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ABC NEWS: Veterans for Ron Paul Rally at White House

By Matthew Larotonda | ABC News

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Current and former service members staged a rally outside the White House today in support of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Several hundred troops and their supporters attended the event. The veterans were men and women, young and old, some in uniform and some in plain clothes.

The demonstration was a mostly silent affair, with the veterans standing calmly at attention in rows. An organizer bellowed that each second of quiet was for every military suicide since President Obama took office. A second moment of silence was for each soldier to die abroad under the current commander in chief.

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There are two things we need to change, because it's too easy to ignore marches on empty streets:

One is, don't do it on a holiday unless you do it in a public place that is busy on holidays, and

Two, invite the press.

Having other people there wondering what it's about causes the local news to want to answer the question. Imagine this same event with congressional staffers going to and from lunch.

I realize this makes it harder for some to get there, and it may not be possible to get a permit.

Still a great effort, and gives me confidence that if we ever need a militia... This isn't the first time we've held an event that only the participants saw.

Third, call the press on the phone, and issue press releases. Supply them with footage, and e-mail them photos. Remember, the press are either lazy or poor.

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I did see a short, and I mean

I did see a short, and I mean maybe 10sec, mention of the march on Fox News with Brett Baier the hair then they went on showing Whitney Houston and Linsanity crap for another hour.

Capt. USAF

Apparently they tried to

Apparently they tried to report that 'dozens' of people were there, but had to revise. Approximately how many people were there? Is it posted somewhere?

I was there....I'm telling

I was there....I'm telling you it was at least 1500...probably more like 2000. I was talking with a lady and her husband at the white house part of the demonstration, we were standing on a bench trying to put together and good reasonable estimate and the husband said, "2000, and I'm retired FBI, I know a thing or two about estimating crowd sizes". Not sure what he meant by that but there you have it.

Liberty or Death

I posted on Diane Sawyer's

I posted on Diane Sawyer's World News facebook. Along with my rant, two videos of the event, one of the RT News.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home