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Tasers have killed at least 500 Americans

Published: 16 February, 2012, 21:13

The Taser, the non-lethal law enforcement weapon that is meant to incapacitate criminals without causing great harm, has killed at least 500 people last decade. The real number of casualties might be even higher.

In the period between 2001 and early 2012, the stun-gun Taser devices used by law enforcement across America have claimed the lives of 500 people.

Amnesty International, the worldwide advocacy group that condemns torture and human rights violations, delivered the news this week with a report released Wednesday. In it, they reveal that the recent death of a Georgia man who died as a result of a Taser blast puts the body count brought on by the device at 500 in barely a decades’ time.

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Tasers are an excuse to be

Tasers are an excuse to be more casual about if and when someone needs to be "subdued". At least an officer should think twice before he pulls out his gun, with a taser, does he even think at all?

Guns would kill more

I'm pretty sure that in the majority of cases, the people who got tazed did something wrong. Sure accidents happen, but what do you propose should be done instead of using a tazer?

well... how about words?

communication skill is far more effective tool in violence de-escalation than introducing a force disparity of a weapon, be they mace, baton, taser or a gun, especially in cases where the "suspect" is clearly unarmed.

actually FBI & NYPD's own data suggests that you have a 83% chance of certain death from a knife fight wound, vs. a 60% chance, of SURVIVING a gunshot wound.

60% survival rate for gunshot wounds. can you believe that?

but it's true.

yup, jaw drop was my reaction, the first time I ever saw that data. don't know from exactly what yr, but it was from the last 10yrs. anyone can google it to verify.

MOST cops use tasers for ILLEGAL compliance torture.

RARELY are they ever used to truly subdue an armed subject, as a substitute for murdering them with their sidearms.

Frankly while it's wrong, immoral and ineffective, but I can see how if you were a cop, resorting to clicking a button/trigger on an electronic device would be far easier than using one's own critical mind to de-escalate a situation by talking. Psychologically it's our "button syndrome" since the electronic age began. Humans love to simply press a button to get what they want done. Like a remote, it's a 'magical' button that requires very little thought process. Once that becomes ingrained that a physical living human being with dissenting opinion and with physical ability to resist can be subdued to your whims, why WOULDN'T you use it, especially when the type of personalities who are attracted to these line of works are control freak type statist, often psychotic personalities?

Yup, it all comes down to the "button syndrome."

In cases where cops come upon an unarmed hopped up subject, it is often a lot better to, frankly sit by your cruiser and wait it out, until the suspect cools off. Because they are hopped up with heart racing, if you electrocute them, of course the likelihood that the cop will give them a cardiac seizure death, goes up exponentially. the cops and their pliant sycophantic Med.Examiners who cover their asses are in evil collusion or are simply in denial.

from most of the reports I've read on taser use, MOST of them were used against UNARMED, non-confrontational encounters.

frankly, a cop can write ANYTHING they want on a report. and most of the time, when they pull you over, aside from the psychological effect of having a cop pull someone over and not get out, and just wait inside their cruiser pretending to punch something into the computer, when chances are by the time they pulled you over to a full stop, they already have all the info on the car and the registered driver to that license, so more often than not, the only reason why they wait additionally in their patrol car in those scenarios is to literally try to figure out what else to charge you with!

because to them, if they gotta meet a certain number of stops and arrests, a traffic stop to them is a career progressing opportunity that they cannot let go to waste.

Talking, it's so much easier. Like any human interaction, regardless of whether one is donning a Statist Halloween costume with an alchemical metal trinket that makes anyone wearing it delude that they suddenly become gods, once it's on, once one party introduces a force disparity, be it bigger physical size, more combatives/martial arts skills, more tactically proficient training, a visual deployment of weapons like Tasers, and guns, the other party being you the citizen, is either forced to respond by acquiescence to their dominance, ignore, resist, or flee, or face strained joints or electrocution by laser, or certain death.

frankly, none of that says to me an 'Employee Behavior,' which cops are supposed to be. Then again, a lot of things in this dying Republic is "not supposed to be that way," but is.

In very specific cases, I do see the need for Tasers, and are effective when used properly. But, these are cops we're talking about here. Rarely do any humans act with composure when imbued with that much power, and as current trend shows clearly, ZERO accountability: when you know those in your profession can literally get away with murder, theft, torture, and rape, where's the incentive for being moral, legit, honest, or even professional for that matter, least of all upholding their Constitutional Oath?

But, in some sense when all they had was a mace, baton and a gun, cops were much more reticent in deploying force. but because Tasers are defined as first non-lethal, then their BS marketing gimmick euphemism "less than lethal," they're legally held less liable, even though they literally commit homicides with the said "less than lethal" weapons.

And, Tasers are weapons. Hey, in NJ & NY they define any object that has a projectile coming out one end as a firearm: literally the amount of jail time you face for an "illegal" gun possession in NY & NJ is the same as if you would've been possessing a harmless AirSoft toygun.

Frankly, when cops only had guns and batons, they were FORCED to develop more verbal/communication skills. Now they're acting more like bangbangers with a twitchy trigger.

Seriously, what other profession in the world can get away with murdering someone by saying "oops, I thought I was actually reaching for my Taser Holster, when I ended up 'accidentally' reaching for my gun-side holster, instead." - so went the excuse of Oscar Grant's murderer, the BART copthug Johannes Mehserle. Sadly, that's not the first time I heard that from a LEO shooting case.

It's like hey, do plumbers get away with saying things like "oops, I accidentally reached for my blowtorch thinking it was a copper pipe, when what I really wanted to do was reach for my Aquapex plastic hose crimper instead. Sorry, sir because of my screwup, your basement is flooded."

of course, except no non-serial killer NOT posing as a plumber ever murdered anybody while fitting pipes...

I'd say that especially as the entire econ system is coming unglued, it's high time we get rid of the entire notion of "police," except for very specific ones, like real detectives who solves homicides, kidnapping, rape, torture, and fraud, CSI (though it really should be a private independent entity that deals with case strictly based on anonymous numbers, like Swiss bank. though sadly this will probably become another corporatist proposition as I do not know how much free market there is investigating homicides for a fee; it'll simply become, can't pay? won't solve, but by then the case does not become independent, so some nuanced solution is needed, but could it be any worse than govt labs fabricating evidence, screwing up, mixing up DNA with the wrong case, etc. as it happens today?), some crime scene security, and a real HRT, Hostage and Rescue Team, NOT a paramilitary SWAT kill teams.

the entire notion of "police" is the last vestige of the English Colonial tyrannical model, that's still with us to this day. Frankly before the 20th Century, there were no police in America, until NYPD modeled theirs on the UK's London police. Closest we had were Sheriffs, another English model, but is still far more accountable, as they are still elected.

Freemen should take care of their own security. I'd say let a million tactical schools bloom and repeal ALL gun laws. Period.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul