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My delegate candidacy has been challenged - Indiana

So I followed what I thought were all of the instructions for filing for my candidacy to be a delegate for my precinct here in Johnson County. Well, I received a call from the courthouse yesterday...apparently I neglected to file a form with the County Chairman that he requires due to my lack of experience and history with the Republican party. There's a public hearing on Friday February 24 to discuss my candidacy. Anyone can speak on my behalf, and I can speak for myself, but I'll be in Chicago this weekend! And I can't reschedule.
I'm pretty frustrated. They're right...I don't have a history with the Republican party, but I don't have a history with either party. I just turned 23 and I want to get more involved than I was four years ago. In 2008, I was Paul supporter, but I was 19 and didn't get registered in time for the primary.

I just wonder if I'm being called out because I'm 23 and a presumed Paul supporter. In fact, I probably wouldn't have even known about it in time had I not been called. The woman on the phone said they sent out a letter, but because of the short amount of warning I would have if I got the letter in time, she felt like she needed to call me even though they usually don't call.
I hope this isn't happening elsewhere. And I hope there are supporters in Johnson County who are making it through this hoop.

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So, I just got my challenge

So, I just got my challenge letter in the mail today. I've called to try to reschedule, but I've been told that it's not possible. I have witnesses and letters coming in on my behalf. I could not reschedule my plans to go out of state, so I still cannot make it to my own hearing...which is frustrating. I'm trying to get in touch with the county coordinator. If anyone else needs any information or is willing to speak on my behalf, send me a message.
Thanks so much for the insight and advice.

A lot of the info they are getting


is from meetups and Ron Paul area facebook pages, I would just use your first name when joining these or initials

here you go throw this at them

Indiana Code IC 3-8-27

"If a candidate has never voted in a primary election, the political party claimed by the candidate, determines the party affiliation of that candidate."

You are considered a political candidate, you never voted in a Primary, so you by state law you can claim the party you are a candidate in as your party.

I would type out a statement that says you have never been affiliated with another party, you did not register to vote in time to vote in the last primary, and according to state law IC 3-8-27 you are claiming the Republican Party as the political party you are affiliated with.

get it notarized, make a copy and send them an original.

Yes, do this. You need paper

Yes, do this. You need paper work to win. No paperwork you might lose. Get it notarized. You are a Republican, end of story.


be real folks...indiana is not going to be a ron paul state..we'll be lucky to get any delegates here...this is a neo con nazi state if ever there was one..the only thing there is more of than head crackin' cops is toothless meth addicts

delegate in indiana

my attempt to be a delegate along with 6 others was challenged in dekalb county...i had violated the rep party rules (put in place this election cycle) by voting democrat last primary one other applicant did as well..the other four had no history and were all rejected...the local paper made this front page headline news..saying six people kicked off gop ballot..hmmm...who knew there were 6 ron paul supporers in this little white bread town uh..er...the good old boys knew thats who...i'm sure the same 13 delegates get selected every year and have a big ole time partying it up in indy...ah the two party system..aint it grand

As for you

Yes, it is thier club and if you voted in a Democrat Party last time that would present a problem, but you could claim that your grandfathered in because the rules were not in place when you voted Dem and the rules are not retro active and can always claim Reagan was a Democrat as well.

I would get all of you together and contact the Paul campaign. Have you ever donate to a
GOP candidate between the Dem. primary and now?

okay looked at the Indiana rules and I don't see that requiremen

I see it for officers and committee people, but not delegates.

Can you point out the rules that includes you must have voted in a prior primary?


Also if you are being challenged you might ask if there is going to be someone or committee at the convention that is going to hear challenges.

Even the national GOP convention has that, it's called a credentials committee. So you might be able to get cleared at the convention itself.

I would send the committee or whoever you are suppose to see a certified letter letting them know it's unreasonable timeframe to make plans to attend their meeting in that short time period and that you had prior travel plans "out of state" and cannot attend that day, but make sure you offer other times to meet before and after the date in question.

9-7(a) 3 & 4

9-7(a) 3 & 4

Quic question

When trying to be a delegate do you have to tell them whom you support? If not, if they ask you just say you are "undecided" as of now, but time will tell. That way, they will not have 2 prejudices against you: Age and who you support. It'll just be age.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James


you can say you are u committed

you've basically got to be there

You'll have to be there or you'll probably lose your chance to be a delegate. maybe you can try to change the date for the hearing.

Yes, change the date of the

Yes, change the date of the hearing immediately so that you can be there in person.

Better hurry: DEADLINE for

Better hurry:

DEADLINE for the Indiana election commission, county election board or Lake and Tippecanoe County boards of elections and registration to determine the validity of a challenged declaration of candidacy. (IC 3-8-2-14 and IC 3-8-2-18)

Don't get mad, but...

As I recall, despite being a Republican Congressman, Paul initially ran for President as a Libertarian...showing he and his supporters weren't all that supportive of the Republican party. In 2008, Paul didn't put his support behind his fellow Republican McCain; instead, Paul told his supporters to vote for 3rd parties.

That's twice Paul has thrown Republican leadership under the bus. So why the heck would Republican leadership not challenge Paul supporters as Republican delegates?

I think the more important point is: the delegate route is NOT the best route for our revolution...not yet anyway.

The whole delegate scheme is like people trying to get rich quick via lotto or the stock market or gold. "Just get enough delegates and we can vote Paul as the nominee!"

It isn't that simple people. They won't let outsiders use their system of keeping out outsiders against them.

It will take decades of getting enough of the right people in low positions...and protecting them as they rise in power. And when I say 'protect', I mean physically protect...and, sometimes, the best defense is a good offense. But mostly, we'll need lawyers, journalists, bards, rich people, and a large organized base that can substantially affect consumerism.


I hate to burst your bubble, but the delegate route is how the national campaign has chosen to stage their revolution. So YES. It IS where we need to be fighting.

Jason Robinson
Republican Liberty Caucus of Idaho

Ron Paul

never threw anyone under the bus and he certainly never told his supporters who to vote for.

Some of us have made it past these corrupt tactics and are in a position to vet out anyone that voted for or supported candidates that violated their oath of office.

Contact your meet-up group and get a plan together

From the GOP neocon point of

From the GOP neocon point of view (which is in power), paul was very disloyal.

And on 9/11/08, Ron hosted a third party press conference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYALxUfEmfQ

And I'm not saying to give up on the delegate thing. It's definitely worth it for the knowledge. Just know it isn't the magic bullet.

And hey, if what they are doing is illegal, is anyone sueing them?

If the CAN-37 form wasn't enough

then I might be in trouble in Hamilton County, although I do see my name on the list of candidates for both Precinct Committeeman and delegate. I filed before noon of deadline day. I don't donate to the Republican Party itself, but I have donated to Paul's campaign. Of course, I consider myself an old school Republican; I often point to the speech by Ulysses S Grant called "Reasons why I'm a Republican."

I have read the advice others have given here, including knowing the process which, admittedly I'm learning as I go, but the advice about not showing support for Ron Paul mirrors my own in that it's the only way to beat the establishment at their own game. It's one thing to play by the rules and another to cheat; they can use election fraud, we'll use wolf in sheep's clothing.

Another thing I'd like to add is,,,

if the Indiana GOP is OK with [Richard] Lugar representing Indiana while residing in Virginia 90% of the time, they should be OK with you as a delegate with little knowledge and experience with the process.

FYI - hopefully it won't be like this incident from 2008

In 2008 some people elected as delegates to the state convention, were challenged specifically for having supported Ron Paul.
Duty to Play by the Rules

Good luck.



I was there and came out very disillusioned by the process. They made their decisions in backrooms and were not transparent, at all! I was a delegate because not enough candidates applied.

I am , now in Illinois and I am on the ballot!

Michael G Langley, MD

I feel your pain.

No former party affiliation and they said I didn't qualify to be a delegate because I wasn't elegible to vote in the last GOP election. Sucks...

Disregard government. Acquire liberty.

If someone can argue for you

If someone can argue for you maybe someone local might be willing to volunteer for you???

This is pretty 'defacto'

This is pretty 'defacto' isn't it? There's a lot of bullshit about this. If they're 'worried about experience', then why don't they just make it so youth can't get 'registered'. It's the same mentality as 'outlawing ammo', but defending gun use. How can they even be serious about this crap.

I'm on similar boat

First time voter in Hamilton county. The RP state coordinator for my district specifically mentioned NOT to file the other form. She mentioned that doing so would tip off as a possible RP supporter. From the sound of it, I probably would have some qualms about signing such form. I give my allegiance to this country and to the Constitution, and not some party. The state coordinator did mention about becoming a member to GOP party but I couldn't figure out how.

In any case, should my candidacy be challenged, how can I prove that I'm Republican enough?

I'm also in Hamilton

I'm also in Hamilton County.

There is a meeting at the Noblesville library ... real soon. In the next day or two. That might help.

Frankly if you are a young person I'd write a letter to the editor. Shaming them is about the only way to do it.
Just say you're young and trying to do your civic duty.


$50 or $100 or whatever would qualify as a "sustaining membership" above the recommended basic membership donation.

Would that for the national

Would that for the national or the local GOP party?

County and/or State

...would be the best. But if you're looking for "proof of affliliation", then donate to county, state and RNC.

I would just send LESS to the RNC and MORE the more local you get.

You'd be suprised. $50 to a local candidate or $100 to a local party goes a LONG way.