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Video: Troops March on White House for Ron Paul

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Thank You to Ben Swann for

Thank You to Ben Swann for covering this rally on the local FOX affiliate in Cincinnati this evening at 10:31pm!!! Check out his facebook page for more honest reporting that no one else is covering.

if the MSM is going to IGNORE...

...the choice of the troops march today in Washington DC; then we must arrange for there to be SIMILAR "Choice of the Troops" marches in EVERY MAJOR CITY on Sundays before primary and caucus days perhaps!!!

This way we can accommodate those who couldn't make it to Washington today...

Chicago, for example; March 18th

Adam, what say you?



MSM Reported 1,000 Women ... Not Our Troops

Listening to the radio today I heard CBS News report on a protest of 1,000 women. Funny.....this got left out.

Thank YOU to Everyone who showed up!

We didn't have our own Paul people filming so we could see the whole thing?

I went

and observed from the sidelines. A guesstimate would be about 500-750 in formation and another 500-700 supporters around the group. What was fantastic was that there were a whole slew of tourists and student groups outside the White House asking about what was going on, and plenty of Paul supporters there educating them!

I saw a few cameras, and what looked like a camera-man from NBC. Of course, I have seen nothing on MSNBC about the event. But there was press there (just goes to show they know about it, and still choose not to report).

It was an extremely powerful and emotional event. Especially the silent salute and prayer. It was inspiring to hear the group shout President Paul, End The Fed and Bring Them Home in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Well done to all those who organized and formally participated in this event.

Even if not televised, there are many many many people who saw this today; they can't stop the signal :-)

the revolution....

will not be televised

How many Marched?

Can we get a confirmation of the numbers, please?

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

I heard them count 900

I heard them count 900 marching with 1000+ supporters behind them. That was the count that was said by the videographer for Adam K.

Blessings )o(

Tears In My Eyes...Look At These Great Men And Women

This Just has To Go Viral!

I Love You Guys..


Powerfull, many thanks to the troops!

this was a historic moment. has anything like this ever happened before?

Did this march get any media

Did this march get any media coverage?

about face

I was in the army in 1991. Seeing the WH and our veterans doing an about face gave me the chills.

Me, too!

Actually, for me it was more like an upwelling of pure emotional energy. I was in the USAF, 1968-1976, when we got ousted from Vietnam.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

80k to go!

80k from 2mil for the MONEY BOMB! donations have been going up fast the past few hours! I think the march helped :D

Just saw a local supporter

Just saw a local supporter from my meetup:-) Thanks for the link!

Veteran March on ABC (vid/article)

ABC reports "dozens" of troops, though we know this is incorrect. More like hundreds of troops and thousands of supporters.


However, in a local ABC news video, they filmed a small veteran's march from Sunday (19th), but at the end mentioned a march in Washington would happen on the 20th.

I watched the entire march via multiple ustream channels (thanks Fr33Agents and WeAreChange). As a veteran medic myself, I thank all the troops for participating, and in spirit I was there, too. :)

oops ***UPDATE

***UPDATE: A previous version of this blog post incorrectly listed the number of attendees at the event. ABC News regrets the error.

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Send this to Drudge......

media of the future!

Old corporate propaganda censorship media, go die in a fire already.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.


RT rocks .....

Far from rocks

You have to understand RT is government owned media, and it is as corrupt as Russian government itself. The aim of Russian government right now is to restore lost empire, and for that reason US empire just stands in the way. Not that I believe they have any resources on hand to do that, but they play against US anyway, and US is empire, so it is direct competitor. Ron Paul wants to dismantle empire. This is good. But that is the only reason they so kind to him right now.

"aim of Russian government right now is to restore lost empire,"

Can you cite a source on that? I mean, who told you this, or is it just a fantasy, like the Iran Threat?

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Just my own observations are the source

War in Chechnia which is ended in installment collaborative corrupt regime is enough by itself. Conflict with Georgia later on. Tensions with Ukrain. That's all they have resources to engage in so far, but the if you do not see the trend I'm sorry. RT is just as imbalanced as American media, only in opposite way. I guess in combination it makes it somewhat balanced. Ironic, isn't it?

Ideally, people would find the Balance Point

Ideally, people would find the Balance Point rather than simply snap to one extreme or the other - and sometimes back!

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Thank you so much

I watched the whole thing and felt like I was actually watching the news for the first time! Perhaps once we get Mr. Paul into office we can work on these damn corporate owned media outlets by all migrating to a format like this. Clicked on CNN just now to see if they actually gave the event a mention but am now just sick to my stomach again.


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Next mission for the troops:


Media also didn't report

on the 30,000 that marched for the Right To Life thing in January. Rand Paul was a speaker---it was on the day he got detained by the TSA. They have stopped reporting on Occupy and any other protests. They say "go ahead and have your protests. We aren't going to report. The only people that will know are the people who drive by and see you." The media is using thought control just like they do in China.

This video has been posted several times on DP, I don't know if anyone has watched it. It explains why they won't report on any protests or on Ron Paul.


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Sad state of affairs

When the only media coverage of a serious presidential campaign is by Russia Today.

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.

Fr33 Agents TV February 20, 2012

Part from live stream: http://ustre.am/:1onAx