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Why are basic antibiotics still prescription?

I'm asking why antibiotics are still available only by prescription. This is focused specifically on situations where medication availability may be limited or completely unavailable.

Yes, I'm fully aware of the argument against liberal use of basic penicillin derived antibiotics: "The Threat of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria". The problem is that I've heard this argument literally since I was a small child (this was decades ago) from my mom who was in the health care industry.

I can appreciate that large hospital and elderly centers have a real environment where antibiotic resistance outbreak is a legitimate threat. But... judging that in a normal environment where sick and dying people are not in my family's immediate vicinity, liberal antibiotic use works fine with no effect, why does a doctor need to sign off on my very typical penicillin for a tooth infection, or bladder infection? Pill like these are literal LIFE-SAVERS in times when a doctor is not around and a genius is not necessary to take a few pills.

And keep in mind that antibiotics are not narcotics or anything anywhere close to a possible recreation drug, not abuseable.

If humanity has somehow come out unscathed by a SuperBug after several decades of dire warnings about SuperBugs and billions of people taking antibiotics liberally, why does the law prevent me from buying antibiotics right now over the counter in preparation for times when a doctor is unavailable?

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Antibiotic dangers are far more real than the "superbug"...

If you discontinue to antibiotic too soon, you leave the "resilient" infection behind in your body so that the antibiotic ceases to be effective and leads to a stronger infection. (This is not the superbug argument). This has happened numerous times.

Antibiotics kill lots of good stuff in your system. Use of antibiotics creates serious health issues. An infection may be seen as more dangerous and warrants the damage to eliminate it.

Not all antibiotics are equal. Some are far more effective on certain types of infection. The use of the wrong antibiotic can be extremely dangerous because it will weaken your body but not effect the infection.

The use of antibiotics when no infection exists does all of the harm, and none of the good, making your body more susceptible to serious health issues.

I hope some of this info is useful.

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you shouldn't need a prescription for anything

doctors should only be there to write recommendations for when you don't know what you need.

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I am against needing a prescription for anything...

But the claimed justification is simple. Antibiotics are one of the most dangerous meds you can take for many reasons. Many people erroneously think they help for things like the flu and would be prone to overtake them. I won't bother to list the many ways they are dangerous, unless you ask, but a few have been said already, and by no means is that all.

Grapefruit Seed extract is a good natural antibiotic...

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Antibiotics are not only dangerous, overuse renders them...

ineffective. Even with stringent controls, superbugs are getting out of control. Europe is already facing a pandemic from superbugs.

You are better off using immune system boosters. For colds, gargle with hydrogen peroxide and drink epson salts solution. Yes, it taste terrible, but I've used it for nearly four years and it has never failed to eliminate respiratory symptoms in less than 12 hours. I say this as a person who was diagnosed with pneumonia four times in the same year, after taking the pneumonia vaccine.

that's the thing,

that's the thing, "superbugs", when not in a hospital environment, are *not* getting out of control. And in fact in austere environments like the wilderness or emergency conditions, acute infections can set in regardless of previous health. That is when antibiotics are life saving without a genius writing a piece of paper to let you take the pills. By all rights these need to be over the counter.

That said, natural remedies like herbs and salts are welcome.

Buy fish antibiotics in pet stores

or tropical fish shops. There they don't require a prescription whereas for your dog or cat they do.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

they do any sort of the same action for bacterial infections in

humans? or is that just a joke (a hearty lol just in case)

No joke.

It's the same stuff, often in same dosages. Pop a tablet into your aquarium or into your mouth, your choice. Just don't tell the store clerk they're for you since there are laws about selling them for human use. If they don't have what you're looking for, ask them if they can special order antibiotic X.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

The entire concept of prescriptions...

...is about restricting competition in medicine for the benefit of certain special interests. The same with licensing for doctors, or the FDA, or bans on the import of foreign manufactured drugs, etc.

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Big Pharma NEEDS that money

I can get antibiotics in Mexico. Dirt cheap.