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97% of Terminal Cancer Patients Previously Had This Dental Procedure...

Posted By Dr. Mercola | February 18 2012 |

Do you have a chronic degenerative disease? If so, have you been told, "It's all in your head?"

Well, that might not be that far from the truth… the root cause of your illness may be in your mouth.

There is a common dental procedure that nearly every dentist will tell you is completely safe, despite the fact that scientists have been warning of its dangers for more than 100 years.

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Even More Deadly

100% of terminal cancer patients breath oxygen. Is oxygen the leading cause of cancer?

good one

people easily believe in logical fallacy, and dont want to see the error of it.

you can believe whatever you want, i firmly adhere to this...but that doesn't mean what you believe is true.


Don't 99%

Of the people have root canals? Most everyone I know do.

Do your best have no expectations

How healthy is everyone you

How healthy is everyone you know?

We are one of the sickliest and obese countries on earth, yet we pay more for health care than all the other countries combined. Something's not right.

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Everyone should watch that video.

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How timely...just got back home from my dentist. My mouth is....

still numb plus my left upper lip from deep cleaning of my left side set. Done for the right side.

After reading part of this article..I'd swear myself to religiously keep my teeth clean.

Btw, my (relatively new) dentist suck...a rip off kinda dentist (did a filling on a tooth that does not bother me at all at prior visit. Now she tells me to replace my left lower molar gold crown cause she said "there is a small hole and needs to have it replaced". Yeah right, notice the price of gold lately...).

Luckily, I found a real good one (based on Yelp reviews) and had my dental insurance change it effective 1st of next month. :)

Yelp is fantastic isn't it?

Yelp is fantastic isn't it? I need to remember to use it to find a dentist to undo all of the horrible stuff that other dentists did to my teeth.

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Yelp is fantastic indeed. I use mainly for restaurant reviews..

Like to go to those "hole in the wall" places but have great, awesome food at great prices. Am a foodie, btw.

Oops, there goes my deep cleaning... ;p

Yeah we've used yelp for all

Yeah we've used yelp for all sorts of things, but would have never thought of it for a dentist. Good call!

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Reposting to show how Pseudoscience laden this article is

Just because it's on the internet, doesn't make it true, just because you believe it, doesn't make it true, you are free to believe what you want, and that doesn't make it true.

This is TERRIBLE pseudoscience, self-referencing (introducing a lot of bias), cites minimal sources, of which do not even cite endodontic treatment as the cause of death..but rather an extraction.

Secondly..the bacteria cited...are "ordinary mouth bugs"! While it's true a child's mouth is void of bacteria, very early interactions between the mother and child transmit the bacteria into the childs mouth (the author should blame the mother for this crime dont you think?) The problem is they become concentrated from a disease process...a dental cavity leading to an abscessed tooth. Such bacteria noted are also linked with Periodontal disease...which is largely cited with problems like heart disease, diabetes, low birth weight children as a factor..not as a cause.

No body part can become sterilized. It would destroy its function.

and lastly i'll just refute the "summary" Story at-a-glance

During a root canal, there is no way to sterilize your tooth; after the root canal, dangerous bacteria hide out in the tooth and are unreachable with antibiotics

-as i said, NO TISSUE in ANYBODY PART can be sterilize, it would be destroyed. There are antibiotic delivery systems used these days that can effectively destroy many of the anaerobic bacteria in the teeth of patients. YES, Dental students are aware of accessory canals, in fact 120% learn about it. There is no deception...it's just a plain lie on the author's part.

Root-canaled and filled teeth harbor bacteria that morph into very toxic forms, which then can migrate to other tissues in your body and cause serious medical conditions, including diseases of your heart, kidneys, bones, and brain

-"filled teeth" he opens his own can of worms...every filled tooth harbors bacteria? where is his reference that links cancer to filled teeth? Simply brushing your teeth also causes bacteria to migrate to other parts of you body, and you have just as much chance of gettting endocarditis from brushing your teeth as having a root canal...unless you meet certain guidelines that the AHA already well verses the dental community about.

