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Ron Paul Highlights in CNN / Arizona Debate

Video thanks as always to Joe Plummer:


CNN and Arizona GOP Debate - 8pm ET

Live Stream: www.cnn.com/video/?/tab/live#/video/cvplive/cvpstream1

Dr. Ron Paul will participate in the CNN / Arizona GOP being held at the Mesa Art Center, Mesa, AZ on Wednesday, February 22nd at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Last debate of the season

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He was really great in this debate.

There was something about him that seemed absolutely free this time-- like he wasn't analyzing his speech or presentation style anymore, and he just freely spoke the plain the truth, with no hesitation of any kind. He's always at his best when he does that. My favorite part was when he mentioned the Just War Theory, and when he admitted that the constitutional and moral appeal on foreign policy haven't worked, but there is still the economic reason, and we will win the debate on that one. That really filled me with confidence, and I believe it to be true. We will win the foreign policy debate.

Signs outside

Did anybody noticed in the break the huge amount of Paul signs,
there where some others in red with a "chinese figure" in green.
I could not identify them on the video. Does anybody know what these signs are ?

Best regards from Germany,


For me, this was Dr. Paul's greatest debate performance. Santorum got schooled. For once, even Washington Post's "winners and losers" has Dr. Paul a winner!


* Ron Paul: Who knew the Texas congressman was such an attack dog? While we’ve seen flashes of it in previous debates, he really went after Rick Santorum on Wednesday and got himself plenty of camera time in the process.

The takeaway if you were seeing Paul for the first time: ‘I’m not a politician like these guys. I’m principled.’ He used Santorum as a counter-balance in that effort, and it worked.

My pet peeve...

What I can't stand is all these other "conservatives" who say they believe in the constitution and believe in pre-emptive war. It's not possible because the two are mutually exclusive. I wish Dr. Paul would do what the commentators fail to do. Ask that question to the other candidates even if it's just rhetorical. When he finishes making his point about constitutionally declared wars why doesn't he finish with a last comment "I don't understand how these other candidates can say they believe in the constitution if they believe in undeclared wars...that's simply not possible."

Yeah, what was with Newt and

Yeah, what was with Newt and his rant about tyranny... lol. Ron's stoic expression in response was priceless.


cool and collective,Ron Paul schooling the pretenders, good job RP!!! Ron Paul 2012

Like Fleetwood Mac?


One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul


I like Fleetwood Mac!

How would you respond?

Without starting a major fight, how should I respond to my nephew who said this on facebook?

Ron Paul says that Santorum is a fake because he's not really fiscally conservative and then goes on to say how he's voted against all House appropriations bills except one that benefited veterans. Too bad Paul didn't mention that he loads those same appropriations bills with pork spending for his district knowing that they'll pass anyways and then votes against them so that he can say he voted against it. This way, he gets his cake and can eat it too. Ron Paul is a fake and a liar.

[Friend's Comment]Whoa..i remember you being a dedicated Ron Paul fan back in the day. 'Bout time you come to your senses :)

Yeah, I stopped drinking the kool-aid and looked into good ol' Dr.-though he's been in congress since the 70's and doesn't follow his own "principle" of term limits- Paul and found him to be a hypocrite and a typical Washington game player though he's only telling the American public what they've wanted to hear.

Wow, I would just wonder who

Wow, I would just wonder who he supports now. What's the better alternative?

The system involving earmarks is corrupt and being abused, that's true... but I think sometimes politicians spend a little too much time harping on the symptom (much like they spend time tinkering around the edges of the tax code), so that you won't look to where the real source of corruption is coming from--Corporatism and the unconstitutional abuse by special interests seeking political favors. Our constitutional government is not functioning as intended, we have a crony capitalist/fascist form of government with too much power, and this is the dysfunctional result. Given the corrupted nature of the system, Ron has tried to work with it as intended.

The whole idea behind term limits is to encourage more private citizens to come and serve in our government, rather than leaving it to an elite political class. Ron wasn't a career politician when he got into politics; he had another profession in medicine and went back to it for a while, before coming back into congress. Not having term limits encourages the formation of a political ruling class who spend their whole careers in government... but of course another problem is that the benefits are so lucrative in Washington, that even term limits might not be enough to solve this problem, if the spending and corruption isn't addressed at the root. But it's a step.


If your nephew is that near-sighted on Dr. Paul's history that he has to focus on just a couple assumptions then there's another motivating factor here.

An example: Spent money is going to the federal government to support the military industrial complex and Ron Paul gets some of that money to his district... and this is the worst he can say about the man?
This should NOT be a deciding factor unless you really want to blind yourself to reality to make living a lie easier on yourself.

Sounds to me like he's more interested in supporting a hypocritical candidate and feels the need to call the honest guy a hypocrite to justify this :^\

Thanks for your responses

You guys say it so much better than I could. I'll get him back on the right track.

He doesn't get it

He would rather the spending not pass, but if it will despite his vote against it, he might as well get some of the money back to his tax paying district.

He does follow his term limits. Regardless, if he doesn't win POTUS, he's not seeking re-election. He served for a few terms, then went back to medicine, thus limiting himself. Then he saw the need to serve again and re-entered service. George Washington did very similar things in his service and life in this nation's beginning. He's not a typical Washington game player, he returns a good portion of his money to the treasury every year and doesn't partake in the congressional pension system or do insider trading or take anything from lobbyist. Partaking in those things is being a Washington insider and game player. Selling yourself and your views/beliefs for personal gain and "being a team player" is being a Washington insider. Lobbying once your out is being a Washington game player. Which one of those has Paul done?

On term limits: term limits are a bad idea. Government service needs to be treated like immigration. Stop making it so lucrative and beneficial to go Washington! What I fear the most about Obama's 2nd term, is he will just do wtf he wants to because he doesn't have to worry about re-election . The prospect of being re-elected keeps people somewhat in check and accountable to the public. We just need to stop with all the benefits Washington gets. For instance, in NH, elected state government makes $100 a year, making a position based on civil service and causing members to still have regular jobs to survive. Also smaller government would take away the full time aspect of government by having less to vote on and would cause Elected US senators/congressmen to have regular jobs and go to washington to vote or do whatever when needed. Term limits only encourage bad behavior on your last term, "might as well do what I want, because it's my last hurrah and it doesn't matter."

Well stated, wvmarj.

"He would rather the spending not pass, but if it will despite his vote against it, he might as well get some of the money back to his tax paying district."

Dr. Paul explained this in detail in at least one of the debates, but you sum it up in one sentence.

well thank you kindly


He's not a hypocrite

"knowing that they'll pass anyways"

?!? Ron Paul even refused Reagan's pressure tactics.

There are plenty of explanations available concerning earmarks if your nephew cared to research it. Term limits isn't HIS principle but one the PEOPLE should adopt. Rep. Paul pointed out that he does not and has never supported the idea of self-limiting, but only a term limit requirement on the entire Congress. If he self-imposed this, he'd be gone and the others would have remained anyway.

I wonder what flavor of Kool-Aid he's drinking now?

LOL did he not watch the

LOL did he not watch the debate at all? If he did, his bias is clouding his perception, for the good doctor cleared up every point he made in those comments. My responses would be something like this:

--"Paul is a REPRESENTATIVE of his district, his job is to serve the people there. They pay taxes and expect certain things in return for their money. Earmarks are formed and he places these into the bills. Although he may not agree with the spending for those projects, it is still his job as a congressman to place them there to represent his constituents needs. You say he places them there knowing they will pass, but you're forgetting that the budget is decided before the fiscal year begins, so congressmen can place as many as they want and this will not increase taxpayer expenses. And remember it is his job as a congressman to represent the needs of his people, so it seems he does the best job of all of them. Of course he votes against these bills because they are not balanced. If they were, he would vote for them. By the way, earmarks are only 1% of the budget, there are more important things to worry about--luckily, Paul thinks so too."

"If the good ones in congress drop out, how do you expect any real change? There need to be good, honest people dedicated to making real change over their lifetime. If every congressman voted like Paul, it wouldn't have the 9% approval rating. He is in congress for a higher power than money and control; this is exemplified by his abstinence from lobbying, giving back the unspent annual budget, and not participating in the congressional pension plan. "

Great Job!

If you are proud of Ron Paul's principles and consistency, won't you help reward him with his first victory in Washington state? We have the support there, we just need everyone's help to let all our people know just how important it is that they make it out to their caucus next Saturday.


So spend every minute you can until March 3rd on the phones to Washington and help change the way the country looks at this race!

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Who won the Arizona presidential debate?

Ron Paul.

Mitt Romney.

Rick Santorum.

Newt Gingrich.

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Nice one

Everyone vote here pls

Best debate of his! Bring on

Best debate of his! Bring on Obama!

Mr. Teacher

RP schools the people every time he opens his mouth. I wish people would shut-up and listen. Santorum got spanked on CNN last night. The good DR. called him out as a fake, what a polite man. I would have called him a liar and fraud as well. RP won this contest hands down. I can't wait till the convention in August.

dave anderson


"Let's try and get another question"- King
"JOHN!"- Paul
"Congressman, quickly please"-King
"No, I get a minute"-Paul

Jury Nullification is a power of the last resort against tyranny.

Best debate so far...

How can you not be jazzed after seeing how well Dr. Paul did in last night's debate? Very exciting!

Counldnt agree more"!

Dr Paul presented himself as an elder statesman. Even blogged a bit about it on our site describing his evolution in effectively portraying himself: http://lionsofliberty.blogspot.com/2012/02/elder-statesman-r....


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i love the moment

right around 18:10 when the good DR really looks like a boss!!!!