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BREAKING: Ron Paul to join Golden State, Jordan Page, and Captain Squeegee at Mesa, AZ Debate After Party

(ABC 15) Congressman Ron Paul supporters will gather for a viewing party in Mesa not far from the event venue, and Paul will join them after the debate ends. 5:30pm event start, New Life Bible Church, Mesa.

This is a free event; donations encouraged.
Where: New Life Bible Church, 200 East 1st Street, Mesa, AZ
When: 8:30PM

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Thanks for posting

It's going to epic in AZ tomorrow.

Jordan Page is fired up too. What a treat!

deets - http://az4ronpaul2012.com/ron-paul-2/gop-debate-arizona.html

Will be there!

Right after the debate. My hubby and friends will be there during the debate. Can't wait!


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Wish I could be there. Sounds amazing.

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