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FREE Ron Paul 2012 Tribute Artwork

Hi there! I'm an artist all the way from South Africa who greatly supports the message of Ron Paul, so I decided to create a portrait of him to show my support in 2012. The original file will be available to all for free for any use whatsoever. Here's the smaller version - http://warrenlouw.deviant...

Here's the hi res jpg


update from artist:

I'd like to ask you for your help. Would you be able to, or at least know anybody who would be able to print out a copy of my artwork on something like photographic paper, get it signed by Ron Paul and have it sent to me? It would be appreciated more than words can express!

If you're willing and in a position to do so, please contact him via his user's contact form on this site.


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So, we had our County Convention last Saturday (3/10/12)

And guess whose poster was watching over our convention?!


Yup, that's me on the far left seat, as one of three tallying "officers": three of us, supporters for three different candidates, read out the name on each ballot aloud before the recorder recorded in public view. Slow, but very transparent, method.

Two more of your posters were in the lobby by Ron Paul info Table at the convention :-)

That was me with the signed boarded copy

mentioned in the post below. I wish I had seen the update asking for a copy to be sent to you! I would have taken two for sure!

I was at the front of the rally. I was first in line to get in, waited for 3 hours with a friend.

At the end I asked the good Doctor to sign the poster and offered him a pen. He refused my pen, took out his own and then looked at the board. He shook my hand and asked "This is good, did you do this?" and I said, no, that an artist in South Africa had created it. I think he was chuffed about that! He took very special care in signing it. I took it straight to the framing shop the next day.

The friend I took along has voted Democrat since 2000. After the rally, he asked if he could keep my Ron Paul button and borrow the Revolution Manifesto book. The best bit of all was he sent me a text message the following morning asking where he could go and caucus!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful work. When I get the board back from the frame shop (March 16th) maybe I can make a copy and have it sent to you!

Saw one tonight

The guy I was next to at the speech tonight in Seattle had a nice copy of this painting printed out. He was lucky enough to have it signed.
Here is some video from the event that shows the painting and the crowd cheering "Ron Paul!"


Those are so nice. I wish

Those are so nice. I wish just ONE place would make V-neck T-shirts. I can not stand the kind that come up close to the neck and the one I thought I coould wear turned out to be a baby thing..sigh. (I would not cut the neck out of a $20.00 t-shirt..lol).

Wow, you've definitely put my

Wow, you've definitely put my artwork to great use, which is good to see! Is there anyway I could please get a few of those items from you?

no problem

Since you're the artist, I think it only fair to have a few perks. I sent you an email asking which one's you'd like and if you'd like any of them customized. Let me know if it didn't get to you.

P.S. I appreciate your artwork very much. Adding it to the rest of the Ron Paul stuff I sell ( http://www.zazzle.com/wallarts/ron+paul+gifts?rf=23804099747... )is a big source of my funding to the campaign and RevPAC.

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Three poster boards of this just came back from a print shop.

Today one will join the Ron Paul sign-waving event; the last one before our local Precinct Caucus next week.

And next Wednesday our County GOP Chairman, a (former?) Mitt R supporter, is offering to let us display our Ron Paul material at the caucus to be held at his house: I'll make sure to have one of these posters to be right up there with other educational material. THIS image conveys RP's HONORABLE dignity.

All three posters will be at March 10th County Convention. Together with RP2012 banners and signs we wish to "deck the hall" with his images & signs.

We'll post the pics of these events for you. You might enjoy seeing how YOU are influencing this little community, waaaay back in the desolate high plateau of USofA :-)

Thank you for the great picture!

The picture was posted to a large digital billboard on the I-10 freeway in Southern California. Over 225,000 cars pass by daily.



Wow, thats just amazing to

Wow, thats just amazing to see it up like that! Thanks so much for sharing! I dont suppose you have a larger photo of it? Its a total keeper!

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bump for artistist's request

see OP.

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Make t-shirts, posters, pins,

Make t-shirts, posters, pins, etc. Make some money for your effort and use it how you want. This is a really nice job, btw.

The Best I have seen,

The Best I have seen, Fantastic job bringing to life the essence of freedom. Bold, fair and relentless in the fight for liberty. We all thank you for sharing such a great work of art.

When you say FREE...

When you say free artwork, what licence are you releasing it under?

Free for you to do absolutely

Free for you to do absolutely anything at all with. This one is for the people and to help boost Ron Pauls popularity. Im not needing anything out of this one personally.

Free for you to do absolutely

Free for you to do absolutely anything at all with. I just cant allow it to be credited by another aperson other than myself. This one is for the people and to help boost Ron Pauls popularity. Im not needing anything out of this one personally.

The totally free kind. Do

The totally free kind. Do anything you want with it. This artwork was created for the people, so there are no limits as to what you do with it. Choosing to make a profit out of it in some way is even ok. The only thing that I cont approve of is crediting the artist as another besides myself.

Does anyone know about copywrite laws.

Remember the flap over the Obama graphic and it was shown to be from an AP photo? Not sure if it applies because the image is originally from a photo. I love it, just want to make sure all is OK and all are protected from any law suit

You are awesome!

First off, you are awesome! Absolutely beautiful.

I few months ago I met an artist on youtube soliciting artwork. Her stuff was ok, she was young and still in college, so I wanted to give her an opportunity. Some of her stuff was cartoonish, but I thought it might turn out ok. I decided to commission a Ron Paul portrait. First she said sure she would do it.

After I paid her she changed her mind because, "she had heard some things about Ron Paul". Not sure what that was about, but none the less, she declined to do the portrait and she DID refund my money.

This though, is awesome! Great job.

Maximum Liberty, Minimum Government

There is a company called

There is a company called www.booshworks.com they are Libertarian owned and support Ron Paul. They are a screen printing company that will be holding an event in Chicago with Revpac for supporters to screen print signs and clothing for FREE. They also print on canvas. This painting would be amazing to see printed on canvas!!!

When is this? I want to go

When is this? I want to go as i am in Chicago.

If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

Its this Sat! 7-10PM here is

Its this Sat! 7-10PM here is the link to the event!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/271237659615395/


... Meneer Louw!

Plano TX

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aha! there's the source photo:

found it

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Thanks for posting that. I

Thanks for posting that. I managed to find the photographer and link him as well.

The license appears to ok

The license appears to ok copying, sharing and or being built upon as long as credit is given to the original photographer. In this case, "From a photo by"

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

I found the photographer on

I found the photographer on facebook and sent him a link as well.

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yeah, that's the 7mb one!

definitely enough to work with there.

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