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Fed Exposed On Phoenix Radio

On Monday, I was driving through Phoenix, AZ, listening to financial news radio. I nearly wrecked my truck when I heard this informational crash course on the scam that is the Federal Reserve. This was broadcast across the Phoenix metro area during rush hour. Though no mention was made of Ron Paul, the breakdown of the Fed was every bit as complete as his analysis.

Hopefully, some of the listeners will hear the similarity of the host’s words in Dr. Paul's debate performance on the 22nd. Maybe it will culminate into a good turnout for Ron Paul in the Arizona GOP primary on the 28th.

Mp3 Audio: Financial Review with Sinclair Noe - 2012-02-20


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As a side note to this evilness that is taking over our Government. Many people don't know that Congress has been holding hearings on Nationalising the retirement account of the people. This would be Government takes your IRA, 401K's, and pension plans and converts it into a government backed annuity. Doesn't sound too bad but what business do they have in confiscation of all the wealth left just to spend more.

Most people don't know how much is involved The pension plans for the Education department alone is $45T, IRA AND 401K'S are another $5T.

Wow the could fight a lot of wars with this much.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

They try to hide human ownership of the FED

under layers of corporations. The richest humans on earth are the only resonable owners of the central bank systems and the money trails bear this out as well do not believe me do your own research.

Sovereign curency of the USA is not created by the government instead the government borrows its own digitized sovereign curency as a compounding debt, a twist on the miracle of compounding interst. We must conclude that a Government that borrows its own money as a compounding debt is either stupid, insane, or not real, installed puppets of the bankers that run the scam.

Now this scam is not about money as it appears. They have unlimited ability to create money they need not to collect any from us. They own the keyboard that digitizes it out of thin air, so they certianly do not need money.
So why the false national debt scam?
Its about control. You see most humans object to theft and extortion. Yet if you proclaim debt collection to repay the sovereign national debt, now it is hard for the victim not to submit and any type of immorality can be heaped upon the victim without objection from the public.

Its about forcing humans to submit to control. The Fed is a control mechanism. A false debt slave control mechanism. Unfortunatly this is the thrid time they played this cycle of compounding false debt that culimates in war upon humanity. War is false debt as well. Check the events that led to ww1, Austria debt crisis and please note the name of the bankers who played that first false national debt scam cycle upon humanity.


Well written

I would add the banksters can be traced all the way back to the war between Napoleon and the British. The American Revolution also was a war fought over tyrant bankers trying to control the Colonies. Ben Franklin even talks about it. The war of 1812 was in reality started because we closed down the first central bank started here. Thomas Jefferson even said, he wished he could get one more amendment passed. The amendment would ban the Government having the ability to borrow money. That would kill the FED no chance it could have even started up.

A favourite of the Bankster is fund both sides of the wars, make them last as long as possible. Makes them lots of money. When the USA is involved they only fund the other side, because they already own the FED which gives the government all it needs for war.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Finance both sides as in

loans that further increase national debts. War is false debt. Agreed waterloo was their first big usage of war. It just depends how far back you want to track these, back to the ashkanazi, or back to Kazar, or to the money changers in the temple and Jesus Christ. Usury has a very long history and has reared its ugly head again. Leaderless individual enlightened disengagement is the only appropriate responce. I predict a critical mass will exit the debt slave system and shortly after humanity will follow.



Just days after the Battle of Waterloo Nathan Rothschild just about owned the bank of England. So he truly did say that wagon load of gold he smuggle across France to give to Napoleon was the best investment ever made. Never mind the Thousands of lives lost in that battle.

You can trace criminal bankster all they back to the Roman Empire. So all through history man is willing to sell his soul for wealth.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Well said!

Well said!


the FED founders are the most evil people that have ever walked on the face of this earth. There should be a special place in hell for them. They are responsible for every war since our revolution from England and all the deaths in the wars. I have added my thoughts below on them, please look.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Unfortunately not

They were handling the Popes and Gods Vatican Bank. They cheated beguiled and extorted their way to heaven. I know this for I am St Peter. (they even got passed me by threatening to tell God I had a prostitute or 2)

Dear Religious wing nuts, this is complete satire as I feel we need a joke once in a while.


