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Video: Ron Paul Joins Viewing Party After Debate - Mesa, AZ 2/22/12 !


Wow!!!Great crowd!

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One day soon

One day soon Dr. Paul will have won the hearts and minds of about 290 million Americans and events like this will be held in football stadiums, and you will see little tables scattered here and there that nobody will notice, and they will be manned by two or three people wearing "CNN" or "FOX" or "MSNBC" badges, and they'll still be "broadcasting" to their three thousand or so viewers that "Ron Paul isn't electable" while the rest of us party.

Man I can't wait for that to happen.

New pics my daughter took of the good Dr. at the AZ after party

Gawwd the energy in that room coming right at Dr. and Mrs. Paul it was truly incredible.

My daughter Gabrielle, a newbie was taking pictures of the good Dr. and was close enough to reach out and touch him. My son Alex, who is 32 is voting for the first for Dr. Paul. We had a blast!! Although I don't post much I thought I am an avid Daily Paul watcher, wouldn't miss a day! I would like share a unique view.

God bless Dr. Ron Paul, he's changed our whole family!!



Awesome photos!

Thanks so much for sharing!... Nice to see what it looked like from up front. I was about 8 rows back, but still loved every second of it!

Here's my video...

Here's my HD video from the event: http://youtu.be/xxL1EyVoMvk?hd=1

It offers a slightly different vantage point and I was able to zoom-in extremely close, since I wasn't using a smart phone but a camcorder... Enjoy!

Debbie's picture

Sweet!!! He "just stopped by to say Hello" - great to see the

First Lady there with him too!


The Fed

The Federal Reserve’s elastic supply of talent, sweat and time. http://bit.ly/w3bbbR

Santorum's debate viewing party looked like this....

...In his dreams.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Confession: Ron Paul speaking is boring for me now

I like it much better when his voice is drowned out by the wild screaming of hundreds of people!

At this point I want to just cheer him like a f'ing maniac.

Vote for Ron Paul on CNN.com Quick Poll

Please go to CNN.com and vote in the Quick Poll for Ron Paul.

Voted on quick poll.. Ron

Voted on quick poll.. Ron Paul needs more votes!!!

Yeah, he's in 3rd.

Getting killed my Romneybots. CNN has an article on the debates, and Ron was, of course, mentioned only once.


It was better.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Me and my girlfriend were there..

Standing right in front within 6 feet of Ron. I am the one with the backwords black Pittsburgh Penguins cap.

Was an amazing crowd and really happy that we both got to go. I called off work to go to this and it was more than worth it.

Viva La Revolution !!

All These People Must Show Up to Vote, too!

I am REALLY heartened by the crowds like this that we are attracting over and over again. Please, please, please, everyone that is going to a rally like this, make sure no matter what, that you show up on voting day, and to become a delegate.

Many not Republicans..

A lot of these people are probably not Republicans and depending on your state they may or may not be able to vote during the primary.

Ho Humm...

that was just the usual awesome amazingly energetic bunch of RP supporters who deliver inspiration beyond one's wildest expectations...

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Help settle the expenses......

To anybody that WAS there (like me :) and did not pony up some worthless FRNs to help cover expenses for the bands, venue, etc. etc. PLEASE get with with the Meetup folks. There was easily 1500 people there and at just $5 a head that should have covered everything--but it didn't. So if you were there and enjoyed yourself, help the organizers by throwing them a bone......they worked their hind ends off to pull this off!!!!

That being said, yes it was ELECTRIC in the room ... "Let me tell ya" :)

Sooo energizing this video. Love every bit of it!

Sooo energizing this video. Love every bit of it!

I hope Americans hears that

I hope Americans hears that Saint Paul mention is 2nd in delegate. I'll be in S.F. on Saturday.

Intensely Energetic Crowd

I agree with the sentiment of the crowd when Ron thanked the crowd. Ron, WE THANK YOU for giving us common folks a voice!

I've never been so moved by a

I've never been so moved by a crappy cell phone video before! I love this quote:

"I can tell you from my travels... the people do understand. They are WAY ahead of what's happening in Washington. The people are waking up, but guess what? Washington is still sound asleep."

-Ron Paul (Post-debate party last night)

AMAZING! I was very encouraged

The very first time I saw Dr. Paul was in Phoenix in 2007 when he kicked off his 2008 run. Small crowd. I was alone. When I got home everyone was doing yard work and were not happy because I was out being "political". Last night my wife and kids (yard workers) tagged along, did not hesitate to pick up Ron Paul signs and carry them wherever we went. I was at the RP table and didn’t even suggest to them to show support because I have always told them to think for themselves and support whomever THEY choose. Last night they chose Ron Paul!

The crowd was loud and proud! The audience participation was amazing! No matter what happens, no matter who is nominated, no matter who wins. I am confident that the next generation will hold our elected leaders accountable, get involved to a level that scares the he!! out of any of those who want/have control and take back what our forefathers prayed for, dreamed of and died to achieve. I am confident that we will once again be the example that all other countries will model instead of reject. No matter what happens between now and election day just remember, our kids have been watching us this whole time. They will remember how much we cared for their Liberty and Freedom and will pick up wherever we leave off.

I am truly inspired by Ron Paul & his supporters, fighting forever for Liberty against ANY entity, against ANY group, against ANY dollar amount and against ALL of the establishment.

Ron Paul 2012!!!

Truth is treason in an empire of lies

duplicate + more videos

posted earlier:


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

The Networks "FIX" The Polls Just Like The GOP Riggs Elections

This country is run by unseen underworld maggot like buggers

The rEVOLution is growing!

People are flocking to the liberty movement in throngs!

Jeez, I thought you were going to say "THONGS"


That would be

even better!