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★Bull Horn NOW!

Totally UNACCEPTABLE To Have Ron Paul Show Up for 3000 People and Not Have SOUND!
Kansas City;

Does he have a support team who checks sound before the event?

When all else fails he should always have a Bull Horn for back-up.

Even this weekend he had to address people outside because half of the crowd never got inside.

CM-45 Megaphone $139.95

•45 watts
•1500Yards Range
•Detachable Microphone
•Siren Alarm Switch
•Volume Control
•Strong ABS Eng. Plastic
•Eight C Size Batteries
•Bell Diameter: 12", Length: 17"
•with batteries weight 4 lbs


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He needs a 100 Watt amp and

He needs a 100 Watt amp and to always carry a great mic. Or, a good system, small mixing board with the small speakers on stands, Bose or Peavy. Easy to carry, easy to set up, big sound with control of the levels. It could be set up in 10 to 15 minutes, maybe less. For larger venues, long cords and couple of extra speakers that could be set up halfway down the room.

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yep, bullhorn

Money bomb time!

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.