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Are You Being Tracked?

Yes, you are but now you can stop tracking. I ran across this nifty program yesterday. I thought DPers would be interested. It really works!

Do Not Track

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love it. blocked 63,000 attempts since i dl'ed it!

also check out:
-ad block plus
-https everywhere

at the bottom of the download page:

"Protect Friends & Family
Using the internet without Do Not Track Plus is like building a house with no walls!
Invite your friends to download for free, and put everyone's online privacy on a sturdy foundation!
Once you have a roof over your head, you'll get a special surprise from us!"
(followed by spaces for you to list the email addresses of 5 of your friends)
Anyone know what the special surprise is yet?

Is it avalible for seamonkey ?

I avoid Microsoft as much as possible.
I prefer open source, allot of you may not remember but Microsoft practically ran Netscape out of business from being the #1 browser by forcing it on everyone by including it with all windows machines.



Just Downloaded them all

there pretty cool

This Daily Paul post has 2 tracking companies

Google adsense
Google Analytics


Some of you may know Tor

Welcome idea

Happily blocking trackers. Concerning reports below..

Ghostery for Firefox

Is another that does the same thing, it's very very thorough in what it blocks.


CNET likes it but read below:

There is a user post on CNET that says:

This program will install "Blekko" and remove whatever search engine you are using.It does not tell you it will put the impossible to remove "Blekko" in your computer. Using "uninstall" does not remove it.Restore does not remove it. Supposedly uninstalling Chrome removes it,but I cannot take the chance that I will lose my bookmarks as I will not be able to restore some of them. EXTEMELY DISAPPOINTED IN CNET FOR PUTTING THIS MALWARE OUT FOR PEOPLE TO DOWNLOAD!!!

Why are they offering it for free? I have trust issues. :-)


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My gut feeling was correct but I had to check your link to be

You didn't read the 2 replies to the person that claimed it installed Blekko malware did you?

2 replies to this review


Reply by forumuser on February 19, 2012

I'm thinking you may be mistaken. Based on your assertion I started an XP virtual machine with practically no software installed on it (only Flash Player, Google Chrome and Java), installed the DNT+ add-in and used it on multiple sites (CNET score: 11). There's no Blekko installed or running as a service.

You may have picked it up someplace else.
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Reply by g_schwartz on February 19, 2012

I think you got your Blekko search engine from something other than Do Not Track Plus. I'm using DNT+ and it works great, plus Google is still my default search engine.

When you tried to remove Blekko, did you make something else your default search engine first? Chrome won't let you delete your default search engine.

This tool will NOT work if you are using GOOGLE as a browser. They track everything.

I installed it. Works fine. 4 1/2 Stars on this one. If there was a workaround for GOOGLE and Facebook this would be the best free firefox add-on I've ever seen.

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It hasn't removed my search engine...

in fact I can see no effects whatsoever other than it is doing as advertised. Remove it? It's working and is not broke so why remove it? If someone encounters a real, verified reason to not use this program please let me know asap.

If it's not "open-source"

..it's not worth trusting.

Some use Ghostery...it's not open source either.

A good start is to never use any "product" by Google.

Privacy is either by design or policy.

You're saying no

for profit software company is worth being trusted? On a Ron Paul site?

this is interesting.....

anybody have any feedback on it's effectiveness?

This is what I found when I went back to it...

Facebook is one of several companies that tracks you at millions of websites you visit without telling you.

8You blocked Facebook from tracking you on 8 other sites.

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

Been using it

for less than a day and already it has blocked 107 tracking attempts. It's amazing - almost frightening - how much unknown tracking has been going on.

Just down loaded it....

and so far it's blocking:

Google Adsense
Google Anaalytics

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."