Freedom may be worth searching for.

I have given up on my fellow Americans, (not DPers) as I will not shed one more calorie trying to awaken anyone else who is not a critical thinker and does not have the inherent feeling that something is wrong.

Do a little research

The FED came into existence in 1910 on Jekyll Island by rich foreign and domestic bankers. Congressmen and senators were bought as well as President Wilson in 1913 when he sign the FED ACT. In 6 months the IRS Act was signed, used to help the FED Act to enslave a population.

I have checked out what I have wrote at least do some research your self before you get out the torch. As a joke I don't think murdering millions for money is a joke.

A favourite thing for Bankers like the Rothschild's was to finance both sides of a war. They did this all the way back to Napoleon's days. Most history books lye about this fact, you have to find out what the Rothschild's were doing at the time. Nathan Rothschild did say funding Napoleon's and the British armies was the best investment he had ever made. The banks was the reason for the American revolution, Ben Franklin even said so.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Excellent synopsis on the FED.

Spread this far and wide.

Thanks for posting.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Glad to do it!

I had to send a thank you email to the radio station for putting out information that is often considered taboo. Someone may have gone out on a limb to get that on the air.

Hopefully, they'll see that that archived show is getting a lot of downloads and be encouraged to cover this topic in more detail. A "Sound Money" program, perhaps? My God, can you imagine?

If you have the time, send Sinclair Noe an encouraging email. I believe we can get this subject on radio stations across America if networks realize the thirst for it. If they cover it more often with success, the competing stations will join in. It could spread like wildfire into the other states!

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." - Samuel Adams

One concern

While I find the clip is informative, I can't help but feel uneasy that this fellow seems to put emphasis on how the Fed is a private institution, and seems to indicate that the government has little to do with the mess that the Fed is, nor the financial crisis of 2008 (He seems to blame banks and Wall street)

At least his proposed solution was sound, I was concerned for a moment that he was going to suggest that it become an true entity of the government.

As I see it

the tail dont wagg the dog. The Fed creates the money, the Government are employed by the Private owned (by humans) for profit, Federal Reserve Bank Corporation. The puppets can not be held responsible for what the puppet master does. Yet the crowd gets angry at the sold out puppet polititions. They are just doing there job. Elections ha thats a joke, they would be outlawed if they were real.


I felt the same way but overall

it is quite good. I am amazed that it was on radio. Thanks to the OP for making this available to us.


Ron Paul should

get this guy to be part of his campaign to explain the monetary system. Very well explained!

Thank you.

Thank you for posting this. The truth is getting out and people might actually start waking up.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

The FED expose is overrated

The FED does sound as a good conspiracy theory and provides many as a convenient excuse to blame an outside abstract scapegoat.
1) Let's take the FED's "private ownership" part off and concentrate on paper money part. Most of countries around the world have done the same - from Germany to Japan. Central bank is more typical than rare.
2) Now let's assume we move paper money printing responsibilities back to the government (as D. Kucinich and socialists want.) Then inflation would be much higher.
3) People overlook the "blessings" of the paper money - living above one's means and having free stuff. Yes, it cannot last for ever, but the majority of voters do not plan to live forever. They want free stuff NOW! 75% of adult Americans are affirmative-action recipients (if you count women.) Together with trade unions, they surely do not want fair free-market competition that will force them to work as hard as "those Chinese" & being payed accordingly by labor provided. On the other hand, blaming bankers, NWO & Zionists is such an easy therapeutic relief from mental anxiety.

Not just any paper money

Your #3 is confusing paper money in general with dollar hegemony. It is true that via dollar hegemony the US steals wealth from the from the rest of the world. As dollar hegemony ends, though, our ability to steal from the world in this manner goes away. Worse yet, all of the dollars abroad come back here because no one else wants them anymore -- say hello to hyperinflation.


cannot cover the whole subject in a small comment pointed to the article. But you, too, do not confuse paper money internally and foreign trade or currency exchange. Big countries with natural resources like Russia, USA, Brazil can play various tricks. And war is the oldest trick. Part of our endless wars is to make the world scared and keep accepting our paper money as gold.

