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The Ron Paul Cash Machine Generates $

THe Main Stream Media is start to notice
Tonight the Ron Paul 2012 No One But Paul Money Bomb will hit $2 Million and put it ahead of the fund raising efforts of Gingrich and Santorum.
Ron Paul Super Pacs
Endorse Liberty
Revolution Super Pac
Santa Rita Superpac
and don't forget the Super Brochure campaign
are all well funded

Crowds are growing too.
The Main Stream Media will soon take notice as Politico has done tonight


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The MSM notices

That's why they have stepped up the blackout. They'd be covering him if only 40 people showed up. They are a propaganda ministry, that is why they act against their own best interests. The state will prop them up. They don't have to worry about ratings or being fair or turning off large segments of viewers. They know RP brings viewers and interest but that is not what drives them. They are "opinion makers" and their job is to marginalize and make people think RP can't win, is crazy, blah, blah. The media will only cover candidates they know the Obammunist can beat...and they will annoint one they know can't beat him. The best we can do is raise awareness in other ways making them irrelevant. Hoping for MSM coverage is wishful thinking. It's not going to happen. The more states RP draws these big crowds people will see/hear about it locally as well as the internet. It won't matter, though if the votes are thrown out.

the numbers are OK

More is always better, but we're not bad off. We just need a WIN and the donations will pick right up.


What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Rachel Maddow reported on it tonight

and about the PayPal millionaire and about Maine.


any good? on the webs yet?