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Did You cancel your cable?

I cancelled my cable last year, and then online learned about Ron Paul. It seems many of you have also cancelled cable. What do you think the percentages are?

cancelled cable..........1
have cable...............0
never had cable..........0

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six months ago

Canceled mine six months ago. I thought I would end up paying more or not get Internet at all if I did... but it turned out there is some law that requires them to offer Internet only... but they are NOT required to advertise it... and they dont. But if you call to cancel they offer you the ability to keep paying them for only Internet.

Cancelled in 2011

I refused to have it all my adult life. But around the turn of the century, I got it (I had to watch Ninja Warrior).

Digital TV isn't that bad...plus, I stream TV/movies via the internet using a Roku device.......all free!

BTW: I did warn my cable provider that I would cancel if they didn't remove FOX.



mine in 2004. Never looked back.


... I don't even have a TV, so that tells yah something. Life's too short.

Plano TX

i have cable

what would I do without cartoon network and comedy central? the history channel has some interesting things too.

Never Bought

I had cable TV when I was a kid. However, I've NEVER paid for it. I will not have it installed in MY house/apt/living quarters unless they are willing to pay me hourly to watch it.

Cable TV is poison.

-quiet engineer

I just hung up from cancelling my cable TV

can't believe I was paying $88 a month to listen to the drivel that is the Lame stream Media.
I had just the extended basic with 1 variety package and no HBO or showtime and still there was nothing on.

I will add my savings to the next money bomb.

If I cancel my cable, my

If I cancel my cable, my internet bill will be larger than my current bundle price :( I can't afford to cut my cable... Unless someone has info on cheaper internet than time warner's..

"I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove."

we pay

$45 / mo for 1.8 Mbps w/ no limit (yet). The taxes are very low on internet so my total bill is less than $48. We use ATT Uverse.

Cut the cord

3 years ago this month. I would never think of paying $100 /mo for them to brainwash me and my family again. It's not called programming for nothing.

I have

cancelled mine too. I have absolutely no television other than netflix for my wife and kids.