Sounds like a real comfy rock

Sounds like a real comfy rock you're living under

You are a spy

I looked at your comments on the DP which makes me conclude you are a spy probably from the Redstate website.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

I disagree with your assessment

I just took a look, and it looks to me that Liberty_First may be a bit less optimistic and a bit more cynical (I'm guessing he/she would say "realistic") than many people here might prefer. And of course we all have differing opinions on various subjects. But "spy" was not my take.

I see you have made that "spy" claim on multiple threads. I think you need more/better evidence before you go accusing people of such a thing. Liberty brings people together. Name-calling? Not so much.

Besides, here on the DP, "spies" are welcome to participate in discussion. If they want to offer up faulty logic, we will gladly shred it. It's only the other candidates that need to keep us (the Ron Paul supporters) out.

I disagree with your assessment

I have looked at the persons posts and found that he/she was very negative towards Paul. I am glad we are not like Redstate that kicked me off for being truthful about Ron Paul.

So I will stick with my assessment of spy, because I will do every thing I can to get Paul where he belongs. In the White House. I believe every person that can't take the heat get out of the kitchen or DP. So you do have the right to post just as I do. I am a unwavering supporter for Paul are you?

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Your logic is flawed

Let's analyze:

"So I will stick with my assessment of spy, because I will do every thing I can to get Paul where he belongs."

You are using the form "A because B" here. The problem is, A does not follow from B. In fact, if you end up alienating other people/voters/supporters by jumping to conclusions about them (A), you damage your stated goal (B).

You are using the same faulty logic that those people who don't like Paul's foreign policy use: "We will stick with our plan to attack Iran, because we will do every thing we can to keep us safe."

Plus, you don't really mean B. Have you sold every possession and donated all of your money? Have you sold your extra organs on the black market? Do you phone-bank 12 hours a day every day? Have you worked out how you are going to personally "take out" Paul's toughest competition?

"I believe every person that can't take the heat get out of the kitchen or DP."

So you are saying you are intentionally hostile? How does that help get Ron Paul elected?

"So you do have the right to post just as I do."

No, neither of us has a "right" to post here. Michael Nystrom has conditionally granted us permission to do so, and may revoke it anytime he so desires.

"I am a unwavering supporter for Paul are you?"

So because I don't call people names and try to chase them off the site just because YOU don't like what they say, that brings my "loyalty" into question?

And I am just supposed to believe you when you claim your unwavering support? After all, YOU are the one saying the goverment should be able to just print money. Ron Paul would NEVER in a billion years support that. He would very strongly oppose it. Anyone who understands what he has been teaching should know that. So by your own logic, that apparently means YOU are a spy?

BTW, questioning loyality in response to differing views as you have done is another bit of illogic often used by Ron's detractors. I.e., they say that if you disagree with American foreign policy you are unAmerican.

Do you know what? There are some things on which I disagree with Ron Paul. Does that make me "unPaul"? No.

Totally false

Your comments are just twisting every thing I wrote. your logic has turned to madness.

enough said

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Who are you

The fed is the main problem of this debt crisis we are in, not a scapegoat.

1. the rest of the world have central banks like us, is correct. Why? The simple fact doesn't make it right.Our country has been at war with the rich Banksters ever since our constitution was wrote. There were traders of the US, like Madison helped water down the strong wording against central banking. He made sure the opportunity stayed open for the central bank. If you read our history you will find other central banks were started and failed. They failed because the people saw they were manipulated by the European banksters. The FED worked so good for the banks in 1933 because the Government had to declare bankruptcy and confiscate all the peoples gold and give it to the FED for the debt. During the depression these criminal banksters came over here and bought up every thing for penny's on the dollar.
This funded the great spread of worldwide central banks and deception. Why do you think we really invaded Iraq for oil only, ho please they wanted control of their bank. Now they have control of the country and are working hard to put them in debt for ever. The great American Empire enslaves another to the banksters of Europe. We will invade Iran for the same reason don't kid your self war with Iran is inevitable if Ron Paul loses.

2. If we give printing of money to the Government would be a blessing to the people just enough money to keep the economy going. Interest is one way the keep the people in slavery to the rich. The banks never pay the interest with fractional banking only the poor and middle class. If you have a lot of any thing the cheaper it becomes.

3. A fiat currency can be a real blessing if you have a moral Government in control. We have immoral banksters in control of our money supply and economy. These are criminals plain and simple. They are responsible for every war since Napoleon and our Revolution. They fund both sides of the wars for big profits, don't give a damn how many die on the battle field.

Watch this and learn "confessions of an economic hit-man":

This is why we should get tied to gold, silver as soon as possible. Man simply cannot be trusted to control his greed.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Only gold is "as good as gold"

beeman, your heart may be in the right place, but like Kucinich you don't understand economic reality.

1. This answer of yours was OK, except for some apparent errors: "wrote" -> "written"; "traders" -> "traitors"; Madison -> Hamilton (?); "He made sure the opportunity stayed open for the central bank." isn't quite true -- a federal-government-mandated central bank is unconstitutional.

2. "If we give printing of money to the Government" it would be a curse, not a blessing. Right now the size of the existing debt provides a bit of push-back (not enough obviously) against new borrowing (and therefore new money creation). If you give the government the ability to just print money at will, that push-back goes away with the result that much MORE fiat money will be created, causing more inflation and more malinvestment. It will also give the federal government more printed money with which it can directly interfere with the free market and thereby damage our prosperity.

3. "A fiat currency" is a curse, not a blessing. And selecting a monetary system that depends on having "a moral Government in control" is insanity. Power corrupts. Commodity money has much less dependence on politicians behaving morally. (It does still require that they don't outright steal all of your money from you as FDR did.)

Note that we should not just "get tied to gold, silver as soon as possible", but allow individuals to hold and use them (and maybe some other commodities) DIRECTLY as money. There's a common saying about gold and silver -- if you don't hold it in your own hands, you don't own it. Paper is too easily manipulated. Go read zerohedge.com and see what people there think of "paper gold" such as the GLD ETF. Paper gold (and the original 40% reserve target of the Fed) is how we got thrown off of the gold standard in the first place. Money should be 100% reserve, and in your own hands or safe or deposit box in order to keep the system honest. Bankers will NEVER keep themselves honest, nor will most politicians.


I agree with every thing you posted, except I think it was Hamilton that said a small manageable debt to a central bank could be a blessing. Just making the case for foreign banker agents.

I do believe we don't have to be on the the gold standard, but man is to easily corrupted. So I know the gold standard is a must if the next currency is to survive the test of time. Colonial script was a fiat currency that worked great but the British army printed a lot of it to buy goods for there army during the Revolution. They printed so much to cause a pair of shoe to cost $5,000, hyperinflation. But up to that time the script did work.

In no way have I said Government has the right to print money unchecked, but must show restraint. The FED is the one printing money into oblivion, who is a private bank, serves only its master. The Master is foreign banks like the Bank of Rothschild, ans Bank Of England.

As to alternative currency I am a silver bug, I just want to stack more, because currency collapse is coming. I am well aware of the current manipulation of the silver market to keep the dollar propped up. JP Morgan is an agent of the FED and they are the manipulators, selling a billion oz. of paper silver in one day. They are losing billions the only way the can keep it up is because the FED gives them all the cash they need for their cause.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Surely, thou dost jest!

"In no way have I said Government has the right to print money unchecked, but must show restraint."

Pray tell me, whence cometh such restraint? Perchance thou knowest not the naivite of thine own words. Wouldst thou also permit a scorpion ride upon thy back, trusting it shall restrain from its nature?