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Reality Check w/ Ben Swann: What's the point of voting? Dirty Dealings in an Ohio GOP Race

Ben Swann does it again! Reality Check exclusive: Votes counted in secret, destroyed afterward, rules changed and broken, the head of State GOP in Ohio exposed tonight...just think... only 2 weeks until March 6th primary and this stuff is already going on!



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Nice job.

Once again, this kind of honest journalism and reporting makes me WANT to watch the news again. This local anchor is the best thing i have seen in the news in decades. Keep up the good work exposing these criminals for their defrauding of the American public.


a local guy and we really appreciate is tenacity.

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Goes to show that most modern

Goes to show that most modern Republicans are total hypocrites when railing against "big government" thats exactly what this is. You dont know what you whats best for you, we're going to tell you whats best for you.

Get in bed with Republicans...

...and you get more than a good night's sleep.


Thanks, Ben, For Your Tenacity

Ben, PARTY politics is an unholy stench of corruption and has been for centuries. Personally, I appreciate your exposure of the blatant fraud being conducted by the GOP in the primaries. If you ever grow weary of the smell, just step away from it for awhile and renew yourself for a continued fight for truth, honesty, and justice. Remember that some of us have been fighting this stench of party politics for DECADES and some, i.e. Ron Paul, for a LIFETIME. Sometimes it's a long, long road to justice. We'll get there eventually.

Looks like the GOP is going to hear from

the Veterans. Another march is going to take place at the convention site in Tampa!


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Is this legal

I know its a private party function and all, but doesn't this amount to discrimination that goes beyond the limits even a private party can impose?

In order to have participated in 3 of the previous primaries you'd have to been of voting age for 12 years. Meaning that they aren't allowing people under the age of 30 to participate?

It's Called "Politics"

This is why I tried for years to ignore politics, altogether. When it became obvious that doesn't work, I joined the LP. This kind of thing doesn't happen very often in the LP because too many of us are principled (and the power-seekers mostly don't join the LP).

Expect backlash, and maybe a retraction. They think they are being "taken over" by the "revolution" and they're scared. At some point they'll realize they're committing suicide (or they won't and the GOP will fall apart).

People who are GOP members in Ohio simply have to take this to the Judicial Committee, and continue to vote delegates in, regardless. Also, make sure to challenge as many delegates on their voting history as possible: Some of these older delegates may have forgotten to vote. Depose enough of those, and they'll have to rescind the vote to get back in.

Work with the under 30 crowd (regardless of who they support) to reverse this.

This is also why you have to attend the meetings and why it's important to have as many RP supporters present (even if bound to other candidates): so they can vote this stuff down.

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Right but....

I understand the sentiment, but I'm being 100% literal when I say this might be completely illegal.

The Age Discrimination Act of 1975 prohibits discrimination on the basis of age in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. I think GOP primaries might fall under that distinction.

Thank you for posting this

Posting this on Twitter right away.

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Proof of voter

Anyone remember when Ben had

Anyone remember when Ben had only a few hundred Facebook likes? Now he has over 21,000 and growing. Honest journalism is getting popular!



In another thread it was discussed that this sort of creativity on the part of party honchos to arrive at a consensus that is honcho approved is not criminal(correct) and is a matter "property rights"(also correct).

What was not discussed or mentioned was whose "property"?

Political parties are much like country clubs; having members makes the country club possible. Are the members of political parties the "property owners"?

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Got to Love Ben, He is a Bull Dog Who Just Keeps Going & Going

after the goods for us Americans. Thank you Ben and keep up the good work. We sure appreciate you!