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Ron Paul and His Movement Cannot Be Stopped

Ron Paul and His Movement Cannot Be Stopped

The idea that America is in trouble and needs saving is nothing new. Liberals have thought this for sometime and have continuously sought salvation by growing government. Conservatives have argued that what America needs saving from is liberals and their destructive policies. Yet the Republican Party has been equally as complicit in expanding government as the Democratic Party. This is what Rick Santorum says about Mitt Romney’s big government policies. It’s what Romney says about Santorum’s big government policies. And both men are right. The difference between both men and Obama is one of margin, not method. Romney and Santorum simply think they can do a better job of managing big government than Obama. Only Paul actually wants to dismantle big government.

This is of particular importance because the rising generation now demands that the politics of old be challenged. As the media continues to concentrate on the GOP horse race amongst candidates who represent the same establishment consensus, it is Paul who is playing to packed houses at every stop and who continues to attract the masses based purely on the power of his ideas rooted in the American founding.

This overflowing event in Vancouver, Washington last week is another prime example: