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Liberty Just Got Sweeter...

Ron Paul Bar

The Ron Paul Chocolate Bar team would like to extend a big thank you to the Daily Paul Community as we have had an enormous amount of positive feedback from you... and it worked!

By your popular demand, we are proud to introduce the New Ron Paul Dark Chocolate Bar to the mix. The Dark Chocolate Bars are just as delicious as the RP Milk Chocolate Bar and the wrapper has a New "Did You Know" educational piece on the back, as well as 3 influential RP websites for people to visit for more information.

We get orders from all over the world. Scores of people writing in about how the RP Chocolate Bars have helped to open up conversations! Buy your Ron Paul Chocolate Bars Here: www.RonPaulBar.com

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Ron Paul Bar

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Got my 3 Dark Chocolate Standard, tried one and it was awesome. Now I'm carefully debating who to give the other 2 to. Don't wanna give them to anyone just so they can eat it and throw the wrapper away.


Just ordered some, can't wait to get them. Decided I was gonna try the dark chocolate first. Hopefully I can bring on some more freedom hungry people on board :)

Yum Yum

: D

I can't have it because

I can't have it because there's soy in it. :-(

Wish they were soy free.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

You are playing DIRTY now...

You added DARK-CHOCOLATE? Look, I am trying to not get any more over weight and you throw out there the dark chocolate. 8|

These things are great!

And what would be REALLY great is if we could finally get our supporters out to their caucus and win a state for Dr. Paul. We have more than enough supporters to win Washington state convincingly, but getting them out on a Saturday morning is a real challenge.


So let's spend every minute we can between now and March 3rd convincing our people just how important it is that they get to their caucus next Saturday. We can do this!

Vote for Ron Paul on CNN.com Quick Poll

CNN has a poll on their frontpage now. Please tell your friends to go there and vote for Ron Paul!

Someone asked about RP chocolate coins...

You can design your own here....

Personally I couldn't afford the bars to give out in quantities. Wish I could! Coins could be easier on a tight budget.

Foiled Again! Chocolate Coins
Let us personalize your chocolate coins for wedding favors, corporate events, and just about any occasion at all. We guarantee your satisfaction with our 100% Belgian chocolate coins.

Custom Chocolate Coins

There are other companies that sell them. You can do a search on https://startingpage.com/ and find out who makes the best "made in USA" chocolate and who has the best prices.

"The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson

Just out of curiosity,

What's the cocoa content % on these babies? (For the dark chocolate bars)


Just ordered both milk and dark. I posted about my order on Facebook and friends are interested in trying it.

White chocolate bar with

May I suggest a white chocolate bar with this portrait image on the wrapper that appears on the Campaign for Liberty pure silver commemorative 1oz. rounds:


The fine portraiture artist I represent, Adrienne Martino has also produced a charcoal portrait of Dr. Paul using this image as the basis:


Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".

Just ordered 100 Bars for Liberty

50 milk chocolate
50 dark chocolate

I will hand them out to disenfranchised Medical Cannabis Obama supporters for when they are medicated and voting for Ron Paul.

I am still

Waiting for Ron Paul Chocolate Gold coins.

How Bout Ron Paul "Liberty Sweater"...Nice Slip Over

I should market it...make lots of money for Ron Paul 2012..

What are the ingredients of the dark chocolate bar?

I remember thinking the original milk chocolate bar was a really cool idea, but I abstained from buying any because I'm a vegan. If the dark chocolate doesn't contain milk or other animal products I'll stock up.

Cost And Proceeds

According to the website, 20.12% (you understand this number, yes?) goes to the purchase and distribution of the 'Ron Paul Super Brochure' project, so yes, one fifth is going DIRECTLY into the grassroots side of the campaign.

If $3.33 per bar is too high, perhaps you could figure out how to make a chocolate bar with Ron Paul's pic engraved on it, come up with packaging (and associated printing costs and the like), and distibution to the WORLD, at a lower cost.
If you do, I will buy one of yours, but for now, I will buy THREE of these!
If the chocolate is good, it will compete with the likes of Ghiradelli and such. Have you had one of these, lately? If so, how much did you pay?
No, the price seems to be 'market rate', for REAL chocolate and REAL milk (not the GMO fillers and 'high-frutcose corn syrup' stuff like you get at the convenience stores).


I am buying some, but I just can't bring myself to eat Dr. Paul's head!


Easy, any Elementry School

Easy, any Elementry School Fundraising company, speciality products can do this.. $100 set up fee for the candy bar mold, send them artwork for the packaging, and these can be produced for .60 cents or less depending on quantity.. I actually had a product like this made before for a high school football team fund raiser. The inside of the wrapper even had writting in it listing the players.. They were made in milk, dark, cruch and almonds.. Not really hip to people profiteering of the Revolution, and Ron Pauls good name. Do as you will...

kind of a silly assumption to make...do you know these people or

something? if you can create the same quality product at a better price, then do it! By all means, that is what the market is all about. I think it is a silly & ignorant assumption that you make. I never bought a Ron Paul product, T-Shirt (mine was $3o dollars!), Bumper Sticker, Magnet, etc, and thought that someone was wrongly profiting from it because I may have bought a cheaper t-shirt of some kind in the past? Why would you assume this? Quality chocolate is not cheap. Even non-gourmet grocery store high end bars can sell at $3 or -5$ dollars each. But, do they have Ron Paul on the front? My point is, do you know anything about what you are assuming about the people who make the Ron Paul Chocolate Bars? It makes you look like a troll if you make accusations like this. If you dont like the price & think you can offer a better product, do it. I will have me a few of these.

Do they sell mix & match i.e. 3 milk choc/4 dark choc for $20

I'd like to get some...love chocolate.

Btw, this would definitely be a collector's item in the near future.

Ask Them

Go to the website, and ask them!
For bulk purchase discounts and for store owners email Mike@ronpaulbar.com)


Ron Paul on a chocolate bar...

I'm so proud to be a part of this movement..Where else do you see stuff like this, wow!,this is great.

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

Great idea

But they seem a little expensive...are any of the proceeds going to the campaign or a PAC?

Where does the cacao come

Where does the cacao come frm?


Usually, it is from the Coco plant. These plants are indigenous to several nations in South and Central America.

I guess it depends on what the definition of 'IS' is.



first off, chocolate comes from the Cacao plant, there is no such Coco plant. Coco is the spanish word for Coconut. Coca is where cocaine comes from. Cocoa, which is the further refined, powdered form of the roasted seed of the Cacao plant is probably what you meant. Just to clear things up a bit.

also I was just curious if you knew the source of the chocolate really, it's okay if you don't.



Make it '76% cacao and you

Make it '76% cacao and you got yourself a deal

my diy adventure blog: dickdoesit.blogpsot.com

reedr3v's picture

Sorry to push the bar higher, is organic

a possibility, 76%or higher?


Are you from the 'grassroots'?
Perhaps the fact that refined sugar is involved might 'turn you off'.
Are you talking 76% of the lower percentsage of the 'main' ingredient, coco ('cacao' or whatever you call it) being 'organically grown' (I.E., not fed by man-made fertilizers, or sprayed with Roundup, and ONLY being harvested by indigenous peoples with machetes and hand-woven baskets, who don't wear shoes because they cost too much)?

What is the '76% or higher' thing? Is this some 'standard' that the 'educated' people told you was the 'BAR' to judge what 'qualifies' as 'organic', or something?

Without the 24% MONSANTO, life itself would be impossible! HA HA HA! I am LAUGHING in IRONY at your question!