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Call-to-Action: James Grant vs Ben Bernanke video

I know it goes without saying that there are many supremely talented video editors out there in the Ron Paul community. That said, I would love to see a piece produced highlighting James Grant's views on monetary policy and economics versus Ben Bernanke's. I would love to be able to reference such a video. Below are a couple links to get you started, but please contribute, there are many out there:


For Liberty!

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I love some of Grant's quips:

"The economy is not measuring up, and the Fed is going to change the ruler."

Unfortunately I think they go so far over the average person's head they may as well be in another galaxy. (How many people out of a thousand could explain the intended meaning of the above quote?)

I think we need to stick to simpler, more directed messages:

* Every candidate other than Ron Paul is going to RAISE your taxes. All government spending is a tax -- either immediate like the income tax, postponed as US government debt (and compounded via interest), or covert as inflation. The other candidates will not reduce government spending, and will in fact increase it, which means they WILL increase taxes. It does not help you one bit if they reduce your income tax rate from 20% down to 10% if at the same time the resulting inflation reduces the value of your paycheck by 30%. Only Ron Paul will cut spending (and therefore make real tax cuts) to the tune of $1 Trillion.

* The other republican candidates SAY they are for free markets. But they do not oppose the Federal Reserve whose primary function is to engage in price-fixing -- fixing the price of borrowed money, and ultimately fixing (constantly damaging) the value of the dollar. This price-fixing causes more widespread damage than any other kind of price-fixing, because it affects every transaction that takes place since money is 1/2 of every transaction.

[And even the above will require a bit of explaining for the average person.]