because it works. But here’s why… It works not just because of its content but because direct mail is the most underrated and underused form of marketing today… primarily as a result of the Internet (email) and less so as a result of telemarketing.

Direct mail is not the same as paying the postal service to add your flyer to their mail drops where your flyer almost always winds up going directly into the trash before the recipient even reads it. Or email where the recipient deletes it before even opening it or it gets filtered as spam. Direct mail is addressed directly to the attention of the household occupant. Most people when they receive mail that is mailed directly to their attention will review its content before discarding it.

This is why you get so many attacks about the SB… because it works and they know it.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix

The Super Brochure

is one of the best weapons in our arsenal, in my opinion, anyone who bashes it should find ways to help Ron Paul get elected, and not bash anyone's efforts to help Ron Paul. I could see someone on here getting upset if I was going around town with a Ron Paul shirt peeing in public to gain Ron Paul attention, but bashing the Super Brochure, is down right ridiculous.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Great :-\

Now they're gonna covertly send people out with RP shirts to go urinate all over. Let's not give them any ideas. lol.

"The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things, if you look at it right." - Richard Feynman

Anecdotes are not data

Obviously, some people will be persuaded by the brochures. No one denies that. The question is, are more people persuaded than dissuaded? No one is going to call your number to tell you they were turned off by something in the brochure. This is called selection bias. Look it up.

The other question is, are the brochures more effective than donating to the campaign or a PAC? Even if there is a slight net benefit, the opportunity cost may be too high. We're Paul supporters.. we should know our basic Austrian economics ;)

Someone objective needs to do followup surveys on the brochures. They should ask people whether the brochures made them more or less likely to support Paul.

Then what about PAC data?

Ok, I'll play along, though I disagree that anecdotes are not data. Of course they are.

I do agree with you that the data presented here suffers from selection bias, but it is still data.

But since you're so into data, where is the data that shows donating to a PAC is effective? What if the head of that PAC is a 911 truther? What if the PAC uses the money to make pretend news broadcasts on the internet? Or makes $100 talking Barbie dolls of Ron Paul?

Ok, so lets go back to where we agree. Some people will be persuaded by the brochures. Agreed.

Will any non-supporter be persuaded by a $100 talking Ron Paul doll? How about by an online circle jerk/pep rally disguised as a pretend "news cast."

Since this movement is starved for cash, it is unlikely that anyone would do a followup survey on the brochures, or the effectiveness of online newscasts playing to the choir.

Instead, we must use something that is in extremely short supply in our country: Common Sense.

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

I Like The Idea

of a super brochure follow-up. I don't know if we can get phone numbers for some of the mailing addresses they are sent to, but a call to 500 random Super Brochure recipients with a fairly simple survey should be able to get the numbers people are asking for.

Ron Paul supporter, video game collector, and video game online retailer

None of the points you bring up here

are in the least bit relevant, and nobody objective needs to do followup surveys on the brochures. It would be a waste of time. Of course, you're free to volunteer to do such a thing, if you think it's so important. The idea that one of these brochures would make someone less likely to support Paul is simply preposterous. If that IS true, then they're completely a lost cause in any case. How about this? Quit coming around here and denigrating people's grass roots efforts and trying to tell people how they should be spending their time and money. You don't deny that some people will be persuaded by the brochures. That's enough. You state that the question is will more people be persuaded than dissuaded, but you have offered up not even one single example of anybody being dissuaded by one of the brochures. I'm not even saying there wouldn't be any. I'm sure that anyone who abjectly holds the views of someone like Santorum or Gingrich would never be persuaded, but for anybody who CAN be persuaded this would be a great impetus in that direction.

Actually, this is the truth

If there is any hope for the person to be enlightened, the super brochure can do that. It impressively lays out his whole platform and creates confidence. That is readily evident from the tone of these testimonials.

Amen brother

Is Mixti a Romney or Frothy supporter that is bent out of shape because a super brochure of their records would turn off every person who reviewed the information?

yeah, that's totally it dude.

yeah, that's totally it dude. You nailed me. Good detective work there, Lou.


you really nailed me there with the detective work thing. Powerful stuff. It's almost as convincing as your info of the SB's hurting the Dr.


Great testimonials!

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.