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Live Streaming Mardi Gras Parades NOW!

This is "Uptown", a residential neighborhood area.

Parades Rolling tonight viewed on this live streaming cam:
Krew of Proteus rolling NOW!
Krew of Orpheus will follow.

Today is Lundi Gras. Lundi Gras is the Monday before Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras Day.

Here is a list of all Parades.

The ones that can be viewed on this cam are marked "Uptown."
Tomorrow you'll also see what's called Truck Floats, (homemade floats). They're not as flashy or as big, but still fun!

No, there are no "girls gone wild" types at residential parades. That stuff only happens in the French Quarters.
But, you can watch several live streaming of the French Quarter, Bourbon Street here:

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Why would you abuse your

Why would you abuse your power to initiate threads on Daily Paul to post about Mardi Gras when we're in a fight for a country about to go extinct?

No, just the opposite of abuse.

This is one State's celebration of Liberty.

So lighten up, Pleasure is not a sin.

And many Ron Supporters are in the crowds promoting :)