There is no other medical practice that permits leaving a dead body part inside your body, because it triggers your immune system to attack

-There is no cogent thought in this statement, and there are no other parts in the body with physiology of the tooth. Apples/oranges. If someone leaves that tooth, they can just as likely die from the abscess.

If you have a diseased tooth, or if you’ve already had a root canal, I highly recommend consulting a biological dentist about have it extracted

-that is always an option, but not always necessary. There are many risk factors for cancer...can you find me the oncologist that specializes in Tooth-caused Cancer? let me know when you do.

PS..every citation on there from actual journals has nothing to do with endodontic treatment. The only entry referring to the association of endodontists actually refutes the entire blog.


Weston Price and Dr Mercola are very credible sources.

I've been a subscriber to Dr Mercola for several years now and have found him to be a very credible source of info. I trust him 99.9% of the time. And Dr Weston Price is/was one of the best. Well respected, trusted for his medical studies and science among naturopaths.

Check this out

After doing much research on dental treatments and materials they use - I've come to the conclusion that they're a lot like the medical/pharmaceutical cartels and can not be trusted so easily.

I've had all of my metal removed and definitely have seen a substancial improvement in memory, clarity and ability to focus.

your post

does nothing to advance the argument that root canals cause cancer (or contend with my refutations), it just side steps the issue. most dentists dont even use amalgam, so that post is vastly becoming less and less relevant. No dentist straps you down and puts amalgam in your mouth.

i'm happy a guy put out a youtube to explain his position, now show me the article linking amalgam..in humans...to cancer cells. Show me the work from MD Anderson Cancer Center that treats amalgam-caused cancer.


When i suggested this to my dentist...

He had a holier-than-thou meltdown, like some pipsqeek was questioning his PHD.

Not sure why he had such a kneejerk reaction. Maybe he's heard the suggestion before. Maybe his medschool professor once scoffed at the idea and he was re-living the memory through me.

It was kind of weird. He spoused his credentials and started quizzing me on my dental background, which of course I had none, as evidence that root canals are harmless.

When I told him it wasn't me that suggested it, but rather a Dentist wrote about it in a book, he was like "oh, ONE dentist says this......"

Well. I won't be going back there, but this seems to be a sore subject for at least one dentist.

Common Dentist Reaction

troy, what you experienced is common among dentists. They, as doctors, believe unwaveringly in what they do. Because they do, they react ugly to the person who asked them questions, questions about health. That you won't return to him is good for you. I encourage you to read my comments in this thread and in what I linked to. If you have questions, ask them.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton

Now see. That type of "well

Now see. That type of "well I'm the one with the degree silly person" attitude one of the reasons why doctors and dentists can be very dangerous.

Think of all the economists who were trained in Keynesian economics. They may be well meaning, and have walls filled with degrees, but they have destroyed the world's economies.

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Your thought process serves

Your thought process serves you well and has placed you on the right path, the path whose thoroughway is comprehension and leads to truth.

Where the person whose mental activity is rote and gains one unit of measurement in knowledge, you will gain many units of measurement in knowledge, bypassing the majority of sciene that isn't psuedo but is extreme detail, so detailed that no longer does the cliche missing the forest for the trees apply but missing the forest for a splinter of a tree apply.

Rote: The mental process of what is in hand second hand necessarily is correct.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton

you are free to go to whomever you choose

but you cannot put the burden of proof on him, he didn't make this claim for which there is little evidence. Please use some investigating and READ the sources posted...they add NOTHING to "prove" that article, one of them even debunks it.


I didn't comment because I was hoping this thread would die

But some of the flagrant pseudoscience and anti-denstistry propaganda has gone on long enough. There are several dentists on the DailyPaul, and I am very disappointed hardly any of them have spoken up in defense of the profession.

I am a dental student, and I can assure you that there is no conspiracy to keep people sick. The average dentist is not a fluoride pusher and is not trying to poison you with mercury or "give you cancer with endodontic therapy." Sure, there are some overzealous public health officials who are trying to control public health through actions such as public water fluoridation, but every profession has these people. There are economists trying to control the economy and teachers trying to control education and doctors trying to control health care. Attacking dentists like we are some evil collective hell-bent on destroying health is a paranoid fantasy.

Dentists are not scientifically illiterate, and the education we receive is comparable to an MD. Hell, the first two years dental students and medical students take the classes and use the same textbooks. Dr. Mercola's article was not only scientific garbage, it was downright insulting to the dental profession. His claim about dentists not being aware of "accessory canals" is akin to a physician not knowing that the heart has four chambers.

Is it right to question "root canals?" Yes, of course. Everything in medicine should be questioned. But the way Dr. Mercola approached the procedures was unscientific and baseless. No dentist in the US will tell you that any dental procedure is "completely safe" with "no risks." Taking aspirin has risks. We are talking about surgery here. His tone is very insulting. It is well documented that there is a risk of bacteria and other pathogens doing damage systemically, but dentists spend YEARS studying and training to avoid these circumstances at all costs. The leap he made by connecting root canal therapy to terminal cancer was outrageous. Just for added measure, he even advises the readers to check out Hal Huggins, a notorious quack.

After reading that article, the big question everyone should asking themselves is not "are root canals causing cancer?" but


...dentists...are [a]

...dentists...are [a] collective hell-bent on destroying health is a paranoid fantasy.

Please, leave your collective thought at the door before entering the Daily Paul. It's an insult. No one, including me, said every dentist or 51% or any other percentage of dentists are aware of their work's ramifications, making that work a deliberate force. On the contrary. What I, Dr. Mercola and anyone else talking about dentistry's dangers are doing just that, talking about its dangers. Your inferrences are sickening and they offend me. And, frankly, they tell a lot about how your mind operates.

I'm glad you use your name as your DP screen name, however. That way, once enough DPers and visitors to the DP read this thread and think for themselves, they will conclude the following: YOU, Mark Lundgren, are a dentist to avoid.

Your tone is egregious. That is why I took the tone I did against you.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton

Okay, man

Avoid the dentist who is arguing with his professors about the morality and science of public water fluoridation and amalgam.

Avoid the dentist who will refuse to accept Medicare and Medicaid.

Avoid the dentist who will fight ruthlessly for medical freedom.

Avoid the dentist who will always fight for his patients over the medical authorities.

I think you are finding an enemy in someone who is not.

Your statements here belie

Your statements here belie your statements in this thread. I will not point out those contradictions. Doing that is your job if you, the initiator of our hostility, want to have a conversation with me instead of continuing what you and I are doing, bickering and tearing each other down.

I cast no stone at anyone, including a dentist or the intentions of dentists. You did -- at me indirectly. You made a false inference and rode it to the moon, starting when you said people on this post are pushing quackery, a comment that is hurtful and impedes truth attainment.

If you reply to me, do so respectfully. If you do its opposite, I'll not reply to you here and elsewhere throughout the Daily Paul.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton

"I think you are finding an

"I think you are finding an enemy in someone who is not."

Is it possible that that could be said about you as far as you past post is concerned?

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Very well said.

Very well said.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

I don't think anybody was

I don't think anybody was attacking dentists. Dentists, do what they are trained to do and do so in the best interest of the patient. However, no matter how well meaning they are, some of what they are trained to do, as with MDs, may not actually be in the best interest of the patient.

I had all sorts of health issues and went from specialist to specialist, who all had my best interest in mind, but nothing came of it except for thousands and thousands of dollars spent.

Went to a couple of naturopaths who successfully diagnosed me as having severe candidiasis and Celiac disease. Now, except for when I accidently eat something I shouldn't, I feel better than I did in years.

