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Salute the New Camouflaged Warriors in the Grand Old Party

Conservative Republican values—I remember them well from my rural, independently-minded Idaho upbringing: limited government, personal liberty and responsibility, fiscal restraint, and respect for human life, right? As proof of my dyed-in-the-wool Republican childhood, Reagan’s portrait had such a prominent place on my family’s mantle I always assumed he was one of our uncles. When George W. Bush changed his address to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I was squarely in the middle of a growing young voter demographic. That’s when I got to know the heavy-hitting Grand Old Republicans in the behemoth states of California and Texas.

It has since taken me a decade to realize that the GOP is run by three types of people: busy-bodied heifers who dominate others through gossip and intimidation, their emasculated sidekicks who meekly fall in line, and shrewd business people who have figured out how to game the system for personal profit, prestige or, if they’re exceptionally shrewd, both.

Try as I might over the years to recruit fresh blood to the Republican Party, the mighty missing alpha males with their well-toned leadership abilities and hearts full of devotion to our country were invariably engaged in more noble, rewarding pursuits. It seemed the guys and gals who could turn the GOP and the country around were deployed overseas, hunting deer at the ranch, raising strong sons, running a business, or throwing a football with friends. Heroes like this have better things to do than dedicate countless nights and beautiful weekends to GOP meeting minutia. Over time, I abandoned my goal to change the GOP from within by introducing pure-hearted, limited government, common sense warriors. I then picked up a few hobbies of my own that did not result in me beating my head against the wall in a room full of mean heifers and girlie men manipulating Robert’s Rules of Order to their advantage.

Cue the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2012. By this stage in my political exposure to the GOPandemic, I knew I was witnessing the party of Uncle Reagan flatline. Mitt Romney of Taxachusetts is your pick? Really, CPAC? Congratulations. Your brand is officially ruined. Thanks for driving the stake through my party’s undead corpse.

Dejected does not begin to describe how I felt when I realized I wasted my twenties as a GOP activist. I wondered if I was the only longtime Republican who had chosen to swallow the Truth Pill in spite of its permanent side effects.

Imagine my delight this President’s Day when I found myself among 544 impressive military members and veterans excited to enlist in Republican politics! My heart soared as Veterans for Ron Paul marched in step toward Chancellor Obama’s pretty white palace, chanting for serious reform in deep-voiced unison. “End this War!” and “Legalize the Constitution!” reverberated like cannon fire off the cheerless government buildings. Upon reaching the Presidential gates, they promptly did an about face and stood in formation with their backs to the Commander-in-Chief’s residence, silently saluting the servicemen lost to war and suicide under his administration.

The Veterans for Ron Paul’s mission is to galvanize tens of thousands of their comrades standing for peace and liberty and march them to the Republican National Convention (RNC) 2012 in Tampa. This organic veterans’ movement is noteworthy due to its leaderless leadership. It grows by word-of-mouth and is assisted by social media outlets. It has no non-profit status or mailing address. It doesn’t even have a real website. Yet, Veterans for Paul are everywhere and are poised to infuse the Republican party with good-old-fashioned American reform that would make our founders proud.

It’s a shame that the same people we send off to fight foreign wars must return only to do battle with the political machine to save their country and revive the GOP.

Ron Paul is the clear choice of the troops. They both oppose the endless wars that have bankrupted our nation. Dr. Paul represents the real Republican Party, old school style. Liberty is indeed popular and his message resonates with young and old, rich and poor, military and civilian. Fortunately, he’s bringing back into the GOP fold real leaders with sound philosophies concerning the proper role of government. The fresh faces are idealistic, to be sure, but they also have iron wills, strong stomachs and are battle-hardened thanks to our misguided policies.

Mean heifers, girlie men and shrewd opportunists be forewarned: you’re about to get some serious camo-wearing competition.


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well said. big thanks to all involved adam and nathan all i can say it is tough to organize a birthday party for kids. I know you all did so much work behind the scenes to make this go off so well. there are always ways to improve and im sure the team is prepping for tampa. Priscilla Tim is the guy in the center of 2nd photo from ohio. thats a great photo of him and im going to make sure he gets it. we stayed at his mom and dad place in ohio on the way over and i know they are real proud of there son. his dad supported us he was a vietnam vet. I will never forget this event. it was a one of a kind FIRST experience. Like the first time you drove a car, your first date, your first day on the job.

I was lucky to meet a lot of heros that day 2 of them drove with me to dc. real patriots who deeply love our country and the free life.
your right it is a shame we have to come back and fight the machine, but guess what when i took the oath at 17 i figured it meant i will keep my oath until this old fart takes my last breath.
Capt Eric Grote usaf retired

eric grote capt usaf ret

GOP lol, are the libertarian

GOP lol, are the libertarian wannabes and the warmongering wing of the democrats still pretending to be a political party?

Ann Coulter Just Lost Her "Throne"

There is a new "Queen" of conservative politics and she's the real deal...and her name is Priscilla Jones

Brian Brady

Something Missing

Good observations, Kristin. But you've missed something important here. While it's great that these Veterans want to be involved, marching to Washington or to the GOP convention in Tampa has only a symbolic value. What they ought to be doing is marching down to their local Republican Party and volunteering to become a Precinct Chair and a Delegate to their County and State GOP conventions.

If you found a lack of these kinds of men in the GOP then let's put them back IN the party, not just protesting outside the halls of power and the convention. The party can be influenced and pressured from outside, but it can only really be changed from within.

You also missed the fact that there are still plenty of Republicans who share your values - they've just been kept out of the leadership in most states, though your birth state of Idaho still holds true to those values. In Republican Liberty Caucus chapters around the country you'll find traditional Republicans who believe in small government and individual liberty who are working through the ranks of the party to make change happen.

Demographics and political reality are on our side and the change you want is becoming inevitable.


Dave Nalle
Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus

Liberty Caucus ...

LA COUNTY REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMITTEE, candidate, 66th Assembly District, U.S. Navy vet '73-'77, we're out there!

Ron Paul 2012 for the Republic!

The "Greatest" Generation

If y'all listen to Dave Nalle, you will, without a doubt, be known as "The Greatest Generation". I've met tons of you this past decade and I'm confident you'll answer your country's call...again.

Brian Brady

Yes Dave,

We hear you:)

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Who are you?

Who are you and why are you here?

Only that is superseded which is conserved; all conserving is superseding; And it is the daughter ideas that carry their mothers in their wombs.

This is the point of departure for those that think, who have made a life founded on virtue and excellence.

That was...

Fricken Fantastic!

p.s. I want to koin you guys so BAD, but I'm stuck out here in Hawaii...

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

I just caught a whisper

Somebody might mention this march on TV tonight:)

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really zak? did it

really zak? did it happen?

btw, I really enjoyed seeing you marching in the front row!

It didn't happen..

but just knowing he knows about it, and that we moved him, made it all very worthwhile to me..

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for liberty

Great article

I am a Navy vet and served during Desert Storm. I couldn't make it to the Washington march and I think will regret that for many years to come. However, if there is a march on the RNC, I will be there even if I have to march from Wisconsin to get there. Having been in war zones I always get a sick feeling when someone who hasn't served in the military can say that Mr. Paul's foreign policy is "dangerous" or "crazy" and then go on to say how much they admire our founding fathers. As if leaving countries we've invaded won't help much of the world hate us less...It's so difficult to talk with people who left their reasoning skills in Sep 12, 2001 but I feel much more like I'm defending my country now by promoting Mr. Paul than I ever did going overseas to protect oil interests and nation building. Keep up the good fight all!

Tom Mullen's picture

Awesome, Priscilla

Couldn't have been said better in a thousand more words.

"Taxachussetts." LOL! Priceless!

Totally agree, she is very

Totally agree, she is very talented!

I like your style!

Well spoken, beautiful! Thank you for supporting us, for helping to identify and reveal the Veteran's for Ron Paul movement. You are precious, and a great pleasure! Thank you Priscilla!


RE: "and shrewd business people who have figured out how to game the system for personal profit."
Reflecting on people in general, it is not hard to see that most people are shrewd in gaming the system - from trade union teachers & policemen to military soldiers & veterans to affirmative action & welfare recipients.
BTW, 75% of adult population are affirmative action recipients (if you count women and gays.) That shows that Democracy is working pretty well.

That was a wonderful read! I

That was a wonderful read! I am one of those veterans that have turned my eye on politics. Girlie men, watch out!

Thank you Priscilla!

Very well written, and as soon as I figure out where I live, you bet I'll be at the county meetings.

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