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Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News.com on the internet reports all campaign donations for all candidates in January today.Ron did good.Great job everybody.

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This article sucks.

Santorum on the rise! Romney in the lead!

Romney: $6.5
Gingrich: $5.6
Paul: $4.5
Santorum: $4.5

Here's the Link


U.S. Representative Ron Paul of Texas reported taking in $4.5 million in January, with 47 percent in amounts of $200 or less, and entering February with $1.6 million in the bank. Paul has raised $31 million through Jan. 31, second only to Romney. The campaign said on its website today that it has also raised more than $1.9 million so far this month.



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What I love

is that, yes, they bury him and treat him like the red-headed stepchild, but evidently it isn't affecting his donations.

It's out of the bag MSM...you can no longer hide the facts.

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Yeah, but they buried him in the article.

He was given just one short paragraph near the bottom.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

It's Expected

Of course they did. They all ignore Dr. Paul. Don't get frustrated, get phoning!

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