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FREE Ron Paul 2012 Tribute Artwork

Hi there! I'm an artist all the way from South Africa who greatly supports the message of Ron Paul, so I decided to create a portrait of him to show my support in 2012. The original file will be available to all for free for any use whatsoever. Here's the smaller version - http://warrenlouw.deviant...

Here's the hi res jpg


update from artist:

I'd like to ask you for your help. Would you be able to, or at least know anybody who would be able to print out a copy of my artwork on something like photographic paper, get it signed by Ron Paul and have it sent to me? It would be appreciated more than words can express!

If you're willing and in a position to do so, please contact him via his user's contact form on this site.


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Presidential Portrait of Ron Paul!!!

caliber-wise....GREAT JOB!!!

beautiful work - thanks!


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Posted on Twitter.

Thank you.

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Fantastic! Very impressive.

Fantastic! Very impressive. Did you send it to the campaign, I bet they would love it.

thank you! I did send it

thank you! I did send it through to them, but it seemed as though I only got some kind of automated response, so not sure if it reached them. Your welcome to send it through to whoever you feel it would be best to as well.


Love it! Thanks!!


My husband saw it from across the way and asked if it was photograph! Beautiful!

Thank you!!

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Pretty good work!

Well done

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Nice Warren!

Thanks brother in liberty..

Really well done!

Thanks for sharing. It's a great portrait of Dr. Paul!


It would be so great to frame it somehow with "Liberty" below it or something.

It is just lovely.

Joη's picture

love the eyebrows & detail!

Fantastic job. Virtual portrait in CS4? Source reference? Tablet used?

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Wow, that is just great!

Wow, that is just great! Great pose and impressive rendering ... I sure want a copy :)

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