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your teacher will be asking more from you....in private?
I sure hope so!
High 5's

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Apparently youth is NOT

Apparently youth is NOT wasted on the young!

Well done!

Glad you spoke up and helped

Glad you spoke up and helped awaken some people!

I'm a bit confused on the math here though:

1913 - 1776 = 137 years of no income tax

2012 - 1913 = 99 years of income tax

(^_^); I rounded up to make

(^_^); I rounded up to make it sound a little more dramatic....but meh it worked damnit! lol

Be the Spark!

It only takes a spare to set a fire and only a little ripple to create a giant tsunami. Be the spark and encourage others to be the spark as well...As Ron Paul and others like yourself have done for us.

Sounds like you'll be getting

Sounds like you'll be getting an F!
good work.

My Dad was in Publix (a

My Dad was in Publix (a grocery store chain in the southeast) the other day and bought a couple bags of groceries. The total came to over $54. He commented to the cashier that if we had a gold standard, the dollar would be worth a lot more, and the groceries would be cost a lot less. The cashier looked at him and said, "You sound like a Ron Paul supporter." My Dad replied, "I am." The cashier said, "I am too," and the bagger next to the cashier also added, "Yeah, I am too!"

Side note: my Dad and I both are delegates in our respective counties.


I had a few moments yesterday.I went to my GOP precinct captain meeting yesterday and everyone was extremely welcoming. They love that I go to these because I look young and I am hispanic and I volunteer at every opportunity. The leadership and I have a great relationship. In fact the treasurer pulled me aside and was telling me that their leadership terms were expiring this year and that he would like to see me try to get a vice chair position. He also wants me to work on establishing a hispanic caucus for the CO GOP.

Later I was introduced to another young republican at the meeting. He was a very intelligent person who designs airports. His named sounded familiar but I couldn't remember from where. When I got home I checked my delegate list where I mark RP supporters with a star and there his name was with a star next to it. I FB added him and we both indicated our full support for RP. I then gave him the link for a CO caucus strategy webinar that was being hosted by the RP campaign. It was a good webinar that provided good info for people new to the caucus process and it was nice to chat with so many other CO delegates and to have actual 1 on 1 time with the actual campaign.


Wish I was a fly on the wall.

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

Thank you for sharing this

and the courage to stand up and speak the truth.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

My Ron Paul story

I have a 45 acre wooded property in Pa. My old friend Larry knocked on my door and asked if he could hunt for deer here. I took him outside to show him where the deer stands are set up. He noticed my Ron Paul bumper sticker and he said "Ron Paul, I love that guy" He told me he was at a gun show and he was talking to a stranger about a gun they both admired. He and the stranger then walked around the show together chatting for an hour. When he decided to leave , the stranger shook his hand and said " It was nice to meet you, I'm Ron Paul and I'm running for President" what a humble hero.

I believe they are called

Giant Balls! Well done on standing up for your views.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."


bang on target, the future is bright !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Not as good but here's my story

I was in stop and shop wearing my favorite chocolate brown RP goodie. A young man two people behind me said " nice sweatshirt". An older man between us said' I like him too "but he can't win. Then the magic happened. The young man said " he can win but not because of men like you who think watching fox makes you educated! We are going to take our country back! I almost did a cartwheel. The young man made me so proud. We exchanged email and now keep in touch. There is hope.

While you were high-fiving

Sounds like you gave the other guy a bad taste for anyone associated with Ron Paul. Way to expand the tent.

we were not rude, we were honest and respectful

I understand your comment, and agree that it is important to pull people to our side in a professional way.
However, strong conviction and a passionate dialog is the only way to change minds that are hypnotized. We were very courtyous and actually talked to the guy after we all finished our check out. Whether he changes or not is beyond our control, but our goal was to prove that he CAN WIN, and I think we did that. The guy didnt leave mad.

It planted a seed I'm sure

I used to kind of "beg" my children to get up in the morning
you know, over and over every 5 minutes, "Get up! You'll be late for school!" over and over.

Finally I had enough of trying to make them "come awake" and turned to my trusty ole pizza pan and a wooden spoon to awaken them. It worked, they now regulate awakening themselves.

Sometimes all the niceties and begging in the world will not awaken someone and you have to bring out the pizza pan.

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

You killed it! Good work!

You killed it! Good work!

Almost all Econ and Finance professors are KEYNESIANS!

Most of academia is so thoroughly brainwashed, that they would not know the difference between Keynesianism and TRUE free market economics if their life depended on it. I'm 39 years old, have an MBA in finance/Econ. I can tell you this for sure, my MBA classes were identical in nature to my undergraduate coursework. Same material, just SLIGHTLY more in-depth. More of the same indoctrination and brainwashing in terms of content.

Both my degrees in Finance were a complete waste of time, effort and hard-earned money on my part. But it was a piece of paper nonetheless. After all isn't THAT what matters in this country and even to the rest of the planet?

With the crap they teach in college these days and in the last 20+ years, no wonder the country is in shambles economically and in other aspects as well.



If you walk blindly through life, you will run into a lot of walls.

I live in the country and do

I live in the country and do most of my 'communication' online, so not much here in the way of 'achievements'(since it seems those that are opposed to Paul online normally botch you up to being a 'young druggy' since they can't see you).

However, after having read it from my Library, I got Liberty Defined, and took it with me to Church(I read in the 20 minutes leading to the start of services). A fellow church member asked me if he could take a look at the book. I let him, he read the entire chapter on Assassination and skimmed over some others before giving it back to me. I think he's interested, XD.

Looks like we should all be

Looks like we should all be taking economic classes all over the country so that we can be there to correct the profs. for the sake of the other students.


I especially like the end, where you artfully call out the teacher for his failure in understanding history.

"...we would have no taxes,

"...we would have no taxes, and the government would shut down!"

He was implying this would be a bad thing? Sounds positively blissful to me.

Oh my gosh!

Imagine life without Washington DC?! What would we do without the TSA, without a Dept of Education, w/o OSHA, without the EPA, without _________.

Life would come to a screeching halt without all the interference in our lives, without "swarms of officers [sent hither] to harass our people, and eat out their substance."

(Quote from the Declaration of Independence, found here: http://www.earlyamerica.com/earlyamerica/freedom/doi/text.html

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford




I read tons of posts a day and was really happy reading yours! You give us hope for the youth of this country!

2012 is going to be a historic year for the Liberty movement. This is already getting exciting!

'Once you become knowledgeable you have an obligation to do something about it!' — Ron Paul


Great courage

That is the kind of truth to denial that our country needs.


That's so Rad...90's talk

I was getting gas at Costco the other day and some nice looking old lady in front of me had an OBAMA '08 sticker and a Bring the Troops Home sticker on her car.

As I was pulling past her I stopped and said, "You know who will really bring the troops home?" She smiled, and I said, "RON PAUL WILL" and she gave me a REALLY BIG SMILE and a thumbs up!

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

One of my sisters friends- an Obama supporter

snapped on one of my facebook videos - " Yeh, if he's so concerned about government waste, why doesnt he send back some of his paycheck, hmm ?" ...I had a video for that too ; )