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Obama and UN Call for Comprehensive Gun Grab

Email from "IAPCAR" alerts@iapcaralerts.com
International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights.

Patriotic American:

Your gun rights are out the window---if Obama has his way!
The fourth and final Preparatory Session at the United Nations was held this past Friday. Obama has stated his support for all of our guns being monitored and controlled by the United Nations. This is very serious---and we must act now!
On February 13-17, the United Nations Arms Treaty Committee met in New York to discuss the final wording for the Arms Treaty this coming July! Even though we are still awaiting the final wording, we've obtained a draft of the proposal. And every gun owner must be alarmed!
Mr. Obama and the United Nations want FULL CONTROL of all guns! Not just partial control. It is so evident by the draft resolution submitted this week!
In the draft proposal released by the United Nations on February 16th, the heads of many United Nations bodies with humanitarian, human rights and development mandates sent a very dangerous signal.
The United Nations, with the full backing of the Obama Administration, wants a "COMPREHENSIVE" arms trade treaty under the disguise of making the world a lot safer by eliminating poor controls on weapons transfers. HURRY! We must hold every U.S. Senator accountable to make sure this treaty is never, ever ratified!
In a joint press release, the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty officials actually wrote: "The current patchwork of controls is simply not adequate." In other words, they want to control all of our guns.
The United Nations and Barack Obama are in this gun control, anti- Second Amendment, anti-gun agenda . . . . together!
The Arms Trade Treaty should meet the following criteria, according to the group of senior United Nations' officials:
"It must require countries to assess the risk that serious violations of international humanitarian law and human rights law may be committed with the weapons being transferred." (This could take away your individual rights to buy or sell any type of gun!)
"Secondly, it must include within its scope all conventional weapons, including small arms.
The treaty must also include ammunition within its scope.
It must ensure that there are no loopholes by covering all types of transfers, including activities such as transit, trans-shipment, as well as loans and leases."
This is a well thought out plan by Obama and other radicals to take our guns! It's all about control...control of YOU and your Second Amendment rights!
And we must hold our U.S. Senators accountable and make sure this Arms Trade Treaty NEVER is approved by any U.S. President or any U.S. Senator.
This is an outrage!
And here's the excuse they use, thinking that taking away our guns will equate to less crime and killing. That has never been proven by anyone! In fact, the opposite has been proven!
According to the UN: 27.5 million people were supposedly displaced as a result of conflict, while millions more have sought refuge. "In many cases the armed violence that drove them from their homes was fuelled by the widespread availability and misuse of weapons." They will use any excuse to try and take our guns. PLEASE SEND A FAX TODAY!!!
Here is what that really means. Barack Obama and the United Nations want you to stop your sports hunting, shooting, or holding any gun in the name of taking all weapons away from people, simply because the wars on other fronts around the world use guns and weapons---so therefore, they want to make YOU and I out to be the bad guys! You and I know emphatically that is NOT SO!
This drafted treaty has within its scope ALL conventional weapons. This includes small arms! This includes ALL ammunition. This includes all transfers of weapons!
This is the most un-American treaty that we have ever seen....a treaty that pits the United Nations and Barack Obama's administration AGAINST the United States Constitution and YOU! God help us!
I cannot underscore how serious this situation is. Our guns - and the control of them - are very much at stake!
Obama wants government regulation to hold you hostage to his twisted version of the Second Amendment! Using the United Nations as his "cover," he wants to have ownership of your guns; and even completely eliminate gun ownership in America.
The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution reads: "...the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
Barack Obama is the most ANTI-GUN president in the history of the United States of America! And he is going to force the anti-gun treaty within the United Nations! Yes, the United Nations is determined---backed by the Obama administration---to take away your gun rights---GLOBALLY!
The United Nations wants to take away guns from EVERYONE in the world, so we might live in a utopian "peace and harmony." It may sound crazy, (because it is) but those are the plans devised for you by the Obama White House!
If Barack Obama is elected to a second term and this treaty is allowed to pass, it will literally "break the back" of the Second Amendment. That's why your action is so very important today---to urge each United States Senator to OPPOSE the UN Small Arms Treaty!
Your gun rights are at stake!
Obama and the United Nations both want to pass a treaty where YOUR guns would be BANNED and CONFISCATED!!
The eventual goal of this UN Small Arms Treaty is to catalog, BAN, and seize firearms owned by private citizens like you! And judging by this past week's committee at the United Nations, they are absolutely "ON TRACK" to do that!
This lines up perfectly with President Obama's anti-gun agenda!
In spite of their intentions against us, the United States continues to pay the "lion's share" of the United Nations' budget. Yes, your tax dollars at work! Yet, the control of the U.N. tends to be by the despots and tyrants of this world---and their allies...against the United States! Yet, we still have veto power.
Please---will you fax our Senators to make sure they do not sign this ill-conceived treaty? Do it NOW, before it's too late!
MAKE NO MISTAKE---Mr. Obama, our most ANTI-gun president to ever sit in the Oval Office, has pledged to take away YOUR gun rights. Even if he has to use the United Nations as his "cover."
It is all about CONTROL---whether it be via the United Nations or Mr. Obama.
We must oppose this right now with your help!

email your congress critter (senator) and let know to oppose this

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