Though well meaning, the MDs were not helping me. If anything they were making me worse.

Now, my mouth is still filled with Amalgam fillings put in by well meaning dentists, some of which were installed when I'm certain the negatives of this type if filling had already been known. I'd say that almost all of my dental issues came about as a result of past dental work.

Though MDs and dentists may be well meaning, the one thing for certain is that Alopathic medicine insures repeat business.

Don't think it's a racket? Watch 'Cancer: The Forbidden Cures'

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Other people below were attacking dentists

And so was Dr. Mercola. Some of the posts below were ridiculous.

I'm very open to many aspects of alternative medicine and I am well aware that medicine is tainted with the terrible forces of government, big pharma, and others, but this article was not legitimate. Some of the DPers below were feeding into it. It is one thing to question conventional medical wisdom, but it is another to promote quackery.
Sometime the boundaries are not clear, but it is my opinion that Mercola crossed it here.

I empathize with your fear of amalgam, but I would also caution you to not psych yourself into believing they are making you sick. It is highly unlikely they have caused you noticable harm, especially if you have had them a long time. In private practice I will not use amalgam as a dental material, but I will also not cause hysteria and engage in unjustified fear mongering like Hal Huggins and Mercola and tell all of my patients that their amalgam restorations are killing them. The science just isn't there to make those drastic accusations.

Maybe we all need to chill

Maybe we all need to chill out a little bit.

Thanks for the advice on amalgam.

I only watched half of that Mercola video. It didn't seem to me that he was attacking dentists. Rather that he was questioning some dental procedures. This is much in the same way that questioning vaccines is not attacking doctors.

Now if you want to see someone attacking MDs, go to Dr. Joel Wallach. He pulls no punches, and he has the credentials, experience, and data to support his claims.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

I thought it was common

I thought it was common knowledge and even accepted by the establishment medical folks that dental health has a direct impact on cardiovascular health and overall health. Maybe I'm missing something here as to why this has stirred up so much controversy and emotion.

I found the part where Dr. Mercola mentions his adult acne going away after having an infected tooth pulled. I have some dental issues that I have been procrastinating on getting repaired. After hearing a naturopathic doctor suggest to someone else to rinse well with colloidal silver after brushing, I started doing it myself. My complexion started improving within several days. Who knew...

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

What you say is very important

From my understanding all government health assistance programs fight like hell and refuse to cover any dental issues at all. If they made dental a priority it would reduce greatly later health costs caused by dental problems. Why do they do everything backwards?

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

ATP, you surprise me. Your

ATP, you surprise me. Your statement about gov't programs fight like hell surprises me.

You've overlooked the consequence of government involvement in covering dental issues: More people would have dental work.

Either your knowledge about dentistry's effects on health favors or disfavors that dentistry is a problem for health. I thought you know it does. I'll say this: it does.

Because dentistry causes health problems, medical costs would increase. (Look at today's health atmosphere.) But this relationship would produce a beneficial outcome: Eventually the cost of dental work, which is very cheap compared to medical work (and the reason for that is obvious if thought about), would go from dirt cheap to very high, putting it outside the reach of most people.

As for grains and sugars, there are ways to counteract their negative affects, which are negligable unless a large amount of it is consumed in a short time or eating those foods are daily. Their effects pale in comparison to dentistry's effects.

Check out my comments to health4wisdom in this thread. They should put you on the path to learning about dentistry. Truthful dental information is rare. It has to be, because today's medical paradigm would evaporate if it was common knowledge, and that is why few books are written about it, leaving the individual to hunt on his own, doing what you and every DPer did concerning Ron Paul and freedom: think for himself and piece together information.

To the reader who thinks truth suppression pertains to economics and monetary systems and other facets in life while excluding health, I say to you: Congratulations making it as far as you did, but why have you stopped observing and thinking for yourself on this matter, on health, which is to say life and death?

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton